Venezuela moves to the next fully predictable stage of totalitarianism

Venezuela: Opposition leaders dragged from homes in early morning raids.

Venezuelan opposition leaders Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma were taken from their homes by intelligence agents in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in the wake of the controversial assembly vote that Nicolas Maduro said would open “a new phase of combat” in the country’s revolution.


Videos distributed by the leaders’ families showed them being dragged out of their houses and bundled into cars belonging to the notorious intelligence unit Sebin. The opposition denounced the detentions as “kidnappings”, and said the whereabouts of the two men was currently unknown.

Here is that interview I did a couple of years ago with a Venezuelan expat. Many of you have seen it already and of course, its dated. But ill put the link here because the course of events he describes leading to where things where from when he describes the process up to that point, inevitably leads to where it is now. The next stage of course is mass slaughter of the people, gulags, if they don’t already exist, reeducation camps beyond the courses that are already mandatory in Canada for PC etc.

There appears to be footage of the arrests on the site linked above but I cannot get it to play. Once I can, I will try and add it here.

Please pay attention to these events and make others aware of it.


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8 Replies to “Venezuela moves to the next fully predictable stage of totalitarianism”

  1. The next stage for Venezuela is mass slaughter and a gulang, for the rest of us it is refugees with horror stories and spies hidden in their midst. Some of the refugees will make it to the US and Canada but most will remain in South America.

  2. Very dumb move. May God give these men the fortitude to withstand the atrocities they will endure.
    As to Maduro and friends, they should know it would be smarter to leave now because they will end up leaving anyway in the very near future.
    This is up to the army to solve (see Egypt).

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