Germany: Leftists Protest Silent March For Murdered Teen Girl

On Tuesday evening, between 400 and 600 Germans attended a silent march for the teenage girl who was stabbed to death by an allegedly only 15-year-old Afghan refugee in the town of Kandel.

Mia, the 15-year-old girl who was fatally stabbed by an Afghan “refugee” last week

About 30 leftists protested and attacked the mourners. They waited at the drugstore where the murder took place, and when the march arrived, held up rainbow-striped umbrellas, to protest “for a colorful Germany”. Shuffling and poking with umbrellas ensued. Police removed the leftists.

The local press reported that the march was “far right”, but local police refuted that and pointed out that it was “ordinary citizens”. According to police, as the march went on, more and more passers-by joined in.


8 Replies to “Germany: Leftists Protest Silent March For Murdered Teen Girl”

  1. What a beautiful young woman and what a senseless waste of life.

    When all of those marchers are carrying guns, then things will change.

    But not a minute sooner.

    • I can’t argue with anything you said.

      The attack by the left hastens the day that the marchers will be armed and looking for a confrontation.

      • If those “leftists” are in fact being paid by somebody to go and start trouble in the streets then I think the people who did the paying should be arrested and charged with something fairly serious. They are disturbing the peace. They are pissing in the town watering hole. It is not freedom of speech to pay people to start violence, it’s more like vandalism-by-proxy. What kind of a society are we supposed to live in when billionaires can hire people to start civil wars in our streets and there’s nothing we can do about it…?

        • What we all know isn’t court evidence, we have to have proof that the billionaire ordered the protesters to commit crimes. So far they have covered their tracks enough that this can’t be proven.

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