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  1. ‘A girl brain but a boy body.’ Kindergarten parents outraged over transgender book read in class

    A book about a transgender child read during story time in a kindergarten classroom in Rocklin has divided a school along ideological lines and sparked a flurry of vitriol on social media and conservative web sites.

    The children’s book “I am Jazz” was brought to Rocklin Academy Gateway School on June 7 by a transgender student who wanted to share it with classmates during story time. “I am Jazz” is the story of a real-life transgender girl named Jazz Jennings.

    “I have a girl brain but a boy body,” Jazz says in the book. “This is called transgender. I was born this way!”

    Later that same day, the Rocklin teacher selected and read “Red: A Crayon’s story,” a book about a crayon struggling with an identity crisis, according to a letter from the public charter school, which is part of the Rocklin Academy Family of Schools. The books are geared to children ages 4 to 8.

    Upset parents called the school and met with administrators. They protested at a June board meeting. Two families pulled their kids from the school. The issue has become so heated that the district hired a public relations firm to help handle the fallout.

    Social media posts have shown heated opposition to the story-time choice. Stories on local news stations, conservative web sites and press releases from family values organizations quoted parents who said the school threw a coming-out party that culminated with a boy coming out of the bathroom in girl’s clothing.

    School officials say there was no such reveal. The child had been transitioning slowly during the school year and had already been wearing girl’s clothes, said Jillayne Antoon, who was principal at the school and has since been promoted to director of growth and community engagement for the Rocklin Academy Family of Schools.

    The girl did go to the bathroom later in the day and changed into a dress, but then quietly returned to the classroom, Antoon said. She said the children had all brought extra clothes to school that day in anticipation of water play at recess, although that didn’t end up taking place.

    “A couple of girls complimented her on her dress,” Antoon said. “We were so proud of how the kids can handle this in a way that clearly the adults are having a hard time with.”

    NorseRadish: Notice how there isn’t any mention of the elevated risks for suicide and self-harm within in the transgender community.

    Study shows rising rates of suicidal acts in transgender adults

    Researchers found that transgender adults were 14 times more likely to think about suicide and 22 times more likely to attempt suicide than rates in the general population.

    The analysis of the studies showed that on average, 55 percent of respondents thought about suicide and 29 percent had attempted suicide in their lifetimes. The numbers changed to 51 percent thought about suicide and 11 percent had attempted suicide in the past year.

      • Thank you so much, Miss Piggy.

        Your video clip’s closing statement that Atrazine runoff concentrations which cause this artificial batrachian chemo-gender-reassignation were at levels just ONE THIRD of drinking water purity specifications was a real eye-opener.

        For those unfamiliar with this issue, some of the earliest studies involved polymer plasticizers called “phthalates”. Used in the anti-corrosive liners of canned acidic foods, infant formula containers, and applications that call for increased elasticity (i.e., flexibility) in PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) conformal coatings, cling wrap, and numerous other industrial, food-related uses, this widespread exposure to such influential compounds has resulted in EU bans and other preventative measures.

        Known estrogen mimics or “endocrine disruptors”, these powerful chemicals have been shown to trigger hermaphroditism in aquatic species which live near riparian effluent outtakes of the factories that discharge this toxic waste. There is serious speculation that global decreases in male sperm count have a direct connection to the presence of these phthalate chemicals in the food chain.

        Potential health effects include:

        Adverse effects on development of male reproductive system:
        • Infertility
        • Decreased sperm count
        • Undescended testes
        • Malformation of the penis

        As a most cynical aside, if that isn’t a comprehensive laundry list of (non-psychological) Feminist goals—with respect to the eventual neutering of White males—I’ve yet to see one that exceeds it.

        PS: Due to constraints at this site that limit comment links to three or less (before imposing moderation clearance), I will no longer contort myself in the cause of scrupulously providing detailed references.

        Anyone who has questions regarding any of my attributions is strongly encouraged to challenge my content. Whenever possible, I will cheerfully provide the URLs needed to validate any claims made in my work.

        I have no intention of polluting this board with specious content. At the same time, I’m bloody-well tired of jumping through all the hoops necessary when it comes to passing these artificially imposed moderation criteria.

        PPS: To Eeyore’s immense credit, he has proven (of late) far more punctual in vetting these “moderated” comments. All the same, I believe that my reasonably well-established track record has show a sincere dedication to verifiable content.

        Again, any and all challenges are more than welcome.

        We now return you to your regular Vlad Tepes content…

  2. Libya coastguard rescues nearly 500 off Tripoli (memo, Aug 30, 2017)

    “Libya’s coastguard yesterday rescued nearly 500 refugees and migrants at sea west of the capital Tripoli, a spokesman said.

    The migrants included people from sub-Saharan countries, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

    “Coastguards rescued early morning today 140 illegal migrants west of Tripoli and another group of 164 migrants were rescued off Sabratha including seven women and six children,” a spokesman for Libya’s naval forces told Reuters.

    Later another group of 150 were rescued off Tripoli.

    Hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants have crossed the Libyan desert and taken to flimsy boats on the Mediterranean in the hope of reaching Europe in recent years…”

  3. Morocco arrests 2 in connection with attacks in Spain (memo, Aug 30, 2017)

    “Rabat has reportedly arrested two men linked to Spain’s twin attacks, Madrid’s Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido revealed whilst on a visit to Morocco yesterday.

    “Thanks to permanent contact and collaboration between the two countries, Moroccan security services have carried out two arrests here in Morocco linked to the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils,” Zoido added.

    No further details about the men’s detention were revealed due to the ongoing investigation that is currently underway…”

  4. Iran: Saudi Arabia should stop backing terrorists in Yemen (memo, Aug 30, 2017)

    “Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused the country’s Sunni rival Saudi Arabia of backing terrorists in Yemen’s war, state TV reported yesterday.

    “Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen and their support of terrorists in Yemen and Syria are main hurdles to improve ties between Tehran and Riyadh. Saudi Arabia should stop backing terrorists,” Rouhani told state TV.

    Saudi Arabia and Shia-led Iran compete for influence in the Middle East, where they support rival groups in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon…”

    • Saudi Arabia should stop backing terrorists in Yemen

      Sure thing, yeah. And maybe they should somehow put a voluntary halt to spreading their Wahhabist filth throughout the entire world.

      PS: Waiting until the House of Saud’s petroleum reserves run low is NOT an option.

      Either someone yanks their gold-plated chain, or the entire Arabian peninsula gets nuked.

