French news busts Syria “charity” as just another jihadi group

Here is a comment that came in at the same time as the original French video, also in French, and also translated for us by Ava Lon:


“Some pictures I took yesterday [10/03/2017] that will give you another perspective on white helmets and different lies from the media and governments. Truths about the war in Syria, in Aleppo. Hospitals totally destroyed and neutral helmets, heroes in Aleppo? An Oscar? A nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize? At what price will we continue to LIE and kill, to justify this war, to support terrorist groups, to keep a country on the brink of suffocation like the others before? I quickly compile some pictures that I took yesterday that will give you another perspective.

I refuse, as a French citizen, to support a criminal policy. In order to illustrate a little better what I am talking about in my letter to the President of the Republic .. while clouds of dust of war arriving from Iraq make the air almost unbreathable, in less than 2 hours I return -in image- to two hospitals in correct condition; I have to walk on tons of medicines reserved for terrorist groups and forbidden to civilians, I cross the remains of the buildings enslaved by Al-Jaïch al-hour (Free Syrian Army), Jabhat al-Nosra Al-Cham, al-Qaeda) … buildings of the White Helmets which, as the inhabitants reminded, helped mainly terrorists, civilians … when the camera turned and sometimes only, sometimes carried arms, executed Syrian soldiers , participated in executions of the Islamic courts, robbed the victims, etc. but a crucial point: almost all the members were affiliated to the terrorist groups mentioned above.

Watch the video on the white helmets of my friend Vanessa Beeley testimonials – we were together during some of these testimonies when she accompanied me to distribute the toys at the liberation. Another interesting video compiling many images that were never shown to you. My testimony is sad, there are probably some exceptions, probably some of the White Helmets were civilians with good intentions, who were under the bombs dropped off the planes (not free, it’s a war, but in response to jihadist gunfire from civilian areas fired on the only civilian areas of the west and massacring a population that accounted for 90% of Aleppo while the media was silent) helped real people who were dying because of their proximity to armed groups, who used them as human shields (even shooting from hospitals …) is a reality, but the real majority were jihadists (proved by the documents found on the spot) they were those who brought death on those who ended up under the rubble, and finally in their trucks, and in their videos, we must not forget the situations of cause and effect, it is nevertheless ironic and rather vicious.

The reality goes beyond fiction here, in this neighborhood, (all in schools that they have transformed as you can see from the beginning) the headquarters of Al Nora, the Qatar Red Crescent, the M10 hospital and above all the headquarters of the helmets are rubbing shoulders here. The video is not well mounted etc. but a picture is worth a thousand words and it is essential for you to understand the extend of lies … how much we must ask to stop support for this war as well as sanctions against the Syrian people, as a stakeholder in terrorism. Again, although I share what can be called evidence, I still do not pretend to tell you what to think, form your own opinion.

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  1. When will people learn how anything, anything at all, that deals with Islamic objectives or sources of information is impossible to trust? The regrettable fact remains that Western countries are better off using a “containment” policy that might lend some occasionally valid material support but prohibits any “boots-on-the-ground” as part of a comprehensive disengagement strategy.

    These Arab morons must be taught that their obsession with sharia law is a death wish. The best way of demonstrating this is by ensuring that death features prominently in any and all situations where Muslims continue to insist upon Islamic theocracy.

    At the very least, America should “back away from the car slowly” and make Europe realize how dangerous it is for them to ignore the risk of having such barbaric loons roaming around in their south forty. If the EU was coughing up all these trillions of dollars on their own, they might finally gain a sharper appreciation about the risk-benefit structure of dealing with Muslims.

    However astounding it may be, the current plague of EU “immigrants” has not managed to register in the forebrain of these Socialist apparatchiks. Perhaps fighting a war on two fronts (i.e., both within Europe and also in the homelands of these invading parasites) might stimulate whatever few extra neurons are needed to trigger a functioning survival response.

  2. I wish we could follow your advice but I am afraid that the time we could is long past. Also it would condemn any Christians left in that region to death, not that there are many left.

  3. Martin’s been flagging these “moderate jihadis” for years.

    Missed “in the fog of war”? Highly unlikely.
    These are Salafist jihadis – including many professional mercenaries – supported by Our Gulf Allies and the Muslim Brotherhood. A function of our having “changed sides”, as Clare Lopez describes it, in the war against terror.

    Until the MB is extirpated from affairs of state, I oppose any and all American military support on the ground.

    In Iraq we don’t want to be “shoulder-to-shoulder” with the IIRGC (Shitte militias controlled by Iran); in Syria we don’t want to “train and equip” the ‘moderate jihadis’ of al-Qaida.
    Too many limbs and lives scored by roadside bombs set by both parties.

    Those members of Congress most closely identified with the “coalition” are either dupes or collaborators. And they sit at the very top leadership positions in the Intelligence Committee and Armed Services Committee.

    Not a single bootie on the ground till we can sort friend from foe. Potus may not be able to cast out the demons entirely yet; meanwhile let them kill each other.

  4. CBC – Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate escapes from Canada’s terror list

    Failure to list group keeps Canada in line with U.S., but complicates potential prosecutions

    The Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, currently calling itself Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), has succeeded in getting itself off Canada’s list of designated terrorist entities following its latest identity shift.

    That complicates the task of prosecuting Canadians who travel to join the group, send it money or propagandize on its behalf.

    It also illustrates the pitfalls of Canada following the lead of the U.S. in designating terror groups.

    HTS escapes being listed at a time when it is absorbing other jihadi groups and attracting more recruits, even as the Islamic State retreats on multiple fronts.

