The weird, the bad and the twisted: Links 1, Dec. 26, 2017

1. First, countering the ‘good’ news before we get to the bad news.

George Soros isn’t dead and as far as I can tell, there is no evidence that he had a massive heart attack in Hungary. Remember, when you see a headline like that, Soros causes heart attacks but he probably doesn’t get them. And secondly, he likely has dead man switches in place that will make things a lot worse for the West after he dies than he is making it now. After all, for the moment he still needs his creature comforts and safety. But after he is dead he won’t.

So we need to find a way to undo his mischief which has nothing to do with whether or not he is metabolically challenged.

2. There may be hope for Zimbabwe after all.

Yes the return of white farmers, because they know how to farm, and rational systems of redistribution of wealth will save Zimbabwe as it saves everywhere.

And Bob Marley was wrong.

3. Israeli Official Believes 10 More Nations Will Recognize Jerusalem As Capital

(A few nations have confirmed they will move their embassies to Jerusalem, including Romania and perhaps surprisingly, Guatemala.)

After Guatemala declares it’s recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Israeli officials believe 10 more countries could make the same decision.


While Israel’s deputy foreign minister did not name which nations could make the declaration, countries like Honduras, Romania, the Philippines, and the Czech Republic could be on board after they either voted against or abstained from the U.N. vote.

(To all our American friends. There is one easy thing you can all do to really help the cause of the preservation of classical thought. Call your cable provider and make sure that One America News Network is available and make sure you get it. If it is not, see if there is a competing cable provider that services your address which does have OAN or OANN and switch to that. OAN is without equal, the most classically liberal TV available in the US and shows it like it is without apology. Imagine FOX without the PC constraints. They have broadcast the first half of the film, Killing Europe by Michael Hansen SEVEN TIMES and are teed up to show the second half as well.)

4. US cuts substantial amounts of money to UN.

(Been waiting for a decent video on this)

5. In a bizarre show of Teats hu Ackbar, a FEMEN member went bare breasted to try and remove a plastic baby Jesus from a nativity scene, suggesting that at least subconsciously, her symbols of desirability are greater than the symbol for the redeemer of all mankind to Christians. A very muslim act in reality.

I wonder if we will ever see a Christian pastor break into a plastic surgery supply house and steal some saline breast implants while wearing the vestments. My money is on no.

6. Venezuelans Scramble To Survive As Merchants Demand Dollars.

(The middle-end game of any dirty float economy is that people only trade for currency that has actual value)

December 26, 2017


By Eyanir Chinea and Maria Ramirez


CARACAS/CIUDAD GUAYANA, Venezuela (Reuters) – There was no way Jose Ramon Garcia, a food transporter in Venezuela, could afford new tires for his van at $350 each.

Whether he opted to pay in U.S. currency or in the devalued local bolivar currency at the equivalent black market price, Garcia would have had to save up for years.


Though used to expensive repairs, this one was too much and put him out of business. “Repairs cost an arm and a leg in Venezuela,” said the now-unemployed 42-year-old Garcia, who has a wife and two children to support in the southern city of Guayana.


“There’s no point keeping bolivars.”


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, EB., Yucki, Johnny U., Malca, Charles, and all who sent in materials and a special thanks to the man who keeps the site working properly even through Christmas. There are people behind the scenes of incalculable value to all of us. I am always amazed by the dedication and hard work by so many of us. I hope when we go to the reeducation camps, we at least get to share a dorm.


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19 Replies to “The weird, the bad and the twisted: Links 1, Dec. 26, 2017”

  1. I don’t understand what the Italian lady was protesting or attempting to achieve what are they about and what was she screaming in Italian?

  2. “A Soros’ Philosophy
    George Soros is a short-term speculator. He makes massive, highly-leveraged bets on the direction of the financial markets. His famous hedge fund is known for its global macro strategy, a philosophy centered around making massive, one-way bets on the movements of currency rates, commodity prices, stocks, bonds, derivatives and other assets based on macroeconomic analysis.

    Simply put, Soros bets that the value of these investments will either rise or fall. This “seat of the pants” trading, based on research and executed on instinct.””

    He bids against governments whose programmes tilt the market.

    Disney who makes its money off little girls, now has Star Wars.

    George Soros also has his mark.

    • PC I don’t know if you have ever seen the South park episode where they make that exact point about Disney, but it is quite hard core. They make it as clear as possible and in classic South Park style of over the top vulgarity, that Disney is all about selling sex to really young girls.

      If you haven’t seen it try and watch it.

