Finland: Police selectively enforce who can film based on leftist politics

Regular readers of this site may remember an interview with Finnish city councilman, Junes Lokka. Yesterday he was arrested for filming an ANTIFA counter-demo against citizens for freedom of speech, while standing next to many other people also filming the same event. His girlfriend’s video and explanation is below:

The original interview with Junes Lokka from April 30, 2017 is below:


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6 Replies to “Finland: Police selectively enforce who can film based on leftist politics”

  1. Even for a less bright, it should be very suspicious how identical is the police/government behavior worldwide when it comes to Antifa. In the US, Canada, Germany, Finland and all the other places, Antifa is handled with an extremely fluffy gloves, while anybody on the other side (conservatives, journalists or just a simple bystanders) is treated with extreme prejudice… Hmmmm…

  2. Life is not fair, and it it far less fair once the Rule of Law ceases to exist for real expressors of freedom. I can compare my country to Finland and, to be honest, the tyranny of the politicized police isn’t far off. In Ottawa last week the police chief was forced by gay political pressure to renege on his vow to place uniformed officers into the Pride parade. Pride organizers simply said no and he gave in. Just like that. No conviction. No grasp of the larger picture. No guts.

  3. I made a meme about Google/YouTube “semi-censorship” after observing the above.
    This is how Google and YouTube “semi-censor” their content. They use armies of left-wing net-nannies who keep a close eye on uppity conservative websites, then flood Google and YouTube with “inappropriate content” reports. Google and YouTube then gladly hide the conservative content in the no-sharing Goolag where it’s almost impossible to find.

  4. Get a load of Youtube’s new Nazi interface for videos with which it disagrees. Time to make youtube a public utility, or stop using it altogether.

    Abandon Youtube.

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