Suddenly interesting video of Hillary Clinton sneaking into a UK university

Like any true psychopath, Hillary Clinton is quite sensitive about anything negative about her, or anything that stands in the way of her ambitions, but utterly cold towards the suffering of others. It is why I think she was able to destroy the Western-friendly Libyan regime simply to be able to seem like a capable hawk to most US voters.

So I didn’t think there was anything worthwhile really in this video of her avoiding UK protesters recently until I was casually discussing it with someone and I could not find it using multiple searches on Youtube. It simply would not turn up in search results even though I had all the right key words.

After searching all my history on all browsers going back a couple of days I found it.

So suddenly it seems interesting. Is this the extent to which Google is manipulating search results that they actually try and bury things ex-presidential candidate Clinton finds embarrassing?

It could of course be my awful spelling. Why not search Youtube for ‘Clinton Swansea’ or ‘Hillary UK protests’, and see if you have better luck.


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22 Replies to “Suddenly interesting video of Hillary Clinton sneaking into a UK university”

    • Yes Babs, good call.
      I don’t watch _cnn_ clips at all.
      And I’ve reached my lifetime exposure limit on the Clintons. Anymore and you’d hear sirens going off- even through the ethernet.

      • I want her to keep talking because it drives people to our side, having said that I pray that me and my friends don’t have to listen to her lies. She is suppose to be very smart but every time she opens her mouth she proves she is so dumb she can barely string a coherent sentence together.

        • I want her to keep talking because it drives people to our side…

          In all sincerity, thank you so very much, Richard, for drilling home this crucial point over and over again at Vlad Tepes Blog.

          There is nothing on earth that ensures the Conservative cause freedom more than keeping this deranged Commie, Transnational, Borderless hag dead nuts front-and-center with every last media pin-spot focused on her with actinic candlepower.

          Since 0bama no longer has any valuable political staying power (thank-fecking-Gawd), it is absolutely imperative to guarantee that lunatic tripe volcanoes like Saint “What Happened” Hillary are continually and annoyingly thrust in the face of American voters as a stark reminder of what awaits a lax electorate.

          Again, thank you for doing your best to ensure that this worthless political skirt is kept around to poke this country’s political eye. Does the United States of America deserve a woman president? Hell yes!!!

          Should it be Hitlery, Palin, or Fiorina? Don’t go there.

  1. twitter – @realDonaldTrump Oct 16 2017

    I was recently asked if Crooked Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2020? My answer was, “I hope so!”


    Hillary Clinton Tells London Audience She Is ‘Worried’ About Trump Starting Nuclear War

    Hillary Clinton told a London audience Sunday night that Congress is “trying to figure out” how to stop President Donald Trump from starting a nuclear war.

    According to Business Insider, the failed Democratic presidential candidate was speaking to dignitaries, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan, at the London Literature Festival.

    Clinton claimed that Congress was looking at ways to usurp Trump’s ability to ignite a nuclear war by firing a missile at North Korea in a fit of rage.

    “A lot of people thought I was probably exaggerating it, but now we are worried and Congress is worried about whether they can take that power away from Trump so that in a moment of pique he doesn’t pick up that phone and call whoever is sitting in the control centre today,” she told the rapt audience of approximately 3,000.

    Clinton was asked if she had concerns about Trump starting a nuclear war and she responded, “I’m worried about that now. I had big differences with so many of the other people who have been President during my lifetime, but I never worried about that.”

    She then claimed that “recent reporting” also showed how Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and Secretary of Defense James Mattis were also trying “all trying to figure out how to prevent this.”

    “I tried to raise it before and I’m raising it again here,” The former First Lady continued, seemingly congratulating herself for recognizing the purported danger earlier. “It’s why members of Congress on both sides are trying to work out how they can contain [Trump].”

    Clinton then turned to Russia and said Trump emulates that country’s president Vladimir Putin: “He likes that whole authoritarian thing – you know, the bare chest.”

    She also compared Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election to a “cyber 9/11” attack on the United States.

    Clinton Injured After Twisting Ankle During UK Visit

    Hillary Clinton twisted her ankle on Sunday night, causing her to miss several media appearances while on her book tour in England.

    Clinton, who is out promoting her book, What Happened, did not show up for several television appearances in London after her fall Sunday night. Clinton was exhausted due to the trip, the Daily Mail reports.

    “Supposed to be interviewing Hillary Clinton… but she’s fallen over and hurt her foot!! Gutted,” “This Morning” host Philip Schofield said on Snapchat.

    However, Clinton’s communications director, Nick Merrill, tweeted later that Clinton was on the “Graham Norton Show” joking about how she injured herself. Clinton appeared to be wearing a boot for her ankle.

    Clinton underwent an x-ray Monday afternoon to examine the extent of her injury before deciding whether to continue her tour.

    Back during the 2016 campaign, Clinton was also held up by health issues while traveling and adhering to a busy schedule. At that time, she fainted as she was about to get into an SUV after a Sept. 11 Memorial event in New York City.

    Questions and rumors about Clinton’s health have gone around for years, especially after she suffered a concussion while she was secretary of state.


    Hillary Clinton: The Interview

    Candid, open and at times angry, this riveting conversation takes us into the heart and mind of the woman at the centre of the most stunning election loss in modern US history. What really happened?

    Sarah Ferguson reports for ABC Four Corners.

    ( 46 min )

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