  3. I don’t know the exact stage of collapse that Venezuela is in but I doubt if the current government will last much longer, the economic collapse caused by the Marxist economy is so far along that it is visibly worse each day. I wonder what type of government they will get after this one collapses?

  4. The Soros-heart-attack/died story originated with one of those junk linkfarms that aggregate random text to fool spiders into thinking the site is legit. (Someone actually tracked down the sources.) Sad!

  5. The whites had to run from Zimbabwe to South Africa to avoid a genocide, now that they are welcome back in Zimbabwe we will see then run from South Africa to avoid a genocide.

    The first two things that need to be done is get rid of the goats that have turned Zimbabwe into a desert and protect the remaining wild life. With good care they can restore the land and make Zimbabwe to a fertile land and a hunting paradise. Yes I said hunting, as the land is restored the wild game herds will increase and you have to keep the herd size down to a level the land can nourish. Hunters will do this and will pay for the privilege of hunting in that nation.

    • The first two things that need to be done is get rid of the goats that have turned Zimbabwe into a desert and protect the remaining wild life.

      Few people understand just how much devastation these caprine critters wreak. Like their ovine cousins, not only do their hooves churn the soil, but their browsing crops grasses and other ground covers right down to the soil. This leaves little opportunity for such vegetation to recover from their grazing.

      Not only that, but goats (in particular) are not discouraged by difficult-to-reach food sources. See:

      Goats climbing trees

      As is obvious, the trees—which play a crucial role in soil stabilization and keeping the water table close to the surface—are totally denuded by these diabolical animals.

      And it isn’t just trees. These ambulatory plant annihilators will go anywhere for their vegetative fix. (Click link for jaw-dropping image.)

      As a matter of fact, the “hard” (as in reality-based plot constructs that do not rely upon “magic” or infeasible technology) science fiction author, David Brin—in his ecological tome, “Earth”—makes early mention of mankind’s necessary extinction of goats as a measure to preserve the environment.

      There is yet another ancillary benefit to be had from exterminating the Zimbabwean goats. It eliminates an important halal food source for any Muslims. All of you can stop your weeping and wailing now.

  6. 1- Soros actually showing up in Hungary would be newsworthy, given all the water under that bridge. Conversely, if he wants to die on Hungarian soil I’m quite sure Hungary would send him a casket filled with dirt just to keep him out. And yes, PC, he makes big bets. Probably the biggest in the history of investing. I admire his balls. (That’s a figure of speech for you psychoanalytical types.) However he is a product of his Keynesian time–an era that is coming to a violent end.

    • The end of the Keynesian era is also bringing an end to the era of a superpower that is the world policeman and a return to the era of the great powers. Hopefully it will also end the era of worship of Karl Marx and Engels. I am sure there are several others you can think of that are ending as the Keynesian era dies. .

    • He has at least one son to continue the family tradition of destroying lives and sometimes whole countries. Before the 2016 election this son was seen frequently tête-à-tête with Tim Kaine, the communist-MB creep running as The Witch’s VP.

      I figured there was a high probability that Kaine would finish The Witch’s first term, ooze into place in 2020. He could even run again in 2024, though by then elections would look like they do in China. Soros Jr., in effect, President of the USA. Too horrible to imagine.

      After the election, he pushed for Kaine to be named DNC chairman. A very bad sign. He’s more directly involved with the Dhimmi-crat Party apparatus than his old man.

      Wonder if he could be shanghaied to Uncle Vlad after Satan himself kicks the bucket…

      • With China hating the old mans guts the way they do the entire family has to have world class protective details to keep out the Chinese kidnappers/assassins.

      • Am I the only one who saw little to no irony in Hillary’s familiar running-mate being named Cain Kaine?

        As post script, the entire slough of ensuing events ever since November, 2016 only increases my sense of profound relief that Hillary was barred from the Oval Office. This has to be one of the most narrowly averted tragedies in American political history. Just the mere thought of that corrupt hag Merkeling the USA makes my blood run cold.

    • I heard we fund those suckers to the tune of 6 billion/year but I’ll go with your number Yucki because you probably researched it (I did not).
      Anyway, it is a start. Watch for the other shoe to drop…
      I love Nikki Haley and would vote for her for Pres. She is our Jean Kirkpatrick!
      I can tell you that she has performed beyond my wildest expectation. A real junkyard dog!!!

    • This is just the first, Trump has to play the political game that is going to sentence the UN to a deaths of a thousand cuts. More expensive for us but deadlier for the UN.

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