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  1. “Are the Human Rights of terrorists…”

    Your Socialist is a terrorist.
    Your Sexsquirrel is a terrorist.
    Your Muslim is a terrorist.

    All these who run from G_d and into the hands of their tyrants of validation and compulsion.

    They built the Human Rights Walls to separate themselves from accountability. To Preference themselves.

    This is our war of independence.

    • Of course, the Voice of G_d is within you; the counterpoint to the chattering female-imprint; a brain you’ve had all your life but never used.

      If you want to find it, be still and know.


      Roy Master’s is someone who talks the language of the left brain hemisphere, (that however, if over-relied upon, makes itself into a religion, and l just become another self-hypnosis like buddhists behind the walls of a temple. Mono-brained).

      Learn that language of the left-brain, you father’s voice, and not make it your master but guide, and then your one becomes two. Releasing what you had rejected of Self, the I Am, and suspended into atrophy through submission, fear or resentment, before tyrannical gynocentric masters.

      To resurrect yourself may mean to make many dead ghosts get up and walk.

      It gets no deeper than this than I send you to John the Baptist to face the truth that sets you free.


    • You have a child. Your responsibility.

      “As The Mail on Sunday first reported last summer, there was nothing in Jack’s upbringing which points to the drama and anguish of the past three years. John Letts, 56, is an organic farmer who grows ancient wheat strains in Buckinghamshire. Sally, 55, is a book editor.

      The family lives in Grandpont, a prosperous Oxford suburb bordered by Thames-side meadows, which is said to have Britain’s highest concentration of residents with PhDs. A bright, extrovert child who often starred in school plays, Jack did well in his GCSEs.”

      At first, Islam – to which he converted aged 16, after attending a Muslim prayer group – appeared to offer him new purpose.

      Afterwards, his mental health deteriorated. He was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, did poorly in some of his AS levels, left school to enrol at a local college, but then dropped out.

      “He learnt Arabic, and, according to John, strove to become ‘a perfect Muslim’. Encouraged by his progress, his parents supported him when he went on holiday to Jordan to stay with a Muslim friend from Oxford in May 2014, and then again when he told them he had decided to prolong his trip by studying Arabic in Kuwait.

      But on September 2 of that year, he called on a crackly phone line to tell Sally he was in Syria. It would soon become clear that by this, he meant ISIS territory. At the time, he said nothing about how he got there.”

      No child of mine joins an organized Religion. Period.

      Mr and Mrs John-Letts-Sally. More Socialism anyone?

      • Majority undergo profound negative personality changes after they convert. This says a lot about the ideology: A danger to humanity.

        • It says a lot about those who buy in to the Death Cult.
          If they’re low-IQ or illiterate, they may be conned easily. If they’re in prison, they may be compelled. Torture explains brainwashing of all sorts.

          Otherwise, what kind of person chooses to convert after reading that filthy Koran?
          Are they also BLIND to how women, children, minorities, and DOGS are treated by their taqiyya-spouting homies?

          • When there is no father in the house there is only the mother’s imprint passed to the child, therefore, when the mandatory Religious Education curriculum teaches Allah is a kind and they reference the “sanctity of life (Surah 3:145);” the intelligent child will be drawn to it

            “And it is not [possible] for one to die except by permission of Allah at a decree determined. And whoever desires the reward of this world – We will give him thereof; and whoever desires the reward of the Hereafter – We will give him thereof. And we will reward the grateful.”

            If the Socialists say Islam is equal, and the Muslims say they are better, and his father has no voice, why shouldn’t every child revert to escape their unsane homes?

          • The people who think they should be allowed to make their living by preying on other people who work for a living. The people who were never taught how to be civilized beings, all children start out as uncivilized barbarians who have to be taught civilization. The Koran traps people into the barbaric culture of the commerce raiding culture of the 7th Century.

  2. I have heard several Brits warning the politicians that the British people are on the verge of exploding, from the anger Tommy showed that explosion is only one or two terror attacks away.

  3. Repost: War of Ideas – Prof. Brad Birzner
    Beginning with Adam Smith @ 44:57…
    @ 49:15 – Hessians…
    @ 49:48 – Edmund Burk…
    @ 52:23….War of Ideas…
    Ideas about Liberty – 3 “P”s – Pubs, Pulpits & Pamplets
    Micah 4:4 – Every man shall sit under his own fig tree and tend his own vine and be unafraid.

    • I think that’s good advice from your cousins, the Sons of Liberty? Don’t you? First fill up the pulpits wearing your Sunday best. Try it, you make like it. You want to save your culture? Don’t you?

      Next – From the pulpit to the pub – pamphlets. Give the followers of Islam, Merkle’s Hessians, a choice. They can either embrace their adopted country with all of its laws and traditions; or they, the moderates (Pilgrims) and the extremist (Puritans) can return to the place of Mohammad.

      Who knows by your UK example, other European countries may follow suit.

      In this article by Bill Federer:

      At the time of America’s independence, most European countries had some kind of “established church“:
      -England had established the Anglican Church;
      -Sweden had established the Lutheran Church;
      -Scotland had established the Church of Scotland;
      -Holland had established the Dutch Reformed Church;
      -Russia had established the Russian Orthodox Church;
      -Serbia had established the Serbian Orthodox Church;
      -Romania had established the Romanian Orthodox Church;
      -Greece had established the Greek Orthodox Church;
      -Bulgaria had established the Bulgarian Orthodox Church;
      -Finland had established the Finnish Orthodox Church;
      -Ethiopia had established the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church;
      -Switzerland had established Calvin’s Ecclesiastical Ordinances; and
      -Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Austria, Mexico, Costa Rica, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Vatican City had established the Roman Catholic Church.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83R_1GHjXj4

    This is dangerous on two fronts. If you censor islamic propaganda then you don’t know what they are talking about. The second front is obviously that we won’t be able to confront them thru networking because we will also be censored.

    I recognise that the threat to ordinary people has increased. They can no longer go out for dinner or a pint without wondering if they will get mowed down or stabbed.
    What I find interesting is how the average European, or North American refuses to understand how this has changed their lives…

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