Germany G20 lost control to the fascists/Communists

Hamburg has officially lost control now. Berlin is sending half their Police Forces to Hamburg, which leaves Berlin vulnerable.
Joachim Nikolaus Steinhöfel comments:

Berlin sends their “Hundertschaften” to Hamburg. Berlin police is now hastily sending the 12., 14. and 35. Hundertschaft to Hamburg. This leaves Berlin half bled-out of their forces. A high police commander tells Welt: „We can only hope that the rumors will vanish into thin air, according to which international left extremists plan to attack the capital parallel. There have been hints at this for quite some time now.”

9:00 ET:

Link to German news site:  “Have underestimated the Situation”

Passengers trapped inside a bus:


07.07. 9:30 CET

These following two videos show Antifa/Black Block in Große Bergstraße (district Altona of Hamburg):

Inside the attacked Ikea store:

7:39 AM CET Hamburg Elbchaussee/Rainvilleterrasse.

6h PM CET Hamburg Baumwall: “protesters” throw packages of flour on police horses. Police initially in this tweet thought it was pyrotechniques but then in a following tweet issued a correction that it was “only” flour and liquids.

Hamburg Landungsbrücken:

As of 7:15 PM CET, one policeman reported with a fractured skull. His helmet had been smashed with a metal bar (Die Welt). So far, a total of 160 injured officers reported  (Police Hamburg on Twitter). Water guns are used at this moment at Landungsbrücken, where around 6000 “protesters” are reported (Die Welt) in a streetfight with police, trying to break through to the Elbphilharmonie venue, where the G20 is taking place.

7PM CET – small police unit taking shelter in a backyard in St. Pauli. The gate is violently smashed in, items thrown at them, one “protestor” can be heard screaming “I am going to kill you”.

8:30 PM CET – a policeman under attack had to fire a warning shot (Police Hamburg on Twitter).

9:15 PM CET – number of injured police officers updated to 196 (Police Hamburg on Twitter)

exact time unknown – business owners in what looks like Sternschanze district barricade their shops from incoming “protesters”.

Allegedly, the residents of Sternschanze demand that the “protesters” stop the violence and take off their masks and show their faces. (Police Hamburg on Twitter)
Riots in Sternschanze district:

10:30 PM CET: police is reporting lootings from Hamburg Sternschanze. Rioters are looting drugstores and supermarkets (MDR aktuell).

earlier this evening, fire and heavy smoke development at Neuer Pferdemarkt:

11:15h PM CET, Schanzenviertel: fires, lootings. The reporter from Hamburger Abendblatt says firemen and police have completely backed down.

Fires and Looting at Schulterblatt:

Masked “protesters” looting a grocery store at Sternschanze:

A selection of clips from earlier this afternoon:
water cannons

“Protesters” chanting  “Sod Off” to the police

spoilt brat protesters block a diplomat car, are besides themselves when driver runs over their bike to escape:

spoilt brats with cowbells trying to block police car


Masked “protesters” collecting stones to attack police

11h PM CET thousands of rioters have barricaded in the Schanzenviertel district

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