Is this what it looks like? Brutal German state propaganda to encourage children to be muslims?

While we are waiting on an answer for that one, the one below is most definitely state TV propaganda to make muslim illegals be the victims somehow, after they murder German people.

UPDATE: From Oz-Rita:

And no, it was not satire!
German State TV Series: “Lindenstraße” Episode 1084 “Islam”
Murat (Erkan Gündüz is surprised how much Lisa (Santje Peplow) is defending Islam

That little schmaltzy video was a scene from a German State TV series, broadcast in 2006, one year after Angela Merkel became chancellor, and when she was  still pretending to be for  Germany and a “Conservative”.  Then she met Sorros,  Erdogan, Obama etc….and the rest, as they say, is history. The number of Muslims in Germany  then was around 3.3 million. While exact statistics today seem  unreliable, a conservative estimate of over 4.7 million Muslims as of 2015 is said to be conservative.

The series was called “Lindenstrasse” and the young woman who “converted” – or “reverted” as Muslims call it – played the role of a young mother, Lisa, engaged to a Turkish Muslim, Murat,  who was working very hard to earn the money for the wedding. I watched that episode and a few that followed, until I came close to a saccharine overdose. You got a taste of it in the video above.

[ “Lindenstraße” I believe is the show]

A discussion on the issue of state funded pro-Islamic propaganda:



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  1. 1. Is Merkel Inc channeling its inner Hitler?

    “Inside the Third Reich” by Albert Speer


    Hitler had been much impressed by a scrap of history he had learned from a delegation of distinguished Arabs. When the Mohammedans attempted to penetrate beyond France into Central Europe during the eight century, his visitors had told him, they had been driven back at the Battle of Tours. Had the Arabs won this battle, the world would be Mohammedan today. For theirs was a religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and subjugating all nations to that faith. The Germanic peoples would have become heirs to that religion. Such a creed was perfectly suited to the Germanic temperament. Hitler said that the conquering Arabs, because of their racial inferiority, would in the long run have been unable to contend with the harsher climate and conditions of the country. They could not have kept down the more vigorous natives, so that ultimately not Arabs but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire.

    • It can’t be one mad chancellor. It’s a promotion on a grand scale, shock troops ready.
      This isn’t benign “transition from Christianity”, it’s supersession by Anti-Christ. That’s the death of the soul. Zombie über alles.

    • See also Winston Churchill, who referred to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf “as “the new Teutonic Koran.” Note that “kampf” means struggle just as “jihad” means struggle.

  2. *Big Smile*. I’m so glad this is getting out there! Thank-you everyone that contributed – your efforts are more valuable than you realise.

  3. Thanks as always to all the people who write for this amazing blog and put it all together. I think that more people are seeing your work all the time, all over the world.

    As far as what’s going on in Germany (and that first video made me want to puke) we cannot only blame Herr Merkel- the German people themselves take 95% of the blame for what happened to their country. Every single German who in one way or another contributes to the Big Lie, including the actors in the stupid propaganda video for example, deserve blame. Every single neighbor of anyone who was harmed, who goes along with the state narrative and lies, is responsible.

    Look, we all know that it is not easy to rise up and revolt against the King or the Government but it has been done. LOOK AT WHAT JUST HAPPENED IN THE USA WITH TRUMP!

    These German assholes better WAKE UP, GET OF THEIR ASSES AND DO SOMETHING. I have no more sympathy or patience for them. Some day there is going to be a reckoning and it will be seen that they are on the wrong side of history.

    • I agree with most of what you are saying, I won’t blame the vast majority of the German people unless they refuse to raise up and take back their country. The problem is Germany is worse then in the US and I really don’t see any peaceful way the Germans are going to get their nation back.

      The policeman making the video begging for forgiveness for being unable to enforce the law and protect the Germans from the Invaders is a good sign. It says that the police (at least the German ones) are close to the breaking point and to an extent (probably a large extent) afraid of what the people may do in the near future. We are going to have to keep up doing our best to spread the word and pray that the rest of the people wake up.

      My advice to the Germans is if the Stasi has too big a hold on the nation and you can’t organize without being arrested it is time to run to Eastern Europe or other nations where there is still some semblance of freedom. The US use to be a good place and will be again once the deep state and the massive Dem corruption of our government is removed. This is going to take time but probably not many more years. Yes years it takes time for investigations of corruption at that level to catch enough low ranking people to get evidence that will bring down the big people. It probably won’t be longer then 2 years and it may be less then 1 year.