      Any contrary opinions are sincerely welcomed.

  5. Egypt promotes birth control to fight rapid population growth (reuters, Aug 30, 2017)

    “Egypt is pushing to educate people in rural areas on birth control and family planning in a bid to slow a population growth rate that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said poses a threat to national development.

    The country is already the most populous in the Arab world with 93 million citizens and is set to grow to 128 million by 2030 if fertility rates of 4.0 births per thousand women continue, according to government figures.

    In 2016, Egypt saw the birth of 2.6 million babies, the country’s statistics agency CAPMAS said last month.

    “The two biggest dangers that Egypt faces throughout its history are terrorism and population growth and this challenge decreases Egypt’s chances of moving forward,” Sisi told a youth conference last month…”

    • THE biggest problem is ISLAM.
      …..Terrorism and pop growth are secondary effects.
      …..My $0.02, based on work done specifically for Egypt, in Egypt:

      • Polygamy: Al-Azhar says contraception is halal. How about scrapping polygamy?

      …..And reducing serial polygamy. Divorce is so easy for Muslim men it incentivizes desertion. Men who can’t afford more than one wife simply move on to the next. Frequently because the incumbent yields more girl-babies than boy-babies.

      …..Revise inheritance laws. The family discounts female children as other, a net loss. Dowry systems meant to protect women end up damaging prospects and family life in general.

      Inbreeding, the workaround from hell.

      • Stop child marriages: A girl becomes nothing but a toothless, anemic breeder. Keeps having kids so her husband might keep feeding her and her daughters. Till she grows up to become a woman past childbearing age.

      • Keep girls in school. They have fewer kids, become better mothers, and less dependent as adults.

      • Fact: fewer, better educated children provide MORE resources to support aging parents than mobs of savage siblings who repeat familiar, dysfunctional patterns.

  6. Unknown warplanes strikes Daesh in Somalia (memo, Aug 30, 2017)

    “Unidentified fighter aircrafts attacked Daesh fighters based in north-eastern Somalia, Garowe Online reported.

    The fighter aircrafts attacked the town of Af-kala-haye, roughly 24 kilometres from Alula in the Gardafy region. Local villagers were shocked by the airstrikes and stressed how the streets were littered with remnants of shell castings.

    Daesh in Somalia gave a pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the leader of Daesh in Syria and Iraq, in October 2015. The group primarily operates in the northeast of the country, Puntland. It is led by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Mumin with an estimated 300 foot soldiers.”

  7. Christian girl placed in foster care with Muslim carers is back with her family: Judge orders five-year-old is sent to her grandmothers and demands urgent investigation is launched (dailymail, Aug 30, 2017)

    “A Christian girl forced to live with a Muslim foster carer was last night returned to her family after a court ruling.

    It follows a national outcry over Tower Hamlets council’s decision to place the five-year-old in two Muslim households – against the wishes of her family.

    The girl was taken to her grandmother’s house yesterday after a judge urged councils to seek ‘culturally matched placements’ for vulnerable children.

    Judge Khatun Sapnara, a Muslim, told the council it was in the girl’s best interests to live with a family member who could keep her safe, promote her welfare and meet her needs ‘in terms of ethnicity, culture and religion’, The Times reported.

    The judge even went as far as to order the East London council to conduct an urgent investigation.

    Friends of the girl’s family told the newspaper they were hugely relieved by the decision to remove her from placements where everything was ‘foreign and unfamiliar’ into surroundings where she would feel ‘much more at home’.

    During yesterday’s hearing at East London Family Court, security staff tried to remove a journalist, but Judge Sapnara ruled that the reporter be allowed to stay.

    The girl’s parents were said to have pleaded with the scandal-hit council to allow the child to live with friends or relatives, but officials had opposed their plans to place her into the temporary care of her grandmother.

    Instead, social workers noted the British-born child’s distress as she begged not to be returned to a Muslim foster home where she said she could not understand her carers because they did not speak English.

    Friends of the child’s family said she spoke English as her first language, had a UK passport and had been christened. But during an access visit she was said to have told her mother that ‘Christmas and Easter are stupid’ and ‘European women are stupid and alcoholic’, prompting questions over cultural attitudes expressed in at least one of her foster homes.

    The Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, said she had raised concerns with Tower Hamlets and would continue to monitor the case.

    The council was criticised earlier by Ofsted inspectors who said its children’s services were ‘inadequate’.

    Confidential reports seen by The Times described the five-year-old sobbing and begging not to go back to one foster mother who wore a headscarf and face veil in public.

    The girl claimed the foster carer had taken away her necklace, which had a Christian cross on it, suggested she should learn Arabic and had refused to allow her to eat food prepared by her birth mother because it contained bacon.

    She was left in that placement for four months before being handed to her current foster mother, who reportedly wears a burka in public to cover her face. Sources at Tower Hamlets said the placement was temporary.

    Miss Longfield said: ‘I have spoken to Tower Hamlets council and raised a number of concerns, and have asked about the wishes of the little girl. I have asked the council to ensure that this child has the support of an independent advocate so that her views are heard at the heart of this process.’

    The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said child safety was a priority and the Department for Education was conducting a ‘stocktake’ of national fostering. She said: ‘Councils have to bear in mind the ethnicity and religion of children when they are placing them in care, but they approach that on a case-by-case basis, which is right.’

    Simon Calvert, of the Christian Institute, said councils normally tried to ensure children were placed with carers who would respect their beliefs.

    ‘Clearly something has gone wrong in this case,’ he said.

    ‘We can’t have a situation where a local authority respects all religious backgrounds except Christianity.

    ‘In my experience, Christian foster carers do all they can to respect the religious and cultural heritage of children placed in their care.’

    Peter Golds, leader of the Tory group on the council said: ‘This case raises some troubling questions about the suitability of at least one of our foster parents and the judgment of Tower Hamlets’ children’s services.’

    Tower Hamlets refused to say why it took the child into care. It was concerned that reports risked identifying her and criticised ‘inaccuracies’ in some coverage. Before yesterday’s court ruling, it said: ‘The child is fostered by an English-speaking family of mixed race in this temporary placement.

    ‘We would like to give more details but we are legally restricted.

    ‘We have always been working towards the child being looked after by a family member and we continue to do so.’…”

  8. World War 3? US tests ‘most dangerous nuclear weapon ever produced’ amid North Korea row
    THE United States has carried out a second test of a bomb, described as the most dangerous nuclear weapon ever produced, as tensions with North Korea escalate.

