Over 30 charges laid against POLICE in Hamburg from G20 riots

There are currently more than 30 charges against police officers for “battery” of anti-G20-protesters in Hamburg. The mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, has been defending the police in public, as seen in the video below – while at the same time, he is a member of the very same far-left attorney organization that presses charges against the officers.

We have reported last week how the far-left attorney organization “Anwaltsverein (RAV)” is providing free legal services for arrested black block members – and that mayor Olaf Scholz is a member of that organization.

While Scholz stands behind Hamburg’s police in public, the Anwaltsverein have today issued the press release below, accusing police of violating human rights and police brutality.
The discrepancy of this is completely ignored in the German press.

An original translation by Egri Nok with much thanks!

From the German Website of RAV/Republikanischer Anwaltsverein:

Survey of the G20 Protests: Enemy Stereotype Protester (1)

Category: OSZE / G20
Press Release Nr. 3 from July 14. 2017

During the G20 protests of last week, state authorities have systematically violated basic human rights and suspended constitutional principles. A first survey after a few days reveals the broad contempt for citizens’ rights and at the same time the prevalence of represssive police acting.
An unreserved and minute clarification is called for. We note that:

– The police have from the beginning on, substantially restricted and hindered the legitimate protests against the G20 Summit – within legal boundaries, and crossing them: Far-reaching ban of demonstrations within the city, the prevention of overnight camps, massive harassment of protesters during arrival and departure, violent dissolution of the event “Welcome to Hell” under obvious contempt for the principle of proportionality.

– Within the scope of that, police have disregarded court decisions and therefore have de-facto reversed the division of powers. We have to call this an extensive gaining of independence of the executive.

– Attorneys were hindered during their work in and outside of the pre-charge detention center. Often, they were not let through to assistance-seekers, even physically attacked. At the same time, the attorneys were equalled with the “Enemy Stereotype Protester” and attorneys were accused of promoting felonies. Such a general suspicion against the advocacy is unacceptable.

– The work of journalists, which too serves the control of the executive, was massively hindered. Several dozens of journalists lost their accreditation fot the Summit based on intelligence informatin, the source of which still remains unclarified. There is the suspicion that inconvenient journalists were meant to be excluded from reporting. Parallel, during the protests, countless repoerters were pressured, even attacked, by police, as depictions of victims and pictures prove.

– During the police action against the G20 protests, a multitude of illicit, and therefore culpable, abuses by police officers of protesters, journalists and other citizens. We have obtained depictions and picture material by victims of this, too. They prove the action of an executive who obviously deemed themselves in a legal blackhole, which led to an almost unimaginable scale of illicit police brutality.

– During the protests, police have justified their actions by partially unsubstantiated narratives and by danger prognoses, which, in hindsight, often turned out to be wrong. In most of these cases, a correction by the police is still pending.

At the same time, it is unbearable, how politics and police in hindsight deal with what has happened. Instead of an open, self-critical reworking of the from the grounds up authritarian-repressive proceedings against the protests, and the excesses of violence of some police units, there is a reflex-like defense, even glorification, of police work.

The complete absence of a culture of mistakes does not only embolden police officers in their illicit and culpable proceeding. There is now a de-facto ban on criticizing the police, which, as the executive holds the monopoly on force, and this suspends one of the basic foundations of the rule of law: those who have got special warrants for the use of force, must be permanently and intensely controlled by society and the other powers. All else is the path towards the authoritarian state.

»Politics fuels a picture of society which puts whole groups of persons outside the rule of law, and therefore denies that basic rights are for all. We call this Enemy Penal Law«, announces Franziska Nedelmann, attorney and vice-chair of the RAV.

We demand an uncompromising clarification of the authoritarian-repressive actions that massively restricted the anti G20 protests. And we likewise demand the clarification of the countless attacks of the police on protesters, journalists and citizens.

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11 Replies to “Over 30 charges laid against POLICE in Hamburg from G20 riots”

    • The Ferguson Effect, most will do only what they have to do to keep their jobs, the rest are either members of the Black Block or are ones that will go rogue.

  1. While I cannot claim to have followed the Hamburg festivities with an eagle eye, these charges against the police simply reek of, “The Big Lie”.

    This fairy tale will be told often enough to where it will become an accepted truth.

    Where are all of the dead protestors that such vicious rioting should have resulted in? Lobbing cobblestones and other debris at the cops from the rooftops is one sure way to summon a few snipers. Nothing of the sort happened. In fact, there was so little direct, police-initiated interaction with the mobs that all of this came across as the usual flaccid EU law enforcement charade.

    Just my 2¢.

    • You are right there, one of the things the left has to do to destroy a nations is destroy the faith in the police and the military. Once this is done you are facing mobs of civilians and not trained personal.

    • Hopefully some of the locals barricaded in their houses, hoping the mobs don’t kill them whilst their cars were torched will see through the propaganda of the MSM… hopefully.

      • The rioters from the roof top are all walking free, by the way, thanks to the legal help they received.

        My point was that the police were fully entitled to call in professional snipers (either SWAT or paramilitary) to pick off those on the rooftops who were hurling debris down onto the police. From that sort of height, we’re talking attempted murder!

        Nothing of the sort happened and, as you noted, those who were arrested typically experienced brief detention before bring released (most likely OOR – On Own Recognizance). Most of the other long-term detainees had immediate legal representation. It would be gratifying to see Andreas Beuth get investigated. Sadly, he has Hamburg mayor, Olaf Scholz, in his pocket so that is a non-starter.

        Finally, thank you so much, Egri Nök, for all of the fantastic work that you do to maximize American awareness about circumstances in Europe.

        • Aww thank you! But I want to return it: thank you for caring for what is going on in Europe. Knowing that it does not go unnoticed, because people like you care, makes a difference 🙂

  2. The police – Europe-wide – should retaliate. Perhaps they could just say that, when Leftist governments allow Leftist riots, that they will not turn out. That co-operation with those who co-operate with criminals is at an end.

  3. Switzerland: Rally held in solidarity with G20 protesters detained in Hamburg

    Protesters marched in solidarity with the detainees of the G20 protests in Bern, on Saturday. Banners mocked the heavy-handed tactics of the German police questioning the use of pepper spray during the G20 protests in Hamburg last week.

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