      • @ Richard

        “… I won’t blame the vast majority of the German people unless they refuse to raise up and take back their country…” ,

        They won’t raise up, I fear, when this time around not even the French who have always loved a good revolution, have managed to raise up 🙁

        Havin said that, I’m glad to see that you have kept your optimism coupled with well reasoned advice 🙂

    • @ Seneca the Elder:

      “…As far as what’s going on in Germany (and that first video made me want to puke)…”

      Let me suggest that you could not EAT as much as you would like to vomit, if you’d watch a lot of this TV series. 😉

      • “never mind! it’s just a silly soap opera”

        This kind of mass-manipulation (and I understand that the TV series was very popular) is actually very efficient in manipulating the minds of the “Volk” and I would not be surprised if an important part of today’s gallopping Islamisation of Germany would not have taken really of then….

  4. If ‘every child is a Muslim’, then, presumably they should have Muslim parents, and be removed from non-Muslim ones! This is just so evil I can hardly believe it has been done so blatantly.

    • @ Mr. F Middleton

      I understand that, according to Islam, we are all born Muslims – so the German mother has gotten that right. And later in the series, she actually says that, as both parents of the boy are Muslim, he is Muslim too and will have to adhere very strictly to Islamic laws .

  5. I’ve said this before: the Lindenstrasse clip with the mother and the child is actually CRITICIZING the conversion of the mother.

    Watch the conversion scene from 1:34 on, listen to the creepy music, look at the child’s disturbed face.

    I have checked back with friends who actually watched Lindenstrasse back then. They told me that as the series progresses, the Turkish character that this woman is going to marry talks her out of her fanatical nonsense.

    • But I get a kick out of the fact it’ss on _RT_ – a network wholly owned by Uncle Vlad Enterprises!
      Just too absurd, somebody’s cackling like mad…
      Oh, those crafty Russkis are at it again…sowing dissension, meddling…

  6. In Answer to some wo seem to “defend” this low-brow but extremely manipulative soap “Lindenstrasse” .

    I have been sitting through 8 or 9 episodes of “Lindenstrasse” last night – not very enjoyable.

    The scene depicted in the video is not so much “taken out of context” as the distillation of the main “message” from the TV series, the fleeting moment of the child’s frown being a subtle criticism to better catch the “stupid German fly”. I actually ironised the Arabic “Shahada” in my translation, but translated the “serious” text faithfully.

    For those who are pressed for time the short version of the soap’s “message”:

    to paint the Muslims (in this case Turks) as the “moderates” and the “Germans” as the silly and/or fanatics. They obviously succeeded in this, if I read about the reaction of those who watched the soap “at the time”.

    Let me be a little more cynical, after sitting through this slusch for a few hours:

    Soap creators (in this case German State approved, probably even employed people) are far less simplistic than their Target audience. The line which for me cristallised from the 8 or 9 episodes I watched was:

    – German girl falls in love with (Turkish good muslim).
    -The child is not hers, so he “even” accepts to be a “dad”, how good is that.
    -She reads up on Islam and, as Germans do, goes berserk ie “reverts” (converts), adheres to the strict rules of Ramadan and, what in 2006 was still on the “extreme” side, puts on islamic head scarf.
    – All the good Muslim boyfriend does is:
    work work work to save enough money for their wedding.
    Complies but timidly complains about her strict rules of fasting during Ramadan. (He is oh-so cute when he sneaks into the fridge to stuff his face and she, the “authoritarian” GERMAN-turned-muslima catches him.

    When she decides to “wear the head scarf”, he tries to dissuade her – first softly, then with his own “muslim victim” anectotes. He tells her how, “looking Turkish” (which he does not too much really) in the Tramway, a woman “this very morning” moved away from him and his big bag filled with toys for the little boy, insulting him by suggesting he was a Muslim Terrorist “I had a little boy with me, and teddy bears etc were visible on the top of my bag”. And he gets into a rant about all the muslim terrorists being Pakistani, Arabs, North Africans, the stupid Germans took HIM, the loving moderate Turkish Muslim for a Terrorist…..etc. “we are asking for trouble from the Germans if we SHOW we are Muslims…we have to be Muslim on the inside” etc.

    This persuades her to abandon her Head Scarf.
    She is on the way to “see reason”, and become a good muslima but not show it too much.

    Then there are the obligatory few side-characters who are really “intolerant, racist, bad and stupid”, just your normal PEGIDA-walker/AfD-voter – (even attacking TOLLLLLERANT Germans) and yes, you guessed it: the baddies and stupidos were Germans.

    While the Islamisation of Germany might have had the seeds in the earlier influx of Turkish Guest Workers, it took flight in this – seemingly stupid – but in fact VERY manipulative Soap. There were soppy side stories, again where the actors represented the good, brave, intelligent, integration-willing “refugees”.

    In the countries I live in, there is the equivalent of manipulative propaganda, aimed by their time-slots and level of intelligence often at children/adolescents and the more guillible adults.

    Suffering from Islamonausea, I find these means as, if not more dangerous than “out-there” islamist, because they administer the poison slowly, and sugar-coated to the “masses”.

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