    US authorities confirmed the test was successful and the B61-12 gravity bomb is expected to go into production within three years.

    The B61-12 gravity bombs were ‘inert’ but they were dropped from F-15E fighter jets at Tonopah Test Range in Nevada on August 8, the National Nuclear Security Administration said.

    The tests were intended to check the bomb’s “non-nuclear functions and the aircraft’s capability to deliver the weapon.”

    Despite the weapons’ nuclear capability being disabled the message to Kim Jong-un’s North Korea could not be clearer.

    A statement from the NNSA said: “B61-12 gravity bombs, without a nuclear warhead, were dropped from F-15E fighter jets at Tonopah Test Range in Nevada on August 8. The tests were intended to check the bomb’s ‘non-nuclear functions and the aircraft’s capability to deliver the weapon.”

    • I doubt if this is the most dangerous ever produced, there use to be missile warheads with several hundred megaton warheads.

    • This signifies nothing other than we can drop a bomb shaped object from an F-15E. We still don’t know if the nuclear weapon itself works. The least we can do is start remanufacturing on a piece by piece replacement basis the current weapons. POTUS needs to announce the pullout out of current treaties nuclear weapon testing prohibitions and start underground testing. This would confirm or deny if our H-bombs work at all.

  9. LAUGHING AT THE WORLDKim Jong-un cackles like a maniac as he oversees latest North Korea missile launch and taunts Trump that ‘it’s just a curtain-raiser’ for possible strike on Guam

    A statement said there would be ‘more ballistic rocket launching drills with the Pacific as a target in the future.’

    NORTH Korean dictator Kim Jong-un vowed to fire more missiles as pictures emerged of the despot cackling maniacally as he over saw the launch described as “just a curtain-raiser”.

    Just one day after his latest launch brought his country and American one step closer to war the smirking communist called for more weapons testing over the Pacific to advance his country’s ability to contain Guam.

    • North Korea: State TV footage shows missile launch over Japan

      North Korea’s television released footage on Wednesday of the rocket which passed over Japanese airspace being launched on Tuesday from the capital Pyongyang.

      Tensions in the Korean Peninsula have been running high after repeated missile test, despite resounding international pressure to stop.

      The missile in question travelled over 2,700km (1,650mi) at an unusually low height before ditching into the North Pacific having passed over the Japanese island of Hokkaido, which forced people to scramble for cover.

  10. VLAD MOVENorth Korea missile launch over Japan prompts Russia to evacuate hundreds to ‘safe zones’ – as Kim Jong un’s rogue state vows not to ‘flinch an inch’

    War of words continued today as tensions between Washington and Pyongyang ratchet up

    VLADIMIR Putin ordered Russians to be evacuated from the North Korean border as war between Pyongyang and the US continued to loom this evening.

    The Russian President signed off a move to get 1,500 nationals away from the 24-mile border with Kim Jong-un’s rogue state.

  11. Seoul training special forces unit to infiltrate North Korea and assassinate Kim Jong-un if war breaks out

    South Korea is planning to send special forces units into Pyongyang in search of Kim Jong-un and his closest advisers in the event that North Korea should start a conventional war.

    The plan is among the revisions being made to South Korea’s revised strategy for dealing with an attack from the North.

    Ricahrd: Forget our SEALS these are the men that Kim should worry about, they are Korean and won’t stand out like a bunch of Yanks would.

    • Japan seeks new U.S. missile radar as North Korea threat groTOKYO (Reuters) – Japan is worried the United States has so far declined to arm it with a powerful new radar, arguing the decision makes the U.S. missile defense system it plans to install much less capable of countering a growing North Korean threat, three sources said.

      Japan wants to have a land-based version of the Aegis ballistic missile defense (BMD) system operational by 2023 as a new layer of defense to help counter North Korea’s missile advances.

      Yet, without the new powerful radar, known as Spy-6, Japan will have to field the system with existing radar technology that has less range than a new generation of BMD interceptor missiles, the sources who have knowledge of the discussion told Reuters.

  12. Fears of new migrant ‘Jungle’ in the heart of Europe


    Hundreds of migrants sleep in the shadow of high-rises in downtown Brussels, raising fears in the EU capital of a new “Jungle”, similar to the dismantled camp in Calais.

    Each night, the young migrants — mostly Sudanese and Eritreans — take over Parc Maximilien, a sliver of green space adjacent to the gritty Gare du Nord station where trains depart for Belgium’s North Sea coast.

    As in the French port of Calais, the dream of most here is getting to Britain.

    The young men, gathered just three kilometres (two miles) from European Union headquarters, have survived a long and dangerous journey — through North Africa, across the Mediterranean and the gauntlet of police checks set up to catch them throughout southern Europe.

    But for Adam, 25, making a life in Brussels instead of London would do just fine after abandoning his native Sudan, crossing Chad and waiting for six “very tough” months in Libya.

    “This is too hard. I want protection from the government (in Belgium),” the young man said on a warm August night, just blocks from where prostitutes ply their trade and drug users seek a quick fix.

    • Hundreds of migrants sleep in the shadow of high-rises in downtown Brussels, raising fears in the EU capital of a new “Jungle”, similar to the dismantled camp in Calais.

      Bwahahahahahaha … who’s kidding whom?

      The only “fears” in this situation involve those held by an infinitude of unelected Brussels-based EU apparatchiks that will actually finally have to endure (once and for all) the same filth, crime, assaults, murders, and rapes which every last one of the other moronic Schengen Area populations have borne without a glimmer of catastrophic revolution against their arrogant, self-appointed Social Engineers.

      Let’s please see if Brussels Sprouts (Ha Ha!) several thousand more of these predatory invader encampments in their once-pristine and unperturbed midst. After all, isn’t this bureaucratic enclave the heart of legislation mandating insanely over-generous EU social benefits lodged in the very core of this precise precious locale?!?

      Any proverbial “sauce for the European Union goose” needs must translate into GALLONS of slop for these EU ganders before all of this is over (and not by a long shot) done with.

      It is long overdue for these oh-so-fastidious little pr!cks (and v@ginal cavities) to thoroughly enjoy the fruits of their slack-jawed, half-arsed, and maliciously incompetent, lunatic Social Engineering.

      Tape at eleven.

