G20 riots: An all-round carefree package for the Black Block

The Black Block in Hamburg had their own paramedics, and a network of attorneys working for them during the riots; Mayor of Hamburg a member of that network.

Vlad posted a video of Andreas Beuth, speaker, and attorney, of the Black Block Hamburg earlier, where Beuth says he has sympathies for looting and rioting, but not in Antifa’s own neighborhood, the Schanze, please:

Beuth is a criminal attorney, legal representative of the Rote Flora, and functioned as the speaker of the Black Block at the G20 protests.
He has been defending accused against the city of Hamburg in high-profile cases since the 90s, for example, antifa members who were accused of attempted murder (Plattenlegerprozess), Somali pirates who had hijacked a freight ship under German flag and therefore had come into German custody (Piratenprozess), and militant “refugees” (Lampedusa case), to name a few.

Poster for Lampedusa pro refugee protest

The Rote Flora, of which Beuth is the legal representative, opened in 1888 as „Theater Flora“, and has been a squat ever since 1989. The senate of Hamburg could just never bring themselves to evict it.
Officially a „cultural centre“, it is a hub of Antifa and „Autonomen“ (Black Block), and the scene of increasingly brutal clashes with the police on a regular basis.

The Rote Flora is situated in the Sternschanze quarter, short Schanze or Schanzenviertel. Many locals – not just Antifa – fondly call the Rote Flora “the heart of the Schanze”.

The Schanze was the scene of the most severe clashes with police during the anti G20 riots on Friday night. „Protesters“ had positioned themselves on roofs of buildings, and were throwing stones and molotov cocktails down on the police, as filmed here from a police helicopter with an infrared camera:

The riots at Schanze Friday night, seen from a roof top, on the right the Rote Flora with the Slogan “NO G20”

This was when the police had to retreat, which left residents defenseless against lootings and arsons for about an hour or two, until the special forces were able to move in at 11:30 PM and take back the Schanze, house after house, street after street.

Just a bit further down the street from the Rote Flora, there is the attorney’s office Schulterblatt 36.
Schulterblatt 36 are the legal representatives of the anti G20 protest “Welcome to Hell” on Thursday, the event where the escalation of violence began.
Watch the rain of bottles and stones going down on the police, while the protesters’ loudspeaker van is announcing that the police are„out of control“ and „attacking“ a peaceful legitimate protest:

Should you find yourself getting arrested for attacking an officer, no worries, there is a helpline to call, the “Anwaltliche Nothilfe (“Legal Emergency Aid”).

This “Legal Emergency Aid was specifically founded for G20 protesters, by the “Anwaltsverein, a far left attorney’s organization, and the “Rote Hilfe” (“Red Help, a far-left prisoner support group). The website of the “Legal Emergency Aid is multilingual and in English, as protesters were expected from all across Europe, and they describe their work at the G20 as follows:

“Lawyers from the Legal Team will be present at demonstrations and other protest actions to support participants in realizing and protecting their basic rights and, if necessary, to represent them vis-à-vis the police.

One central task of the Legal Team of Lawyers will be the representation of persons detained in the context of the protests against the summit in Hamburg. To fulfill this task, the Legal Team will be present at demonstrations and protest actions, but also in the detention centers (Gefangenensammelstellen, GeSa) in order to advise those detained and to represent them, above all in court hearings concerning their detention.”


But the service does not end with legal aid. According to a firefighters spokesman, the protesters had their own paramedics at the protests, and were treated in a base hospital in the Rote Flora if necessary.

The idea behind this is obviously that when you are injured in a violent confrontation with police, you do not want to show up in a hospital, where you will be identified.

The “Anwaltsverein”, who is behind the Emergency Aid, describe themselves as a civil rights organization. Note how bland their website is, although a closer look reveals how it is solely specializing in defending political extremists and criminals, and how they choose unsuspicious names for their endeavors like “Anwaltsverein”, (“Society of Lawyers”), “Anwaltliche Nothilfe” (“Legal Emergency Aid), and even the almost governmental-sounding “Ermittlungsausschuss” (“Investigative Committee”).

