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8 Replies to “Jordan Peterson on the morals of the contemporary left”

    • Nothing “bizarre”. The orginal report was wrong, fake news. Soros’ minions painted swaztikas all over the posters, sort of ‘false-flag’ farrr-rrright-wing.

      Soros is Israel’s enemy and Orban’s. Who’d make up such nonsense, twist and hype it as credible?

      Leftists in both countries are paid to defame two rare, genuine democracies. It just so happens these enemies had Jewish mothers.

      They’re worse than Kapos because they can’t even claim to be acting under duress. Why is Soros forever identified as a Jew? Makes it easy to hate Jews, doesn’t it?

      • Exactly. Why keep repeating it. As Orban recently said it is just their lousy luck the guy is Hungarian…and Israel’s lousy luck too for that matter. This wicked, brilliant man will forever stain the image of both Hungarians and Jews. Of course, the Jews will get the shittier end of that very shitty stick.

  1. “Lecture 29: The Appetite of Tyranny”
    by Dale Ahlquist

    But there is an ironic epilogue to Chesterton’s war propaganda. Although Germany was defeated in two world wars in the last century, the German professors prevailed and are basically still in power. Nietzsche is still alive, and God is still dead on most college campuses. Chesterton might say that we won the wars but lost the peace.

  2. As I usually do, I launched into youtube after the lecture.
    This is insanity writ large and coming to you. Or, in the case of Canada, it is already there…
    As far as the Jewish question is concerned, we just have to fight back. I understand we are outnumbered but, IMO, this is one of the greatest battlefronts of our time.
    FIGHT BACK (and I’m an Irish American Catholic!)

  3. Transcript of EoP correspondence to Jordan Peterson & Elementary Teachers Foundation of Ontario; cc: CRRF, CA Heritage, Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada, Students in Support of Free Speech, Queens University Law Faculty, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Our Childrens Trust; RE: EoP Re: ETFO & Jordan Peterson: Education vs Indoctrination Info for High School Students; is available at: http://eop-v-wip.tygae.org.za/2017/07/13-jul-jordan-peterson/

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