  13. Sanity prevails: 5-year-old Christian girl placed in Muslim foster home is out
    By Ben Bowles August 30, 2017

    On Monday, LU reported on an outrageous story out of the UK. It centers on a five-year-old girl who was placed in foster care with a Muslim family that promptly removed the cross she routinely wore as a devout Christian. She was also told to learn Arabic, which is the preferred language in that household, and denied certain foods because they were haram, or forbidden.

    Luckily, the story generated enough backlash that a judge overturned the placement decision by the council of Tower Hamlets, a borough of London, and sent the child to stay with her grandmother.

    According to the Times of London via the Daily Mail:

    • 5-year-old Christian girl placed in Muslim foster home is out

      Never has that song made more sense.

      Nor has Winnie’s own allusion (EVER) to ” “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat” had more meaning. Western nations now face a confrontation that will challenge the very roots of their full value in terms of preserving Liberty at the cost of all else that surrounds them.

      For all of his (at that time-accepted) racism and class-based discrimination, Churchill’s utterly superb oratory continues to resonate across these numerous decades that bridge the gulf which separates the unbelieveably incredible hardships of WWII and every last cruelty of this modern age.

      Video — 04:14

      I can only imagine that his best advice for all of us in the the West would be, “If you are going through Hell … keep going.

      Churchill’s speech, and the above simple sentence, embodies a stalwart and obdurate attitude almost entirely absent in these modern times.

      To every last credit which Eeyore richly deserves: Not only can these words be put upon the page for all to see, but the notion that there should be no opportunity to do so remains as alien to him as it is to me. Huzzah!!!

  14. Teachers at public school in Durham stage recreation of toppling of Confederate statue
    By Ben Bowles August 30, 2017

    Tweet Email

    It would be instructive to see the lesson plan that informed this educational demonstration. Among the bulleted goals you might expect to find would be “to teach students the importance of vandalism and mob hysteria as agents of social justice.”

    It’s highly doubtful the teachers at the publicly funded School for Creative Studies in Durham, N.C., gave that amount of thought, or any, to their reenactment of the recent toppling of a Civil War memorial to the Confederate dead by a mob of misguided anarchists.

    Conservative writer A.P. Dillon tweeted out last night:

  15. Germany: Students rally in Offenbach as their Afghan classmates face deportation

    Scores of people took to the streets of Offenbach am Main, Tuesday, to protest against the deportation of 70 Afghan pupils.

  16. Mayor urges UC Berkeley to stop right-wing Free Speech Week

    Jesse Arreguin wants college to cancel conservatives’ plan for rally while Assistant Vice Chancellor Dan Mogulof says school can’t shut down speech before it occurs based on general concerns over violent protests

    • So, if the Mayer actually succeeds in getting Berkeley to cancel the student’s free speech, can the students legally charge the Mayor with violation of Civil Rights under Color of Law? That would be an actual criminal charge, not a civil violation. I would love to see a leftwing Mayor being jailed for violation of the First Amendment!

  17. Taliban leader strikes moderate tone in holiday message (abcnews, Aug 30, 2017)

    “The leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan says his movement poses no threat to minorities or other countries, and that it will bring peace and economic development to the country if foreign forces withdraw.

    Maulvi Haibatullah Akhunzadah issued the surprisingly moderate message Wednesday in honor of the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday. It was not clear whether it signaled a major change by the insurgent group…”

    • The leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan says his movement poses no threat to minorities or other countries, and that it will bring peace and economic development to the country if foreign forces withdraw.

      Sure thing. And right after that, screaming monkeys shooting bottle rockets will fly out of my butt.

  18. Pakistanis reject Trump remarks on harboring militants (abcnews, Aug 30, 2017)

    “Pakistan’s lower house of parliament has passed a resolution denouncing U.S. President Donald Trump’s claim that the country harbors militants battling U.S. forces in neighboring Afghanistan.

    The resolution adopted Wednesday refers to remarks made in Trump’s speech earlier this month announcing a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan. Hundreds of people have rallied against the remarks, saying they ignore Pakistan’s sacrifices in its war on terror.

    U.S. officials have long said that Pakistan turns a blind eye to militants operating along the porous Afghan border.

    The National Assembly rejected the “hostile” remarks and said the government should consider postponing delegations sent to or received from the United States. Islamabad has already canceled a visit by Washington’s special representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, which had been planned for this week.”

  19. Hungary extends state of emergency due to migrant crisis (abcnews, Aug 30, 2017)

    “The Hungarian government has decided to extend by six months, until March 2018, the state of emergency declared early last year because of the migrant crisis.

    Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said Wednesday that strict border controls were still needed because the “threat of terrorism in Europe has increased” recently.

    Hungary’s razor-wire fences, built on its borders with Serbia and Croatia in late 2015, have practically stopped the flow of migrants through the country.

    Human rights groups and international organizations have repeatedly called attention to the alleged violent treatment of migrants by police, as well the poor conditions in border transit zones where asylum-seekers are made to await a decision on their applications.

    About 400,000 migrants passed through Hungary in 2015 before the fences were erected.”

  20. Egypt puts more than 350 people on terrorism list (abcnews, Aug 30, 2017)

    “Egypt has put the names of more than 350 people, including prominent Muslim Brotherhood figures, on its terrorism list.

    The designation, announced over two days this week in the government’s official Gazette, bans those on the list from travel, puts them on a watch list and grants authorities the right to freeze their assets.

    Authorities have launched a severe crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters since former President Mohammed Morsi’s ouster in 2013 following mass protests against his divisive, one-year rule. The Sunni Islamist organization was founded in Egypt.

    The decision, subject to appeal within 60 days of publication in the Gazette, includes Muslim Brotherhood financier Hassan Malik.

    Earlier this year, Egypt put some 1,500 others on the list, including Morsi and retired soccer midfielder Mohammed Abu Trika.”

  21. US-led strike in Syria blocks IS fighters evacuated from Lebanon

    Beirut (AFP) – The US-led coalition carried out an air strike on Wednesday to block Islamic State group fighters evacuated from Lebanon from reaching eastern Syria, its spokesman told AFP.

    Hundreds of IS fighters and civilians were evacuated Monday from the border region between Lebanon and Syria under a ceasefire deal and were headed to an IS-held town near Syria’s eastern frontier with Iraq.

    “To prevent the convoy from moving further east, we cratered the road and destroyed a small bridge,” said coalition spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon.

    The coalition later specified that it “struck individual vehicles and fighters that were clearly identified as IS” on a road leading east to the Syrian town of Albukamal on the border with Iraq.

    “IS is a global threat; relocating terrorists from one place to another for someone else to deal with is not a lasting solution,” Dillon said.

