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8 Replies to “UN stunned when “Son of Hamas” stands up to the narrative on Israel”

  1. This two minutes of truth spoken in a place where lies are everyday currency has a stunning effect! Bravo to UN Watch for this excellent challenge to the accepted narrative.

  2. Say, isn’t that the same UN that’s insisting that climate change is the biggest problem the human race has ever faced and if we don’t send them trillions of dollars and wreck our economies the world will most certainly come to an end?

    I can’t believe how in need of the red pill most people are. I’ve tried to tell people about the UN but they just think I’m some kind of crank. They are so in love with the noble image we all believed back in the days, before the UN became the property of the 47 evil Muslim dictatorships that it is today. But what bothers me the most is that the proof is just sitting there to be seen, but most people won’t even bother to turn their heads and look, choosing instead to go with their already-held preconceptions which are based on the lies the mainstream media have been telling for years.

    I just loved those furious reaction shots from those Arab bastards. And bastards they are. They spend their days lying about Israel and blaming it for their own numerous shortcomings. The 47 Muslim States are all evil entities, or they wouldn’t be so eagerly slandering Israel. Not one of those Muslim countries stand for the truth. That’s called “bearing false witness” and they’re all evil for doing it…

  3. OMG! The stunned faces of these liars are just priceless!
    I laughed out loud, seriously, it was incredible!
    Especially these two ominously looking Middle Eastern dudes whose marbles were in a serious danger of explosion!

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