Video of police busting party for unapproved song on Youtube playlist

This is also rumoured to be the song that was playing.

I have a request for the readers of this site please.

As much as the event depicted in the top video, showing multiple police busting a British yard party for playing an unapproved song infuriates me, and should infuriate anyone with even the dimmest recollection of what personal liberty means, what infuriates me more is the submission shown to the police by people at a private party who had done nothing wrong whatsoever.

We need a new word which is the equivalent of dhimmitude, but refers to submission to post modern/Marxist authority. We need to name it so we can shame it and stop people from showing it.

People faced with authority on their own property for playing an “unapproved song” should  say to that authority, “This is my property and Ill play what ever song I want. Now get a warrant, arrest me, or get off my property”.

We must learn to show defiance. It is justified, it is our legal right, and much more importantly, it is our inherent right and obligation to show defiance to totalitarian and irrational authority.

If anyone knows of a word, perhaps a Russian or Polish or Czech word for showing obsequious submission to communist authority we could start with that. If not, lets make one up.


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  1. This is completely insane.

    The drunk “chav” actually makes perfect sense. If anything, he’s way calmer than he should be, considering the magnitude of the offence.

    Does anyone realise what the police have indirectly admitted? If poking fun at Bin Laden is racist, that means that Bin Laden must be REPRESENTATIVE of some sort of race. That means that (a) Muslims are a race (clearly false, but the PC crowd has now made it so) and MOST IMPORTANTLY that (b) BIN LADEN IS REPRESENTATIVE OF IT. Without this, making fun of him wouldn’t be racist, surely.

    If I make fun of a random white/black/yellow person, does that make me racist against their whole race? No. So why this one?

    Why is making fun of a terrorist, one so bad that he was summarily executed by the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION (!), a racist act?

    That can only mean one thing. That the police, underneath it all, view terrorists as representative of the Muslim community, and Muslims as a race.

    Isn’t that… racist?

    • I think your reasoning is indisputable. Oh, Hypocrisy, Progressive (and Marxist) is thy middle name. Reminds me of the G7 leaders’ actions recently in ordering a brief halt to the otherwise continuous flood of healthy young men from Africa to Italy, stating security concerns – something that they haven’t been bothered to address at any other time. “We’re all for that refugees welcome stuff, of course but they would kind of spoil the ambiance of our important little meetings, don’t you think? We love the poor fellows, but just keep them away from us, please … those migrants don’t smell very nice.”

    • That can only mean one thing. That the police, underneath it all, view terrorists as representative of the Muslim community, and Muslims as a race.

      Excellent subconscious analysis*! I think there also may be an element of general ignorance about (the numerous) subtleties within Middle East cultures that are conveniently dealt with by lumping all of into the race bin.

      * Remember, you can’t spell “analysis” without, A-N-A-L.

  2. We could use the word (3 words) Micah 44.
    Micah 4:4 – “The Revised English Bible with the Apocrypha”
    Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press 1989

    Each man will sit under his own vine or his own fig tree, with none to cause alarm.
    The Lord of Hosts himself has spoken.

    “The Vine & Fig Tree Vision: An American Ideal?

    • “The Meaning of Liberty During and the American Founding” – FEE – Vimeo
      Prof. Brad Birzer – June 23, 2009
      @ 52:45 – There were three ways ideas were transmitted, 3 “P”s: Pubs, Pulpits & Pamphlets. The common definition of Liberty: Micah 4:4.

  3. I propose:

    Marxlave (equivalent to dhimmi)

    Marxlavery (equivalent to dhimmitude)

    It’s short and has a nice Orwellian compound word feel to it.

  4. Appartchik
    Websters: “a blindly devoted official, follower, or member of an organization (such as a corporation or political party)”.

    • That would be perfect for the police who were there, and any petty tyrant that enforces the new post-modern ideology. But it doesn’t apply to their victims.