    The evacuation deal was negotiated between IS and powerful Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah, which has intervened in the war in neighbouring Syria to prop up the Damascus government.

    Hezbollah had fought a week-long offensive against IS on the Syrian side of the border with Lebanon, coinciding with a simultaneous assault by Lebanese troops on their side of the frontier.

    The battles ended Sunday with the announcement of a deal that would see IS forces bussed hundreds of kilometres (miles) from Syria’s western border with Lebanon to its eastern frontier with Iraq.

    Jihadists and civilians, including children, left the border region two days ago, but on Wednesday their buses were still held up at the entrance to Deir Ezzor province.

    “We know and understand that there are civilians” aboard the buses, Dillon said.

    “If we are able to strike them without harming civilians, then we will do so,” he said, adding that the coalition was monitoring the convoy’s movement in real time.

    Asked whether the presence of civilians had prompted the coalition to bomb the road instead of the convoy itself, Dillon said that would be “consistent” with protocol.

    – ‘Killed on the battlefield’ –

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told AFP that the buses were in Hmaymah, a Syrian town dozens of kilometres from the Iraqi border.

    There was no immediate reaction to the strike from Hezbollah or from Syria’s government.

    The evacuation agreement had sparked a furious reaction from the United States, which considers Hezbollah to be a “terrorist” organisation.

    “Irreconcilable #ISIS terrorists should be killed on the battlefield, not bused across #Syria to the Iraqi border without #Iraq’s consent,” US presidential envoy to the anti-IS coalition Brett McGurk said Wednesday.

    “Our @coalition will help ensure that these terrorists can never enter #Iraq or escape from what remains of their dwindling ‘caliphate’,” he wrote on Twitter.

    It was also met with outrage in Iraq, with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi describing it as “unacceptable” and an “insult to the Iraqi people”.

    Iraqi forces, who reseized second city Mosul from IS in July after a nine-month battle, are fighting the last pocket of jihadists in the northern province of Nineveh.

    The deal was even controversial in Lebanon, where opponents were angry that IS fighters were travelling “on air-conditioned buses” after having been suspected of killing Lebanese troops.

    On Wednesday, Lebanon’s president and the chief of the army hailed the “victory” scored against IS in the campaign.

    “Today, we are announcing Lebanon’s victory against terrorism. I dedicate this victory to all Lebanese, who can be proud of their army,” President Michel Aoun said at the presidential palace in Baabda, east of Beirut.

    After Sunday’s deal, IS fighters who had surrendered led Lebanese authorities to human remains believed to belong to Lebanese soldiers kidnapped by IS in 2014.

    The Lebanese army had called the fate of the soldiers a “top concern” in its week-long offensive against IS.

  22. reuters – ‘Gates of Hell’: Iraqi army says fighting near Tal Afar worse than Mosul

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi forces battling to retake the small town of al-’Ayadiya where militants fleeing Tal Afar have entrenched themselves, saying on Tuesday the fighting is “multiple times worse” than the battle for Mosul’s old city.

    Hundreds of battle-hardened fighters were positioned inside most houses and high buildings inside the town, making it difficult for government forces to make any progress, army officers told Reuters.

    Iraqi government troops captured the town of Mosul from Islamic State in July, but only after nine months of grinding urban warfare.

    But one Iraqi officer, Colonel Kareem al-Lami, described breaching the militants’ first line of defense in al-’Ayadiya as like opening “the gates of hell”.

    Iraqi forces have in recent days recaptured almost all of the northwestern city of Tal Afar, long a stronghold of Islamic State. They have been waiting to take al-’Ayadiya, just 11 km (7 miles) northwest of the city, before declaring complete victory.

    Tough resistance from the militants in al-’Ayadiya has forced the Iraqi forces to increase the number of air strikes, as well as bring in reinforcements from the federal police to boost units from the army, air force, Federal Police, the elite U.S.-trained Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) and some units from the Shi’ite Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF).

    Up to 2,000 battle-hardened militants were believed to be defending Tal Afar against around 50,000 government troops last week.

    Military intelligence indicated that many militants fled Tal Afar to mount a staunch defense in al-’Ayadiya. Many motorcycles carrying the Islamic State insignia were seen abandoned at the side of the road outside al-’Ayadiya.

    Though the exact numbers of militants on the ground in al-’Ayadiya was still unclear, al-Lami, the Iraqi Army colonel, estimated they were in their “hundreds.”

    “Daesh (Islamic State) fighters in their hundreds are taking positions inside almost every single house in the town,” he said.

    Sniper shots, mortars, heavy machine guns and anti-armored projectiles were fired from every single house, he added.

    “We thought the battle for Mosul’s Old City was tough, but this one proved to be multiple times worst,” al-Lami said. “We are facing tough fighters who have nothing to lose and are ready to die.”

    Two army officers told Reuters that no significant advances had yet been made in al-’Ayadiya. They said they were waiting for artillery and air strikes to undermine the militants power.

    The extra Federal Police troops that were called in said late on Tuesday that they had controlled 50 percent of the town, deploying snipers on the high buildings and intensified shelling the militants headquarters with rockets, a federal police spokesman said in a statement.

    Tal Afar became the next target of the U.S.-backed war on the jihadist group following the recapture of Mosul, where it had declared its “caliphate” over parts of Iraq and Syria in 2014.

  23. Blacklist America and the White Supremacist Black Church
    The Southern Poverty Law Center’s blacklists must be stopped.
    August 30, 2017
    Daniel Greenfield

    The ATLAH World Missionary Church is located in the heart of Harlem right off Malcolm X Boulevard. Pastor David Manning grew up picking cotton in the segregated South. The African-American church and its pastor have had plenty of critics over the years, but none have accused them of white supremacy.

    Until now.

    Color of Change has rolled out its version of the Southern Poverty Law Center blacklist. The race-baiting group, co-founded by CNN’s Van Jones, put up a petition demanding that credit card companies stop taking “blood money” by “processing funds for over 100 white supremacist hate groups.”

  24. Antifa Demands The U.S. Be Destroyed
    But few high-level Democrats are willing to denounce these terrorists.
    August 30, 2017
    Matthew Vadum

    Video has surfaced showing masked Antifa thugs in Berkeley, California, last weekend calling for the destruction of the United States.

    “No Trump, no wall, no USA at all!” the large gathering of cowardly black bloc-style protesters chanted at a conservative “No to Marxism” rally.

