As Iran becomes Persia

There will be content in this post, but things are moving slowly today here at Castle Tepes thanks to the first real flu in a long long time. For the moment this is essentially a stump post for people to put in news, videos and other info in the comments on the current counter-revolution taking place in Iran.

Some food for thought though.

The media is making great hay with a false comparison of Obama’s tepid support of the anti-regime protestors in 2009 with President Trump’s clear support of them now.

This is not meaningful if one wants to understand Obama’s position.

The way to know what Obama really thought about the things he said at the time:

If we really want to know what Obama really thinks about national sovereignty and the people’s rights to choose, look at his numerous statements demanding that the Egyptians reinstate Morsi after the world’s largest demonstrations to remove him because of his implementation of Muslim Brotherhood style sharia law in that nation.

For many months after Morsi was deposed, Obama continued to attempt to intervene on his behalf and get him back to power.

And so that is how we know what Obama really thinks.


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  1. I’ve got the sneaking feeling that this is real and the Mullahs can’t do anything about it. It would seem that Muslims have their own form of “democracy” and, as they did in Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood, they are all standing up and shouting “NO!” with one voice. Apparently, there exists a line past which you don’t want to push even the most religious Muslims…

    Imagine how much the average young modern Iranian must hate the 7th century Islamic Mafia that’s running their country now and making sure that no one ever has any fun whatsoever, and that nobody makes any money without being personal friends of the Mullahs. Now imagine what tiny little pieces they are going to tear the Mullahs into if they catch them alive on Persian soil. Imagine jets packed with treasure and quaking Mullahs taking off from Tehran and landing in Paris where they will all have to live with their billion dollar doggy bags, compliments of the Persian People.

    Hey, I have an idea! Why don’t we all forget the term “Iran” from now on and just refer to the place as “Persia”…?

    • For me, its an important distinction. Iran, is IIRC, a tribute to Hitler. Its a version of the Nazi term, “Aryan” and was a kind of shout out to the Nazis to say that the Persians are way on board with the program. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a strong statement. The first President to use the term, was Obama. Which should have told people where his head was at but instead he proved Churchill right, that the worst argument for democracy was a 5 minute conversation with the average voter.

      Persia was a pretty enlightened place with a hell of a history, somewhat akin to Rome or Greece. They had relatively benign empires and where an advancing culture.

      I look forward to calling the country Persia again. Its sort of why I used a math title for a post, where Iran is less than Persia.

      I look forward to the corrections and additions that will come in response to this.

    • If the change goes back to the shah, that only means that the followers have short memories (or are paid off to make poor choices). In October 1971 the Shah of Persia flew in eighteen tons of food to celebrate his country’s 2,500th anniversary and his own glory. Emperors, kings, presidents and sheikhs from all over the world were regaled for three days amidst the ancient ruins of Persepolis.

      • You need to understand the politics of the region to understand why things like that are needed. You also need to look at the culture in Iran and consider if that culture will have to change before a democracy is possible. It took a long time for any type of semi permanent democratic government took hold in Europe and look at how quickly they are turning to a non democratic government. You also need to look at the way that nation building (trying to export Western Democracies) has failed in almost all cases. The only three examples I can think of that worked are Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan.. The Philippines is slipping back into strong man rule and Taiwan is only a couple of decades out of strong man rule.

        Monarchies are normally less oppressive then theocracies, (North Korea is a combination of the two, as all most communist governments). Insisting on a democracy to replace the theocracy will probably result in a new theocracy with different leaders. A semi democratic monarchy that can educate the kids and lead them into a constitutional monarchy like Britain may be the way to go. Different cultures often need different solutions then what works in Western Nations.

  2. ABC News –

    Dowd: US Moral Authority ‘Drastically Diminished’

    ABC Analyst Matthew Dowd Says US Doesn’t Have ‘Moral Authority’ To Talk About Iranian Protests

    “Our moral authority in the world has been drastically diminished,” reducing our ability to weigh in on protests in Iran. “How can we talk about what’s going on Iran when we don’t talk about what goes on in Russia?”

  3. This is what ignited the protests in 20 points, info most of us don’t have:

    1 On Tuesday, December 19, the Iranian government announced a new austerity plan.

    2 The plan imposed a 50% increase in the price of fuel.

    3 The government decided to cancel the monetary support of more than 34 million people.

    4 Economists close to President Hassan Rouhani warned that the plan would lead to a societal explosion.

    5 Hassan Rouhani snubbed the advice and decided to proceed with the austerity plan.

  4. I am not looking for the link but I read an awful lot of people arrested of which some 40 student leaders. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

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