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5 Replies to “Amazing footage taken during the most recent London islamic terror attack”

  1. The brave police officers
    The cowardly politicians
    Receiving all-you-need-is-love offers
    To rule by class divisions.

    • May I?

      Brave police officers,
      Cowardly politicians.
      Rule by class divisions.
      I can’t compose, but I’ve got rhythm.
      OT/ I also have a parrot’s brain: what I hear, I repeat. Even nonsense sounds. A blessing and a curse.
      • I’m a champion bird-caller.
      • After a video clip of Shitte flagellants, I’m going “Haidar! Haidar!” till frightened neighbors make me stop.

      • It was weak translation Yucki. The author was beaten in prison.

        Die mutigen Polizisten
        Die Feigen Politiker
        Empfangen All-you-Notwendigkeit-is-Love bietet
        Durch Trennflächen auszuschließen

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