    It is becoming increasingly clear that the Antifa, short for anti-fascists, are the de facto militant arm of today’s Democratic Party, just as the Ku Klux Klan functioned as the murderous terrorist wing of the party many years ago.

    “This is a political militia that is doing the bidding, in effect, of Nancy Pelosi and Governor Jerry Brown and the mayor of Berkeley and all these supposedly mainstream Democratic politicians, and this is a militia hurting American citizens for saying what they think,” Tucker Carlson said on his Fox News Channel show Monday.

  25. Will this Man be Norway’s First Muslim Prime Minister?
    Sharia in sheep’s clothing?
    August 30, 2017
    Bruce Bawer

    Born in Norway to Pakistani parents, Abid Q. Raja studied law, criminology, and psychology at the universities of Oslo, Southampton, and Oxford, and later worked in Norway at several law firms, the Immigration Appeals Board, and the Police Department’s Immigration Office. He was also active in groups with names like the Center against Ethnic Discrimination, the Council for Crime Prevention, and the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Tribunal.

    In 1999, Raja began to appear frequently on Norwegian TV and in the newspaper op-ed pages as a commentator on immigration and integration issue and as a spokesman for the nation’s Muslims. As it happens, that was the same year I moved to Norway, so I’ve followed his entire public career. During those early years, Raja came off as angry and radical. In 2004, while serving as a spokesman for an Oslo mosque called World Islamic Mission, he argued that the Norwegian government should pay to build a school in Pakistan for the children of Pakistani Muslims living in Norway. (Many Muslims in Europe send their kids to schools “back home” to prevent their Westernization.) In 2005, after a Norwegian court found a father and son guilty of forcing a family member to marry, Raja wrote an article for Aftenposten in which he insisted that not all arranged marriages are forced marriages. Some young people, he risibly maintained, “can’t manage to find their own spouse,” while some “don’t want to find their own spouse” and therefore ask their parents to do the job for them. Yeah, right.

  26. Torched car belongs to president of Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec

    The Quebec City mosque where six men were killed in January says the building and its president have been the object of two different hate crimes since the beginning of the month.

    A car belonging to the president of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec was set on fire on Aug. 6. A few days later, excrement was thrown at the doors of the mosque, according to a statement published Wednesday by the mosque on its Facebook page.

    “This hate crime targeting our president is the latest in a long series of hate crimes against our organization,” the mosque’s statement said.

    Mohamed Labidi’s vehicle was parked near his home when it was set on fire around 1:30 a.m. The fire spread from the car to a hedge in front of his home, according to the mosque’s statement. It took firefighters 30 minutes to put out the blaze.

    Quebec City police launched an investigation into the car fire, but no suspects have been arrested. According to the mosque, the police have determined the fire was deliberately set.

    A spokesperson for the police department is expected to comment on the incident Wednesday afternoon.

    A few days before the car fire occurred, it was announced that the centre had purchased land to set up a Muslim cemetery.

    It’s the latest in a string of incidents involving the Muslim community in Quebec City, including a shooting rampage in January that killed six people inside the centre.

    Quebec City mosque says president’s car deliberately set on fire

    QUEBEC – A Quebec City mosque where six men were shot dead in January says a car belonging to its president was set on fire earlier this month.
    The mosque says in a statement the incident occurred on Aug. 6 at about 1:30 a.m. in the driveway of Mohamed Labidi’s home.
    It states the car was a total loss and that the fire also spread to the hedge of the home.

    Quebec City police did not comment but are holding a news conference this afternoon to address the matter.

    The incident occurred just days after Quebec City’s mayor announced the creation of a new Muslim cemetery in the city.
    The mosque has reported hateful incidents before, including in July when it received a package containing a defaced Qur’an and a hateful note.

    • CBC – Car belonging to head of Quebec City mosque torched

      Arson occurred on Aug. 6, just 36 hours after city announced land sale for Muslim cemetery

      A car belonging to the head of the Quebec City mosque where six men were shot to death in January was set on fire in early August.

      Police have yet to arrest anyone in connection with the arson, which happened around 1:30 a.m. on Aug. 6 outside Mohamed Labidi’s home.

      The car was torched about 36 hours after Labidi appeared alongside Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume to celebrate the sale of city-owned land to the Muslim community for the creation of a cemetery.

      Quebec City police spokesperson Étienne Doyon said investigators are treating the torching of the vehicle as a criminal incident, but have yet to confirm the motive.

      “An investigation is underway, and the working theory is that it was a criminal act,” Doyon said.

      He said the major crimes unit is also considering whether the arson amounts to a hate crime.

      In a statement posted to its Facebook page, the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre, which Labidi heads, said excrement was also thrown at the mosque’s front door a few days after the car was torched.

      “These are no longer simple gestures of extremists opposed to immigration. Extremists are now making attempts on our lives, the lives of Quebecer citizens and Canadian Muslims, as well as on our property and our religion,” the statement said.

      The centre has been the target of xenophobic messaging and vandalism in the past.

      Last year, a gift-wrapped pig’s head was left at the doorstep of the mosque, and a defaced Qu’ran and a hateful note were mailed to the mosque in July.

      On Jan. 29, six men were killed and five others injured in a shooting rampage that happened right after evening prayers at the mosque. Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, faces six counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder while using a restricted firearm in the attack.

      ‘A hateful act,’ says Labeaume

      Quebec City’s mayor called the torching of Labidi’s car “a hateful act” that has left him feeling “profoundly disappointed” and shocked.

      Labeaume said such an act is not representative of the city he leads.

      “Quebec is an open city, where everyone has the right to live together in safety and respect,” Labeaume said, adding that the arson went against the values of respect for individual rights and diversity.

      “These are our neighbours, and we love them, and we’ll do everything that is possible and useful to ensure they can live in peace in their city.”

      CBC – ‘Open your eyes’ to far-right threat, Quebec City mayor says

      Ottawa, meanwhile, says it is pushing allies to take right-wing extremism more seriously

  27. Russian ambassador to Sudan reportedly found dead in swimming pool

    he Russian ambassador to Sudan was reportedly found dead in his swimming pool Wednesday, becoming Russia’s fourth envoy to die in the last eight months while overseas.

    The New York Times reported that Mirgayas Shirinsky died at his residence in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital city. The Sudan Foreign Ministry did not provide his cause of death. The paper said he was in his 60s.

