Germany: African In Underpants Randomly Attacks 73 Year Old Pensioner In The Street, Wounding Her Critically

Nuremberg: An African man, walking the street in underpants at 0°C (32°F), attacked a 73 year old pensioner, knocked her down, and kicked her in the head brutally and repeatedly, in the afternoon of Wednesday, Dec. 13. As of tonight, Friday, the woman is still in intensive care in critical condition.

Passers-by rushed to intervene (not shown in the video) and held the man, until police arrived.

The background of the shocking incident is still completely mysterious. The homicide division Nuremberg is calling for witnesses to get in touch. The attacker, a 23-year-old African, is held in custody for attempted homicide and grievous battery.

Report compiled using the following police Nuremberg press releases: POL-MFR 2050 Attempted Homicide – Homicide Department Investigates, POL-MFR 2051 Attempted Homicide – Call For Witnesses, POL-MFR 2060 Attempted Homicide – Detention Order Issued.

5 Replies to “Germany: African In Underpants Randomly Attacks 73 Year Old Pensioner In The Street, Wounding Her Critically”

  1. Well, drugs and mental illness may have played a large part in this.

    His target may not have been racially motivated, but we are all thinking it is, as it is so common these days due to the Marxist Class-Struggle meme of ‘Hate Whitey’ influencing all entitlement, narcissistic, low IQed people. To move to a highly developed country with no skills means a machine can do that. This is the culture-shock so many are facing, and the brute sexuality and robbery of Islam is so appealing to justify themselves with so little effort.

    Those who remain shaped by their environment, love handout-Collectivism.

    Civilized they are not. And a danger to vulnerable people. Breeding on welfare. A Communist factory slave-stock to come.

    The real story to come.

    • I was thinking drugs, too.
      This is the second African in underpants in 0°C. Last Friday, one week ago, a “confused” Gambian in underpants was taken into police custody in Neumünster train station. Some substance that makes you want to take off your clothes at freezing temperatures, apparently.

  2. Germany: African In Underpants Randomly Attacks 73 Year Old Pensioner In The Street, Wounding Her Critically

    A simple question: Can these “immigrants” manage to make themselves any more unwelcome than they already are? It’s as if these vicious cretins are in a contest whose ultimate goal is daring Europeans to get the cattle cars rolling again.

    At some point it may be necessary to make all of the willkommenskultur loons wear distinctive armbands so that we can know whether or not to intervene if one of their pet economic tourists happens to be violently (or sexually) assaulting them.

    And please try to refrain from tarring me with Nazism (e.g., “armbands”). Merkel and her ilk have enthusiastically brought the EU to the very brink of short-term extinction. She, and her Socialist apparatchik co-culture, have introduced concentration-camp-levels of violence into general society to where other features (e.g., the aforementioned “armbands”) of that previous, repulsively, genocidal, mid-century era should not even turn a hair.

    Instead, these Anti-Western EU deconstructionists continually paint themselves as modern-day saviors—insert derisive allusions to their eagerly substituted Christian values >here<—even as these (too-often) unelected, overpaid Socialist termites energetically undermine every last legal, moral, and ethical structure that once underpinned European greatness.

    Those who previously have doubted the existence of intrinsic evil may wish to reconsider their naïve outlook. While Postmodernism (Hat tip: Eeyore) explains a lot, it cannot possibly or adequately define the sheer scale of this widespread anti-human malice. There are other factors at play which demand exclusive designation.

    I will be addressing aspects of this issue in a future essay about, "The Triple Bottleneck” that lurks in the not-too-distant future. As if one major bottleneck wasn’t enough…

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