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6 Replies to “Expat Persian speaks to the horror that is Germany today”

  1. All of the questions she ask need to be answered but Merkel and her henchmen won’t bother because they know they hold the power of the sword and the ordinary people can do nothing but try to find another nation to run too.

  2. Very moving. Frau Merkel, “Mutti” to her beloved rapefugees, is destroying a beautiful and vibrant nation. The cancer of radical islam, with the attendant rape, violence, terrorism and death, will creep out from Germany and France to imperil all of Europe as there are no effective border controls. It is probably too late for France, as the islamization has progressed too far, but Germany could still be saved if their government will come to its senses. German voters must get rid of Mutti and replace her with a German patriot. She has been in power for too long, and her policies regarding islamic mass immigration over the past few years show her to be completely out of touch with the reality that middle class Germans face day to day.

  3. uuuhhhhhh dear…they really don’t care what you think or fear. after all, they aren’t going to have to face the consequences of what they’ve done…now are they?

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