Red Green alliance sets us all against each other: Links 1 for November 13, 2017

1. Here is an interesting Twitter thread to follow. Robert Spencer and the fellow who created the Tesco Muslim Christmas advert, Maajid Nawaz.

2. Oxford teacher faces action over ‘misgendering’ pupil

(This is for anyone who doesn’t believe we are already communist)

A teacher is facing disciplinary action at his school after he referred to a transgender pupil as a girl, although the student identifies as a boy.


Joshua Sutcliffe, a Christian pastor from Oxford, admitted he said “Well done girls” when addressing a group including the student.


He described it as a “slip of the tongue”, but said he believed biological sex was defined at birth

The school said it would be “inappropriate” to comment.

Mr Sutcliffe, who teaches children aged between 11 and 18, said the incident took place on 2 November.

He said a week-long investigation found he had “misgendered” the pupil.

(Did any of us think there would be a day in England where a person was guilty of a punishable offence for saying “Well done girls” to a group of girls that included one girl that wanted to pretend she was a boy, but was clearly a girl?)

3. More on what should never have been a story in the first place, the “Its OK to be White” flyers.

4. Parents refusing to send their children on school trips to mosques spark fears of Islamaphobia

(Communism seeks to tear families apart and have people see unknown workers as more closely related to them than their own offspring. And nothing can do that like having their children convert to Islam. Please also see item 5.)

Schools are being issued with guidance about RE trips after it emerged some parents are refusing to allow children to visit mosques.


Families have the right to withdraw pupils from visits to places of worship. Some cite costs, while others are concerned about safety or a ‘political agenda’.


Now Staffordshire’s Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) has produced a document to help schools tackle the sensitive topic. It includes a template letter to parents, outlining the value of helping pupils understand different cultures and faiths.

(Oddly its ONLY Islam they have to understand. There are no trips to Buddhist temples or Synagogues that I know of, and if there are, I bet no attempt to get Muslim kids to go take place. The same goes for the next item only more so:)

5. ‘Write letter to family about converting to Islam’: Furious stepfather refuses to let his stepdaughter, 12, complete her homework after she is asked to pen them a note about becoming a Muslim

A furious stepfather has refused to let his 12-year-old stepdaughter finish her homework after she was asked to write a letter to her family about becoming a Muslim.  

Mark McLachlan, 43, from Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland, has slammed the decision by the Kepier School to ask pupils to pen the note. 


He has refused to let his stepdaughter, who he has asked not to be named, complete the task after failing to see what the letter would accomplish.


Mr McLachlan said: ‘I know as part of the national curriculum they have to learn about all religions.

6. YouTube blocks thousands of videos of al Qaeda-linked cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in ‘watershed moment’

(Restricting them to over 18 I would fully support. But blocking them makes it far more difficult to get people to understand how islam is taught, understood and practiced, as well as a clear picture of its goals and aims, irrespective of what “real Islam” might be)

YouTube has removed thousands of propaganda videos from late al-Qaeda-linked cleric Anwar al-Awlaki amid mounting pressure from governments and counterterrorism advocates.


For years, hundreds of hours of the jihadist cleric’s talks and lectures were easily accessible on the site.

As of this autumn, a search for “Anwar al-Awlaki” on YouTube gave more than 70,000 videos ranging from his years as a mainstream American imam to his time with Al Qaeda in Yemen, the New York Times reported.


The same search on Sunday (12 November), however, yielded just 18,600 videos, most of which were news reports, documentaries and scholarly material about his life and death.

(Interesting how fast a factual video showing the true nature of Islam will get banned these days, and now a ton of evidence proving it has also been removed)

Thank you Buck, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Johnny U., Kathy, and many many more for sending in much interesting and important material.

The earthquake in Iran needs to be known about. Over the course of the day we should know more. As always please check the comments under the Reader’s Links post.




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6 Replies to “Red Green alliance sets us all against each other: Links 1 for November 13, 2017”

  1. I am going to tie 2, 3, 4, and 5 together and tie them to the charges against Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama race for the Senate.

    All of these are part of the culture war which is attacks on all of Western Culture and our societies that value individual rights and freedom above big government and other people controlling all aspects of our lives. There is a good article by Erick Erickson ( ) that I posted on the daily posts. (sorry my comments weren’t in a reply post and are severl posts below the articles) The main thrust of the articles is that the voters in Alabama (and other locations where they are fighting for the sanity of their kids) is to either vote to let a wanna be tyrant take office or vote for someone who may have done something repugnant but who won’t try to take away our culture and freedom.

    The choices in the schools in Britain (and elsewhere) are the same choices, either set back and watch you children be made into mentally ill adults for the sake of conformity to a leftist agenda or be charged with racism and other thought crimes for fighting for the future of the human race. Never forget that this war is a World War being fought in all nations, we are all fighting to preserve individual rights and freedom and preserve Western Culture which brought freedom to more people in the world then all other cultures combined. This is not to say that there hasn’t been evil committed by Westerners but the good done very much out weighs the bad. IF you want your children, Grandchilcren and Great Grandchildren to enjoy the freedom that I use to have and the even greater freedom my parents had you have to fight.

    For those who don’t already know this the attacks on the culture and the family through the children and charging your political enemies with sex crimes are straight out of Stalin’s and Hitler’s play books.

    • RE: Judge Moore
      Closer to a witch-hunt than anything since 17th century in Salem, MA.
      A rash of allegations like the tardish charge of blasphemy. No evidence necessary, no statute of limitations, no appeal.

      • You got that right, you don’t need evidence just make the charge about a month before the election and you win. You destroy the reputation of the man charged but they don’t care about that.

  2. Beavering away at work (In my corn field) I glance at your latest crop of headlines (No pun intended) and find them particularly disturbing. Too real, too close to home, becoming too much tactile experience instead of “over there”.

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