  5. It’s interesting isn’t it. The disconnect between our political masters and the liberal intelligentsia, and the real people, who live in the real world, with all their thoughts and feelings, and low brow desires.
    I live in a little market town in Herefordshire, in the UK. We have a few asians, and even the occasional black person, but generally, it’s white, upper working class, middle class. It’s summer, and hot, the bandstand on the village green, near the river puts on a brass band (very Ipcress file) on a Sunday during the summer. Me and the wife mooch on down there, with a blanket and a book, and a bottle of wine, and listen to the music for a couple of hours in the afternoon.
    There are couples with the kids, older couples like us, and a sprinkling of older guys, dotted about, enjoying the sun, eating ice cream and listening to the music.
    Today they played the National Anthem: “God save our gracious queen, etc”, as the last tune. Almost everybody stood up, for the national anthem, including me and the wife, almost everybody, just a few younger (more trendy couples) didn’t. (I probably wouldn’t when I was their age.).
    But as I looked around, I thought I’d rarely witnessed such a great divide, so physically displayed, as those people, standing for their monarch, and their country, as opposed to the cynical diet they are fed, of “progressive”, left wing, cynicism about everything they hold dear.
    Hence, the surprise of Trump, and Brexit, and the rise of the so called “extreme”, right.
    Really, reality reflecting itself, in the virtues of patriotism, decency, and love of God, King, and Country.

    • Dear Blindguard,
      You paint a lovely picture with your comment. I read some place that there is a trend to Brits moving out of large cities to recapture the England of yesterday. Is this true?

      • Hi Johnnyu
        White flight, is a recorded phenomena, where the indigenous population, tend to move away from “ethnic”, ghettos.
        My Dad has lived in the same street in a Midlands town since, 1965, it’s been generally lower middle class, upper working class, over those decades, there have been, in a mostly white neighbourhood, the occasional asian, odd blacks, the couple who’ve just moved, over the road, are a black guy and his white wife. A Morrocan immigrant used to live next door to my dad, and I used to take him out drinking because he didn’t know anyone.
        But over the last couple of years, at the bottom of the street, an asian/pakistani family (or two), have move in), and are running a taxi company from there, with the place stuffed with cars parked everywhere, opposite my dad, two asian families have moved into the same house, and another large asian (muslim?), family have moved into a house down the road. The For Sale signs have started going up, because unlike the previous immigrants/blacks/asians, there have been a number of eastern european families, on the run from socialist paradises, over the years as well, these seem different, they aren’t like normal English people. You can begin to feel the unease.
        If it’s racisim, why wasn’t there any before? Why did no one, that I ever noticed, seem to care?
        But now, I feel they do.

  6. So Trump refuses to buy into the junk science Paris Accord (which a cynic could argue is designed to bring, along with a host of other expensive government inventions, bankruptcy) and Merkel throws a hissy fit. Thank God for Trump not caving to commie pressure. Carbon taxes for us and not China? How the hell will westerners compete against slave labour with such a burden added? How will a rainbow/tard German army fare when the chips are down if she really wants to go alone?

  7. If anyone knows of a word, perhaps a Russian or Polish or Czech word for showing obsequious submission to communist authority we could start with that. If not, lets make one up.

    Permit me to nominate, pokornost’. It is an accurate transliteration from Russian of the English word, “acquiesce”. The word specifically conveys overtones of submissiveness, submission, obedience, resignation, and humility.

    Plus, it sounds a lot like “pork”, which suggests pigs being led to slaughter and (simultaneously) the scorn that Muslims must feel when watching the once-proud English people groveling before their own public servants.

    In its final (plural) form, we might consider pokornosti (which conveniently translates to “submission”).

  8. They remind me of the Jews being quietly led to the gas chamber or digging their own grave without a fight. It’s a terrible analogy but true.

    • The policeman is the Kapo, overseer of the untermensch.
      The whole thing is unspeakable, as far as I know, in English.

      Magna carta, common law, all that good stuff.
      Like our Constitution, 4th Amendment, all the Founding Documents.

      Scrap those, may as well bug out. Head to the hills, make aliya.
      Better Dead than Red.

      Better the human soul that is life, than submission to zombie that is death in life.

  9. The actions of the police and theeir political masters are unforgivable, the actions of the people might be explained by knowing that resisting would do no good. On the other hand it might be that they have been cowed by the prison sentences for people who did nothing.

    • Exactly. The police force and the citizens have become ‘hostages’ to Islam. They all know it. The citizens now fear their own subjugated police force and I foresee a bad ending a few years down the road.
      The citizenry is currently in shock. They will come out of it and anger will manifest itself.

