Kinda coup in Zimbabwe, its a crime now to not send your kids to a mosque?: Links 1, Nov 15, 2017

1. Zimbabue coup nearly complete. Mugabe under house arrest, (UN in mourning)

ROBERT Mugabe has been removed from power and placed under house arrest with his family in what has been described as a “bloodless transition” as the military continues to deny reports of a coup.

The move comes after the Zimbabwe army seized power overnight with gunshots and explosions heard in the capital.

President Robert Mugabe, 93, is allegedly now preparing to step down, a few hours after the Zimbabwean military took over power, a leading South African news website has reported.


Jane Morley, Zimbabwe Analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit said: “The situation in Zimbabwe remains highly fluid following the military takeover on November 14th. 


“There are suggestions that the incumbent, Robert Mugabe, will resign, after which an interim government will take over, and elections held. 

Related: UN appointed Mugabe as something or other for tourism. The UN never met a tyrant, mass murderer or terrorist they didn’t fawn over.

2. Denmark Debuts Citizenship Revocation for Daesh Supporters

(This will be difficult for Canadians to understand, as we feel the way to treat returning jihadis is to give them literally millions of dollars, and high political office.)

In a pioneering case, a 25-year-old jihadist who left Denmark to fight for Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) has been stripped of his Danish citizenship. This marks the first time a person born and raised in Denmark has had their national passport revoked.


Denmark’s Supreme Court sentenced Enes Ciftci to six years’ imprisonment, deprivation of citizenship and expulsion from the Nordic country for joining Daesh and financing terrorism economically, Danish Radio reported.


The man fought alongside his fellow Islamists in Syria and was first sentenced to seven years in prison by the District Court. However, the sentence was changed by the Court of Appeal, which also denied the jihadist his Danish citizenship. Nevertheless, the sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court.

3. Council Cracks Down on ‘Islamophobia’ After Parents Withdraw Children from School Mosque Trips

A council in Britain is taking action to crack down on “Islamophobia” in response to some parents refusing to send their children on mosque visits arranged by schools.

After it emerged that some pupils were being prevented from going on school trips to mosques by their families, Staffordshire’s Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) produced a document claiming mosque visits are vital in preparing children for life in “diverse” Britain.


While families have the right to remove their children from school trips, SACRE said it was a “serious matter” that pupils have been withdrawn from mosque visits. Some parents have cited concerns over cost and safety in their requests, while others deplored a “political agenda” behind the activities, according to the Stoke Sentinel.

(Strongly recommend clicking through to read the whole article. The question is asked if muslim students must go prey at other temples of other religions, but it is NOT answered. There is more. Clearly the public schools in GB are on a clear and swept path to Islamification. It isn’t subtle or even deniable anymore.)

4. Tommy Robinson on Stephan M.

5. Sandra Solomon speaks to the koran as hate literature

6. IS provokes ‘Las Vegas’ type Terror Attack during Kumbh Mela, Thrissur Pooram, Ganga Sagar!

B Upendran | HENB | New Delhi | Nov 14, 2017:: An alarming audio clip in Malayalam, allegedly originating from the Islamic State, has surfaced on messaging application Telegram calling for war on India, specifically mentioning terror attacks on the Kumbh Mela and Thrissur pooram, which see huge footfall annually.


The voice in the 10-minute video is said to be of Rashid Abdullah, the alleged leader of the IS module in Kasaragod who had left the country to join IS in Afghanistan. The audio clip quotes Quran and claims that it is the 50th such clip from Daulatul Islam. Rashid deliberately invoked a call to kill the Kafirs of India, i.e. all the Indian Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh and other non-Muslims.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Gates of Vienna, Kathy, MissPiggy, Xanthippa and many more. As always, the comments at the Reader’s links post is highly informative. Please check it when you can.

One other thing:

I was trying to find a comment by Yucki and gave up as its not as easy to search comments as I had hoped. So this is, in essence, meant to be a reply to a comment by Yucki, but may be of wider interest, especially to anyone who has a Mac, and who recently updated to High Sierra.