  28. Secrecy Shrouds Weekend Arrest in Michigan
    Home > Terrorism > Secrecy Shrouds Weekend Arrest in Michigan
    By Clarion Project Tuesday, August 29, 2017

    In a case shrouded in secrecy, the FBI blocked a Michigan man from flying to the Middle East. Yousef Mohammad Ramadan, 28, was arrested after the bureau’s counterterrorism unit found a weapons arsenal in a storage unit with which he was connected, The Detroit News reported.

    Ramadan, from Ypsilanti, was initially charged with knowingly possessing a firearm with an obliterated serial number, a five-year felony, in an unusual weekend arraignment which took place when the court was closed to the public.

    There is wide speculation that Ramadan, who worked as a security guard, was planning a terror attack or travelling to commit a terror attack. He was stopped with his wife and children from boarding a Royal Jordan Airlines flight to Amman, Jordan.

    The Detroit News notes the prosecutor overseeing the case is Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Tukel, head of the U.S. Attorney’s office’s national security unit, who successfully prosecuted underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. The lead investigator is FBI Special Agent Ryan Schanberger, a member of an elite counterterrorism team which investigated Detroit terror suspect Sebastian Gregerson, who will be sentenced to prison this week.

  29. Just for the LOLZ from the best comedy duo to come out of the UK in years!

    Guide To Being an SJW and Being Blue Pilled – Antifa


  30. Why a British Muslim Is Suing the Southern Poverty Law Center (breitbart, Aug 30, 2017)

    “British Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz is suing the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) after the group denounced him in a report calling him an anti-Muslim extremist.

    Earlier this year, Mr. Nawaz announced that he would be seeking damages from the SPLC along with several Christian groups after being put on a “hate list”. The list, referred to as a “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists” by the SPLC, put Nawaz and several conservative Christian groups along side extremists like the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and members of actual neo-Nazi organisations.

    In a video statement put out on YouTube in July. Nawaz said: “The Southern Poverty Law Center, or SPLC, who made their money suing the KKK, was set up to defend people like me but now have become the monster they have claimed they wanted to defeat.”

    Nawaz was placed on the hate watch list alongside Somalian-Dutch national Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim and anti-Islam activist who lives under constant security protection because of threats to her life from radical Islamic adherents.

    Founder of the Quilliam Foundation, named after 19th-century British convert Abdullah Quilliam, Nawaz has taken many stances against radical Islam. Having been a former radical Islamist himself, spending several years in an Egyptian prison, he became disillusioned with political Islam, leaving radical group Hizb-ut-Tahrir in 2007.

    Since then, Nawaz has called for reform of Islam and is widely seen on the left side of the political spectrum having written for publications like The Guardian, The New York Times, and the Daily Beast. He also hosts a radio show on UK broadcaster LBC every weekend.

    According to the SPLC, Nawaz is an extremist because he allegedly accused non-violent Islamists of sharing the same ideology as violent Islamists. The SPLC claimed this action “demonized Muslims” citing a statement made in the Guardian by “an official with Scotland Yard’s Muslim Contact Unit.”…”

  31. Muslim ‘Mediator’ Defends Gang Rape After Attack: ‘Enjoyed Like Normal Intercourse When Woman Calms’ (breitbart, Aug 30, 2017)

    “A so-called ‘cultural mediator’ at a migrant reception centre in Italy has caused outrage with his comments on rape following attacks on tourists from Poland and Peru in Rimini, Italy.

    Abid Jee wrote that rape was “a worse act, but only at the beginning, when the willy goes in, then the woman becomes calm and you enjoy it like normal intercourse” on Facebook after a Polish couple and a Peruvian transsexual were attacked by four men thought to be North African migrants, according to the Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA) wire service.

    The news agency says Jee’s post “caused a stir despite being quickly removed”, with many calling for him to be sacked…”

  32. Syrian Migrants Arrested After Stealing Car… To Drive to Asylum Application Police Station (breitbart, Aug 30, 2017)

    “A pair of Syrian asylum seekers were arrested during their asylum application in Austria after the man whose car they had stolen turned up to the same police station at the same time as them to report the crime.

    The Syrians are said to have stolen the parked car in the western Austrian town of Bregenz on Saturday afternoon. The crime occurred at around 1:30 pm according to police, who identified the two men later from video footage taken near the scene, Kronen Zeitung reports…”

  33. Brussels: Hundreds of Migrants Establish Another ‘Jungle’ in European Union’s Capital City (breitbart, Aug 30, 2017)

    “Hundreds of illegal migrants hoping to sneak into the United Kingdom have transformed a park in the European Union’s capital into another ‘Jungle’, according to reports.,

    Up to 600 migrants — mostly Africans hailing from Eritrea and Sudan — are camping in Maximilian Park in Brussels, Belgium by night, Le Figaro reports.

    The estimates were compiled by Médecins du Monde (MDM) and the Belgium Kitchen association; NGOs which have been assisting the migrants and providing them with food, despite fears this will lead to the camp growing and becoming more firmly established…”

  34. ITALY – Violent Refugees Attack Bus driver in Parma

    story :

    Parma, la furia degli immigrati. Linciato l’autista dell’autobus

    Aggressione choc a Parma. L’autista riprende gli insulti del gruppo di migranti. Poi l’irruzione sul bus e il pestaggio con calci e pugni

    “Cosa fai, cosa fai? Chiamate la polizia”. La voce dell’autista è rotta dal dolore, sbattuto a terra da un immigrato che lo colpisce con pugni in faccia. A dargli man forte salgono altri due migranti. Lo pestano ripetutamente: uno, due, tre colpi viso.

  35. BREITBART –Duterte Allows Bombing of Mosques for Final Battle Against Islamic State in Marawi

    Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte told reporters Wednesday that, following the liberation of the Grand Mosque of Marawi, the nation’s military could now bomb mosques, madrassas, and other hiding centers to finally eliminate the Islamic State presence in the city.

    Marawi is the Philippines’ only official Islamic city, as over 90 percent of the country identifies as Roman Catholic. The Maute Group and Abu Sayyaf, local Islamic State affiliates, attacked the city in May, taking hostages, killing civilians, and selling many as sex slaves. The Philippine military stated this week that it is organizing a final siege to remove all ISIS terrorists from the city.

    Duterte told the military on Wednesday that “the option is already yours” to bomb any remaining ISIS strongholds “because we cannot have stalemate [sic] for over one year,” according to regional website Rappler.

