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20 Replies to “Fascinating tweet on manifestation of Islamic values in India”

  1. Simple Steps For Relieving Oneself… Moslem Style

    From: “The Reliance of the Traveler and Tools for the Worshipper”
    A classic manual of Islamic ‘sacred law’ (Shariah Law) By Ahmad Ibn Naqib al-Misri (Died 1368 AD)
    Edited and translated by Sheik Nuh Ha Mimk Keller
    Chapter e9.0 Going to the lavatory
    e9.1 It is recommended when one intends to use the lavatory:

    Not to spend a long time

    Not to speak

    When finished urinating, for men to squeeze the penis with the left hand from base to head, recommended because this is where the urethra is and for women to squeeze their front between thumb and forefinger, so urine does not exit later and nullify one’s ablution, pulling lightly three times, this being recommended when one thinks the urine has stopped, though if one thinks it has not, this is obligatory. — COUNTING!

    Not to urinate while standing, which is offensive, unless there is an excuse, such as when standing is less likely to spatter urine on one’s clothes than sitting, or when sitting is a hardship

    Not to clean oneself with water in the same place one relieved oneself, if it might splatter, though if in a lavatory one need not move to a different place

    To distance oneself from others if outdoors and to screen oneself

    Not to urinate into holes, on hard places, where there is wind, in waterways, where people gather to talk, on paths, under fruit trees, near graves, in still water, or in less than 216 liters of running water. — MEASURING INSTRUMENT REQUIRED!

    And not to relieve oneself with one’s front or rear facing the sun, moon, or the Sacred Precinct in Jerusalem

    e9.2 It is unlawful to urinate on anything edible, bones, anything deserving respect, a grave or in a mosque, even if into a receptacle.

    e9.3 It is unlawful to urinate or defecate with one’s front or rear towards the direction of prayer (Mecca) when outdoors and there is no barrier to screen one, though this is permissible when one is indoors within a meter and a half of a barrier at least 32 cm. high, or in a hole that deep. — MEASURING INSTRUMENT REQUIRED!

    When one is not this close to such a barrier at least 32 cm. high, or in a hole that deep. — MEASURING INSTRUMENT REQUIRED!

    When one is not this close to such a barrier, it is not permissible except in a lavatory, where, if the walls are farther from one than the maximal distance or are shorter than the minimal height, relieving oneself with front or rear towards the direction of prayer is permissible, though offensive.

    e9.4 It is obligatory to clean oneself of every impure substance coming from one’s front or rear, though not from gas, dry worms or stones, or excrement without moisture.

    e9.5 Stones suffice to clean oneself, though it is best to follow this by washing with water.

    Anything can take the place of stones that is a solid, pure, removes the filth, is not something that deserves respect or is worthy of veneration, nor something that is edible, these being five conditions for the validity of using stones, or something else, to clean oneself of filth without having to follow it by washing with water.

    But it is obligatory to wash oneself with water if:
    1. One has washed away the filth with a liquid other than water, or with something impure

    2. One has become soiled with filth from a separate source

    3. One’s waste has moved from where it existed, reaching another part of one’s person) or has dried

    4. Or if feces spread beyond the inner buttocks, meaning that which is enfolded when standing, or urine moved beyond the head of the penis, though if they do not pass beyond them, stones suffice.

    It is obligatory, when cleaning oneself with a dry substance alone, to both remove the filth, and to wipe three times, even when once is enough to clean it, doing this either with three pieces (lit. “stones”) or three sides of one piece. – COUNTING!

    If three times does not remove it, it is obligatory to repeat it enough to clean it away. As that is the point of cleaning oneself.

    Nawawi says in al-Majmu’ that cleaning oneself with a dry substance means to remove the filth so that nothing remains but a trace that could not be removed unless one were to use water, and when this has been done, any remaining effects of filth that could have been done, any remaining effects of filth that could have only been removed with water are excusable.

    An odd number of strokes is recommended. – COUNTING!

    One should wipe from front to back on the right side with the first piece, similarly, wipe the left with the second, and wipe both sides and the anus with the third.

    Each stroke must begin at a point on the skin that is free of impurity. It is offensive to use the right hand to clean oneself of filth.

    e9.6 It is best to clean oneself of filth before ablution, though if one waits until after it to clean, the ablution is nevertheless valid, provided that while cleaning, the inside surface of the hand does not touch the front or rear private parts.

    If one waits until after one’s dry ablution (tayammum, to clean away filth, the dry ablution is not valid because lack of filth is a condition for it.

    (These are just “Recommended Suggestions” viciously enforced* under Shariah Law… if you want to keep your head… Burn it all into your memory)

    *Is there any OTHER kind of enforcement under Shariah?

  2. Standing to urinate is forbidden in Islam for Muslim men. You must sit to pee!!!

    It is a fact that the prophet Muhammad used to sit down to pee. So if you are a Muslim man you cannot stand up to piss, but you have to sit down This Moslem explains that if you stand when you pee and you die you will tormented in the grave and it is the worse thing you can do. So don’t do it.

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