Yucki had made a comment that her work had been stolen from her local machine and mysteriously moved up to iCloud, which she neither authorized nor signed up to.

I assumed that she had not sufficiently avoided the numerous attempts Apple makes to get the user to use Icloud and left a box checked accidentally.

One of our team upgraded to High Sierra several days ago and had no problems.

Until last night just as Apple help line had closed.

All of a sudden, a document which represented hours and hours of work, was not in the location they always are saved to. In fact, despite the constant saves of the document to the usual folder, it was not on their machine at all.

they had to do a global search for it and lo! it was on Icloud although they had specifically and conscientiously unchecked it and made sure that it was not an option. This is DAYS after High Sierra was installed, so it cannot have been a function of the option at upgrade.

they managed to download the file and turn off all options and sign out of it. But it most certainly happened that they were signed into iCloud without knowledge or consent and it started to actually move documents there, not copy, but MOVE them. Something which is actually a 2 step process if one wants to move things to one’s own backup drive. Copy, then delete.

So if this was Yucki’s experience, and it was certainly our colleague’s, please all be warned. Your computer is not your computer once you have High Sierra on it. It seems that it can take your data, put it on Apple servers, and delete it from your machine.

While its reasonably safe from hackers as its encrypted on their servers, this is hardly the issue. Calling Apple and detailing the event should this happen to you may prompt them to look into it and maybe fix it, but do not expect them to admit this is happening. You won’t get satisfaction.


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  1. Denmark’s Supreme Court sentenced Enes Ciftci to six years’ imprisonment, deprivation of citizenship and expulsion from the Nordic country for joining Daesh and financing terrorism economically, Danish Radio reported.

    – Mr. Ciftci is so lucky that Germany borders Denmark. After those six years, he can literally just throw away his papers, walk over the border and claim asylum in Germany.
    In whatever is left of it in six years from now.

    • My guess is that 6 years from now all of Western Europe and part of Eastern Eurpe will be a battlefield with one large low intensity battle being fought everyday.

  2. #3: Guidance on Parental Objections to Visits to Places of Worship We strongly recommend that schools always ask parents to explain their decision, whilst remembering that parents do have the right to withdraw their children from some or all of RE [religious education], on grounds of conscience.
    Preventing a problem from arising ? Working with the local community to raise awareness e.g. the local Christian church supporting a visit to a mosque.
    –Visits play a key role in preparing pupils for life in modern Britain and enabling pupils to develop respect for and sensitivity to others helping to combat prejudice.
    My comments: 1-No supportive evidence or metrics behind the assertion that students who visit are more sensitive and respectful than those who don’t? 2- Given that consecrated Mormon Temples disallow interfaith visitors, can students fulfill the visit requirement by attending Book of Mormon?

  3. 1. Zimbabue coup nearly complete. Mugabe under house arrest…

    Let me know when Mugabe’s at room temperature. This scum-sucking rutbag of semi-liquid shite has been stealing oxygen for longer than most people have been alive. His being shot and hanged after torture would be too good.

  4. Thank-you, Eeyore.
    I made it clear to Apple techs I wanted out-out, they helped me reinstall clean. After I shutdown and restarted, I was driven back to the Cloud!

    The culprit is High Sierra. It is removing files, then giving me the option of downloading my own stuff. From theirCloud, cute little ‘cloud’ graphics. I had asked for help dropping back to the earlier OS version, but was told – ‘no can do.’

    It’s important for people to know: this is an insidious invasion of privacy and hijacking. If I were not in the USA, I could go to jail for what’s on my computer.

    => The most casual glance at my files will prove I’m a gun-loving, nazi, radical zionist, white supremacist, islamophobe. Who has suspicious contacts – sayanim, rothschilds, opus dei, catalan separatists, ladino-speaking turks afraid of über-turk AND afraid of israel…

    => I have to find an independent software person who’ll help me.
    Maybe a local Russian. They hate commies and nazis and moslems and marx and soros and LGBTQXYZ…

    Non-U.S. residents BEWARE!