But they have just been declared „dangerous“ by the Police of Hamburg (Hamburger Abendblatt, 07.07.17)

It will hardly surprise anyone familiar with circumstances in Hamburg that a daily newspaper like the respectable Hamburger Abendblatt employs a member of “Anwaltsverein” as a contributing writer, and gives the “Legal Emergency Aid” a video platform to attack the police.

And it won’t surprise you either then that that the mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz (SPD, Social Democrats), is a member of the “Anwaltsverein”, too.

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  1. Wouldn’t be just terrible if that “Theater Flora“ squat burnt to the ground? This is the sort of stuff that keeps me awake at night.

  2. I wouldn’t go into that battle without a lot of artillery support and preferably Apache helicopters and Spooky flying around laying down supporting fire.

  3. I’m convinced Trump won for a reason, so leftists can become unhinged with a reason to do so. If Hill was in, we’d be slow walking the death of the country.
    G20 was another excuse to destroy.

  4. BREITBART -G20 – 500 Police Injured In Protests CNN Called ‘Eclectic’

    A total 476 police officers were injured during the G20 riots in Hamburg last week and now political leaders across Germany have vowed to take better steps to identify and combat left wing terrorism.

    The riots in Hamburg, which lasted for several days, saw the city lit on fire and police officers from all over Germany injured by far-left extremists. The riot led to large-scale condemnation from many political leaders and calls for the Social Democrat (SPD) Mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz to resign, Der Spiegel reports.

    The leader of the SPD and former European Parliament President Martin Schulz said the rioters’ actions displayed “the characteristics of terrorism”. CNN called the protests “eclectic” and “international”.

    […]Shortly before the riots, police had warned they expected left-extremists to come to Hamburg from all across Europe.


    CNN – Hamburg: How the city coped with the G20

  5. BREITBART – German Police Chief on G20 Protests: ‘I have Never Experienced Such Violence’

    German Special Police Forces (SEK) Saxony chief Sven Mewes described the harrowing police experience at the Hamburg G20 summit last week saying he had never seen such a level of violence directed toward police officers.

    The SEK head said that the protesters intended to do as much harm as possible to the police in general and although his initial mission was to be on standby for potential terror attacks his unit had to be called in to help with the escalating violence. Mewes said that the violence he witnessed from the protestors, was “unbelievable” German broadcaster N24 reports.

    Describing the events of the days and nights of “Welcome to Hell” protest which involved thousands of far-left extremists Mewes said, “from what I’ve seen, this was no longer a demonstration. This was much more advanced. I have been a police officer for over 30 years, I have never experienced such violence.”

    Mewes justified the deployment of the special anti-terror squad saying, “that is why, for us, this was not a tactic against protesters, but against both criminals, and potential criminals who have tried to harm both police officers and the population in both life and limb – possibly even in a life-threatening manner.”

    “The main task of special units is the rescue of endangered human life. And that is exactly what we did at the moment.”

    The SEK groups, who worked with their Austrian equivalent CORBA, were tasked with reclaiming rooftops occupied by left-wing extremists who were throwing bricks and other objects at riot police.

    The extremists on the roofs offered no resistance to the SEK teams according to Mewes. “Altogether we searched six or seven houses. There were, according to my remarks, 13 arrests,” he said.

    The SEK chief also described many onlookers who were taping the violence on their mobile phones and said some of them even cheered on and encouraged further violence against the police. “This was a totally bizarre situation, absolutely unbelievable,” he said.

    Almost 500 police officers were injured during the G20 riots, some with severe injuries like a fractured skull. The area in which the protests occurred also saw a massive wave of property damage where many cars were set on fire including various police vehicles and many shops were looted.

    Before the riots, many shops are said to have paid protection money to extremist groups avoid damage and looting. Many shops paid 20 euros or more for a poster which signalled support for the extremists in return for protection.


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