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14 Replies to “Canadian Air Force Vet, Russ Cooper, submits his presentation to the Senate committee on on legislation being drafted after M103 criminalizing Islamophobia”

  1. Racist?
    By Daniel Greenfield – May 19, 2013

    Related: “Trump-Pence Join UN, Globalist Attack on Burma Over Rohingya Muslim Crisis” By William F. Jasper – September 27, 2017

    • Sorry to hear that.
      Can’t expect much else, surrounded by bad advice. He’s swamped, so to speak.

      But when IRAN and the TURK are suddenly championing the human rights of somebody or other, making a global issue about a simmering mess of Bengali squatters, you’d think the President might be just a little suspicious.

      Burma manages its ethnic Chinese Muslim minority, Christians (second largest after Buddhist), and Hindus (hugely abused by Muslims everywhere). Wouldn’t hurt to talk to people from India or genuine Asian-Asians. Like overseas Chinese who’ve lived all over.

      I went hunting those sources myself. Here’s one:
      Rohingyas’ long history of jihadism must be acknowledged

      The international community’s understanding of the current crisis has failed to factor in the long history of Islamic extremism in Rakhine State


  2. All of the nations composing the West are racing to see which can become a full Dictatorship first. The First Amendment in the US Constitution is slowing them down as did the voters when we elected Donald Trump as President. All we are doing is slowing down the US in the race, we have not removed the US from the race, look at what the left os doing in the US and the tactics they are using. Russ Cooper is stepping up and making a target of himself to once again defend freedom in his homeland, pay close attention to what he is doing and follow his lead in defending Freedom in Canada.

    • Sneaking Rohingyas into the USA!
      …think DEATH if your unclean shadow happens to pass near one of them. Or your 7-yr-old niece entices a pack of them.
      …better hide your kafir witchcraft tricks! They’re acutely sensitive. In an instant a mob will tear you to pieces, burn the leftovers.

  3. As a primary reservist during the cold war many of us had an opportunity to serve in West German during the summer. During that tour we usually were taken to the wall. We would strip our rank and insignia from our uniforms before moving forward. The East German border guards would observe us and take pictures. When the wall fell many of those East German soldiers were prosecuted for murder. Their old excuse of “following orders” was ignored and many went to jail. In turn, M103 is a law that denies our ability to identify and solve the causes of Islamist violence. It transforms Canada from an observer to an active participant in jihad. For those who support this law, here is a simple example. During the Nuremberg trials they convicted Hitler’s photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann, for contributing to crimes against humanity who did nothing but take pictures. Denying our right to actively discuss Islam and stand up to it. The government of Canada is in fact making the followers of M103 De facto contributors to the violence.

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