    • I wish I could help but I use a windows platform (acer) and have to have a friend who is the techi at the local library when I need help. Firefox is always asking if I want to save to my hard disk or to pocket (their version of the cloud) I can imagine the number of heart attacks that would occur if some European bureaucrats got into my files.

  5. Yucki, now you know why I have always refused to use cloud computing resources—even when being ridiculed by colleagues for my stodgy attitude. The potential for invasive monitoring and the general insecurity at such online storage arrangements means that cloud caches are little more than banks whose vaults are high school gym lockers.

    Sidebar: It’s difficult to describe how rarely I encounter an acquaintance or cow-orker that has deliberately taped over their laptop’s online camera and microphone. Please know that I detest nearly all conspiracy theories (e.g., moon landing hoaxers, and so-called 911 “truthers”) as they, too often, utterly revolt me.

    Regardless, given the treacherous sociopolitical bias being shown by so many of the online search and Social Media giants, they should not be trusted with a kindergartner’s half-empty piggy bank—much less some private citizen’s entire cache of personal data.

    Oops! We all know that mentioning a “piggy bank” more than likely offended some Muslim somewhere on earth and has gotten this post of mine flagged for “hate speech”. Insert eye-roll emoticon >here<.

    To close, purchase a multi-terabyte hard drive and regularly back up your entire data library (as in every few days or weeks). Also, consider uploading a (free) system recovery tool like, GoBack, to help overcome software and performance-related errors or crashes.

    Note: Be very careful about downloading this system recovery tool. I just went through a (typically high-reliability) CNET portal and my attempt to download the app sent me into a phishing virus.

    • CNET is not what it used to be.

      And for the camera, bandaids are better. Then you don’t get goo on the camera lens. Put the pad over it.
      Also you can get dummy plugs for the mic 1/8th inch jack but they don’t seem to short out the mic as they should.

    • I backup to a 2-T external hd at least twice a day, besides two separate, incremental backups to memory cards every ten days. I’m perfectly comfortable backing up my own stuff in my own, primitive way.

      I NEVER agreed to store anything anywhere! The Apple tech understood my dismay, but she obviously wasn’t aware of the treachery baked into High Sierra.

      I am PRIVATE:
      No Siri, no iPhone, no Kindle. No prefs saved for shopping or anything else. I turn off java, avoid most places that require it – like PJ Media and Israel Hayom. For a select handful – here, GoV, etc. Then I clear caches and junk before, during, and after visits.

      I keep NO history, no downloads record. Bookmarks bare bones, the rest in a file separate from my browser.

      I’ve been using OmniWeb _offline_ to work on my own documents, ones I created from source code, curated images embedded. No sneaky pixels or href to who-knows-where.
      ……Omni doesn’t work on High Sierra.

      • Yes the tech was very snooty with me, calling me a liar or an idiot in a backhanded way, saying what i told her happened, was impossible.
        The call did not go well.

      • I backup to a 2-T external hd at least twice a day, besides two separate, incremental backups to memory cards every ten days.

        Oh, baby. Oh, baby. (pant, pant) I love it when you talk that way!!!

        Sheesh … What we guys have to do to get a hard drive!

      • Yucki and all Mac users:

        Get the program, Little Snitch from

        When you install it, it actually gives you an option to shut down all com with iCloud specifically! AND even apple altogether including time sync.

        I had it a couple of years ago and found it a PITA to use, but they have improved it DRAMATICALLY and its a joy to set up and use and easy to understand now.

        Yucki and Mac users, this IS a REAL solution. It WILL stop unauthorized connections to anywhere at all and has a specific for iCloud in setup.

        You can white list, black list and SEE ALL connections!

        Hope this helps. Im buying it now.

  6. Donkeyman,
    Re the apple thingy, there is ALOT to be said for “dumb” tech and hard drives and dvd rewriter drives mate.
    Just saying…..1

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