      As to the traitorous police officers, I think their behavior is one of survival i.e. if they submit, they are protected from Islamic attacks. They are eradicating the freedoms of their own people in exchange for their own survival; stupid and cowardly individuals that will eventually be felled by those they protect.

      VLAD: The word you are looking for is HOSTAGES.

      • They are eradicating the freedoms of their own people in exchange for their own survival; stupid and cowardly individuals that will eventually be felled by those they protect.

        To quote Churchill:

        An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

        These appeasers need a sharp push from behind.

        • Churchill knew.
          Since the past few years, we all saw the behavior of the Brit police evolve slowly from neutrality to persecution of its citizens.
          The young girl sex slavery gangs consolidated that mindset. They all knew but turned a blind eye. They spit on their own kids.
          This will never happen in America, the land of the brave.
          P.S.: I have a friend that was in London some six years ago. He thought it was a great place, very diverse. Of course, nothing would happen to him since he is Black, 6’4”, 240-lbs. CHEERS.

          • Churchill knew.

            He most certainly did:

            How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

            A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

            Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.

            The River War: An Historical Account of the Reconquest of the Soudan

      • It may be a few years down the line but I doubt it, the social pressure is building to the point where people are openly warning the politicians about drastic consequences if certain things happen. I doubt that many people would do this if they didn’t think the events warned against would be the sparks that caused the explosion.

        • I said I doubt it, I didn’t say it was impossible. One of the possible futures I see involves the liberation of Britain to use once again as a springboard to liberate> Europe.

          • Paradigm shift: More may convert than fight.

            Not only didn’t they stop ’em on the beaches, they didn’t stop ’em inside the BODIES of their own children.

            With luck there’ll be recent immigrants from Eastern Europe to reinforce a sparse lot. Not many ethnic Brit, Christian babies. Some bitter betas, drinking and drugging and tattoo-ing. Broken old white people, frozen out of housing and healthcare.

            But given a nucleus of ’Tommy Robinsons’ – and with substantial support from Good Guys elsewhere – England’s got a chance.

            If things move FAST.

            Babel and Brexit

            • But given a nucleus of ’Tommy Robinsons’ – and with substantial support from Good Guys elsewhere – England’s got a chance.

              This is very true, I am shifting more to the “Government in Exile” and liberation then I am a full home grown rebellion. During WWII most of the people in France who wanted to fight escaped to Britain and joined the Free French instead of joining the resistance. The way things are going a Free British Government in Exile and Army in the US is becoming the most likely scenario.

  10. toady. n. “servile parasite,” 1826, apparently shortened from toad-eater “fawning flatterer” (1742), originally referring to the assistant of a charlatan, who ate a toad (believed to be poisonous) to enable his master to display his skill in expelling the poison (1620s). The verb is recorded from 1827.

    “Marxist toady”

  11. This reminds me of a parody I heard on the Dr. Demento radio show decades ago:

    “Nobody doesn’t like (machine gun fire) … Russian Bandstand…”

    The UK is beyond surreal, I’m afraid.

  12. My contribution(s) to your search for a neologism to label our State Thought Police is over on GoV awaiting moderation. S III

  13. There is a suitable Dutch adage for this particular situation: “A cornered Cat makes strange moves” (Een kat in het nauw maakt vreemde sprongen). Today’s Quisling-look-alike rulers of Britain, are behaving exactly like the Dutch cat. They fear the Muslims in their country.
    Further more they are afraid of the growing awareness among their indigenous who they had regard (till now) as total zombies. People who are taking everything for granted: from frequent terror attacks,
    Slitting the throat of their soldier boys neat the gate of their base the way THEY killed Lee Rigby
    followed by mass grooming and rape of British children and teenage girls in Rotherham
    and now killing little children in a pop concert.
    They are afraid their own people will finally reject them and kick them out from their hubs of power. This is why Theresa May wants a dictatorial manifesto on internet for having “a stable 1984-like government”
    The people in power are jumping like an African Black Mamba on everyone who express his disapproval against Muslim behaviour and their ‘Kill as Much as you Can’ hobby.

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