    “It will generate more hatred, instead of healing, but it’s taking so long, it’s out of my hands already,” he lamented. In announcing the tactical change, Duterte noted that the military had requested the ability to bomb mosque and other sensitive sites in the past, including locations where their intelligence indicated the Islamic State was keeping hostages. “That plan has been on deck for a long time—to bomb mosques to capture or kill the leaders there and in the process sacrifice the hostages,” he explained, “But I have my limits.”

    Duterte added that he had sent negotiators to speak to the Maute terrorists in the hopes of forcing them to release their hostages.

    The president also noted that the military had drafted a plan to bomb the city’s Grand Mosque before they managed to liberate it using infantry.

    “I will admit to you now why the siege has been so long,” Duterte explained in his characteristic mix of English and Filipino, noting that the plan existed to “sacrifice the hostages, who are all Filipinos, maybe Maranaos and mingling of Christians, Tagalog.” He refused because “it will just create more animosity and outright hostility towards the government.”

    Gen. Eduardo Año, chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, confirmed the Grand Mosque’s liberation on Tuesday. “Deliberately we are taking their strongholds, especially the Grand Islamic Mosque. We are happy to say that we were able to preserve it and we didn’t bomb it,” he said. “We didn’t let soldiers go inside. In fact, services are now being conducted there. Our Muslim soldiers and policemen are able to offer prayers at the mosque.”

    Año told reporters that, as the 100th day of the battle for Marawi approaches, the military has planned “one big battle” to take back the remaining corner of the city in Islamic State hands. He estimated that 40 ISIS terrorists remain in Marawi. Año told reporters he believes key ISIS leaders, like the Maute brothers that lend that group its name or Abu Sayyaf chief Isnilon Hapilon, remain in Marawi.

    Duterte made another personal visit to Marawi following the liberation of the Grand Mosque. “I am here once again to show—not just say—my unity with you,” he said to the soldiers fighting there. “That much as you all are willing to die for your country with unquestioning resolve to follow the orders to ‘Charge!’ coming from your commander-in-chief, I am and I can be in the same muddy ground that you now stand; drenched like you under the same rain and somehow smell like you in this battleground.”

    A security official told the Philippine Inquirer that Duterte made the decision to visit at laste-minute and “it was really a security risk but the President threw all caution away and went ahead with his visit that made him see the real score on the ground.”

    The leaders of the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia may meet to discuss international terrorism, President Rodrigo Duterte said Wednesday, as Filipino troops plan their final assault against Islamic State-styled militants in Marawi City.

    Fearing the spread of experienced jihadists fleeing Marawi to other parts of south Asia, Duterte also announced this week that he would meet Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Malaysian President Najib Razak for talks on how to curb the spread of radical Islamic terrorism.
    Rehabilitating Marawi will also be a formidable task, as ISIS terrorists have destroyed many churches and burned down the city’s cathedral. Air strikes have also decimated many of its residential communities.

  36. Majority of Germans oppose refugees reuniting with their families, survey finds (thelocal, Aug 30, 2017)

    “A survey commissioned by Bild newspaper published on Tuesday reveals that the majority of Germans reject the idea of refugees legally reuniting with their families in Germany.

    Over 58 percent of interviewees rejected the notion of refugee family reunification whereas around 42 percent supported it, the survey showed.

    People granted full asylum have a right to reunite with their close family as stipulated by the Geneva Convention. According to the Bild report, there has been an increase in the number of family reunion visas Germany has issued in recent years. From January 2015 to the end of June 2017, around 230,000 requests for this visa were granted.

    Nonetheless, many asylum seekers in Germany are only granted subsidiary protection, a secondary form of asylum which offers fewer rights. Even Syrians are by and large only offered subsidiary protection, unless they can show that they as an individual face persecution in their homeland.

    In March 2016 the German government decided to delay decisions on family reunification for people offered subsidiary protection until March 2018.

    In a recent discussion Merkel had at the federal press centre in Berlin, Merkel said she would only make firm decisions about family reunification for particular groups of refugees in 2018 if she is re-elected as Chancellor, according to die Welt.

    Another finding in the survey revealed that significantly more women (62.1 percent) than men (54.5 percent), more east Germans (66.8 per cent) than west Germans (56.5 percent) and more middle-aged respondents (69.2 per cent) than youthful respondents (49.1 per cent) rejected family reunion amongst refugees.

    There were significant differences according to the political parties the interviewees aligned themselves with too.

    Alternative for Germany (AfD) supporters (95.8 per cent) and Free Democratic Party (FDP) supporters (66.8 per cent) reject reunification among refugee families much more strongly than supporters of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Conservative CDU party and Bavarian sister party CSU (54.3 per cent).

    The Left Party (Die Linke) and the Social Democrats (SPD) hover around the middle at 52.2 percent and 42.7 percent, respectively.

    With weeks to go until the September 24th general election, the issue of migration could be a decisive factor for Merkel as she seeks a fourth term.

    Merkel’s popularity plunged after the arrival of nearly 900,000 asylum seekers from the world’s crisis zones last year, but has recovered of late.”

  37. ‘Youth gangs openly sell drugs, carry guns in Swedish no-go zones’ – local shopkeeper to RT (RT, Aug 31, 2017)

    “Swedish police have recently expanded their list of so-called “vulnerable areas,” where crime and extremism run rampant. RT talked to locals and observers about the problems in these troubled areas, widely known as “no-go zones.”

    Sixty-one neighborhoods throughout the country were identified in the latest Swedish police report as vulnerable areas, with 23 being categorized as particularly vulnerable, up from 15 last year. These hotspots are “characterized by a low socio-economic status where criminals have an impact on the local community,” according to the police definition.

    An estimated 5,000 criminals are operating in these areas, making up around 200 criminal networks in total, according to the report. Witnesses are sometimes afraid to talk to police, and the presence of criminal gangs and the high levels of poverty and marginalization makes it harder for officers to do their job.

    “If you run a company in this area, insurance companies do not want to insure you,” Salam Kurda, a local Kurdish shopkeeper and chairman of the corporate association in Husby, Stockholm, told RT. “One of the basic requirements for being a successful entrepreneur is safety, but the risk is quite big today.”

    “If your life is at risk, money does not help,” he added. “There has been quite a lot of shooting, very brutal mistreatment of our entrepreneurs, a lot of robbery, so the entrepreneurs have decided to change jobs or move to another area.”

    “These people have not been taken care of by society. Society needs to keep the youth busy, make it difficult for them to end up in trouble. They are being used by adults. They sell drugs openly. They carry weapons,” Kurda said…”

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