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5 Replies to “Another segment from the German documentary on antisemitism”

  1. If the Europeans recognize the growing Jew Hate they will have to recognize the group that is the cause of the growing Jew Hate. Living in countries governed by harsh Marxist governments that are growing harsher and more oppressive daily this is a good way to end up in a pen with a large number of Moslems wanting to make your acquaintance.

  2. While economics may not be the bag of the gang here, I gotta post this. Antal Fekete is a voice in the wilderness trying to shout out the Keynesian/Leftist pact that is modern economics. I see Keynes as the grandfather of the Left because he is the genius who decided that debt is money. Deficit financing and irresponsible fractional reserve banking is the sugar daddy of the shit storm we are in. Without debt the Left could not exist. Period. It is a mere roll of the dice whether you’re hit by tards or currency crisis first. Buy physical gold or silver. The top is his latest.


    • I agree, what I can’t figure out is why the worlds economy hasn’t crashed before this, it has been ripe for another crash since either 09 or 10.

  3. Absolutely huge: Soros has training camps to train activists who will overthrow the government,

    Informator (2017-06-16) – Echo Tv
    Echo Television

    Ajoutée le 16 juin 2017

    Echo TV was played by Tímea Szabó, Co-Chairman of the Dialogue for Hungary, when Informor György Soros inquired about training camps for civilians and activists. But for the autumn anti-government actions, the preparation for the Soros mode is already in full swing. Tímea Szabó did not answer any of our staff. The Informant finds that the Foundation for Renewable Hungary, created by Gergely Christmas, has also organized a government camp training camp where activists have been preparing for the autumn actions. Echo Tv was re-cleared during rotation.

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