    HTS has a history of renaming itself and altering its structure to confuse outsiders, and the Syrian population, about its true affiliations. But until now, few observers have accepted its claims to have distanced itself from its parent organization.

    Bin Laden’s squabbling offspring

    Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (the Organization for Conquest in the Levant) began life as an expeditionary force called Jabhat al-Nusra (the Support Front), despatched into Syria in 2011 by the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, now “caliph” of the Islamic State (ISIS). Jabhat al-Nusra was led by Syrian jihadist Abu Mohammad al-Jawlani.

    The United States put the group on its terrorist list in 2012, as the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, and Canada followed suit.

    Al-Baghdadi soon crossed into Syria himself, renouncing his allegiance to al-Qaeda and founding ISIS in April 2013.

    Al-Jawlani’s group remained loyal to the mother organization founded by bin Laden, and Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS have been at each other’s throats ever since. Meanwhile, the U.S.-led coalition focused its bombing on Islamic State, not al-Nusra.

    While ISIS made headlines and enemies across the world, al-Nusra flourished.

    It has carried out numerous suicide bombings, forced religious conversions, destroyed ancient shrines and enacted brutal punishments, including the stoning of women.

    A history of shape-shifting

    In early 2015, al-Qaeda’s international leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, thought to be hiding in Pakistan, set al-Nusra free of its formal subordination to al-Qaeda.

    “The brotherhood of Islam that exists among us is stronger than any passing or changing organizational ties,” he said in a taped statement, instructing the group to integrate itself into the wider Syrian revolt. Al-Nusra changed its name to Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (Front for the Conquest of the Levant), and continued to gobble up other Syrian jihadi groups, often by force.

    But the West wasn’t buying it. The U.S. and Canada simply added the new name as another alias of al-Nusra on their terrorist listings.

    Both countries are normally careful to capture all the aliases of terrorist groups, including minor variations in spelling and punctuation. (Islamic State has 46 permutations of its name listed by Public Safety Canada; al-Nusra has six).

    But then in January of this year, the group shifted again, nominally dissolving itself and joining with four other jihadi groups. It altered its name, changing the word “Jabhat” (Front) to “Hay’at” (Organization), and “Fateh” (Conquest) to “Tahrir” (Liberation).

    The military commander of the group continues to be al-Jawlani, whom the U.S. has branded a Specially Designated Global Terrorist. On Wednesday, the U.S. government posted a $10-million reward for him. The reward notice states that al-Nusra is “at the core of HTS,” which is led by a triumvirate that also includes Egyptian Abu Khayr al-Masri, the number two of the global al-Qaeda organization.

    The U.S. State Department’s Nicole Thompson told CBC News on Monday: “We’re still looking at the extent of the merger and how Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham really functions, but we believe these actions are an al-Qaeda play to bring as much of the Syrian opposition under its operational control as possible, thereby making groups that merge with HTS part of al-Qaeda’s Syria network.”

    “In that sense, it is not unlike the formation of the Mujahideen Shura Council in Iraq in 2006, which eventually brought the better part of the Iraqi Sunni resistance under al-Qaeda’s control and morphed into the Islamic State of Iraq that same year.”

    And yet HTS has not been designated in the U.S. as a terrorist group. Canada, which usually follows the U.S. listing closely, has also not listed the group.

    “We are still studying the issue carefully,” says Thompson, “but at this point we would caution any group from joining HTS, as they risk becoming part of an organization we are determined to destroy because of the threat al-Qaeda poses to the United States, to the region, and to other Muslims.

    “Nothing we have seen so far changes our concern about the group’s growing capacity for external operations.”

    But while the State Department is under no illusions as to the true nature of HTS, and may yet designate it in the future, the fact that it is not designated now complicates the task of prosecutors in dealing with HTS members, financiers and facilitators.

    Extra headache for prosecutors

    CBC News asked Public Safety and the Public Prosecution Service how the failure to list might affect prosecutions of HTS supporters in Canada.

    “The PPSC cannot respond to hypothetical questions or questions asking how the laws relating to terrorism offences would apply in hypothetical cases,” the Public Prosecution Service replied.

    But University of Ottawa law professor Carissima Mathen says the lack of designation creates a higher barrier to prosecution.

    “The Criminal Code provides two ways for something to be defined as a terrorist group. One of them is if it’s actually a group that has as its purpose terrorist activities, and the second is if the Governor-in-Council puts it on a list, which is done on a less stringent basis.

    “It’s a ‘reasonable grounds to believe’ basis as opposed to ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’ So there’s no question that, if the group is not on the list, the prosecutor will have to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the group is a terrorist group.”

    Mathen says that “might not be a deal-breaker for me as a prosecutor”, but “depending on what other priorities and pressures I was facing, it would definitely count in terms of how I could fit that into my existing caseload.”

    She says it might lead a prosecutor to decide some cases are not worth the extra effort. Instead of prosecuting all money transfers to HTS, for example, prosecutors might only focus on larger amounts.

    “I would think as a government if you had this power, you’d expect them to use it, to list this entity.”

    Why no listing?

    The reasons for the reluctance to list the new al-Qaeda formation may have to do with one of its new members, the Nour ed-Dine Zenki Brigade, a jihadi group from the Aleppo governorate.

    The Zenki Brigade was an early and prominent recipient of U.S. aid, weapons and training.

    Zenki was cut off by the State Department only after Amnesty International implicated them in killings of Orthodox Christian priests and members posted a video of themselves beheading a young boy.

    For the U.S. to designate HTS now would mean acknowledging that it supplied sophisticated weapons including TOW anti-tank missiles to “terrorists,” and draw attention to the fact that the U.S. continues to arm Islamist militias in Syria.

    Canada’s longstanding reliance on U.S. listings exposes it to the increasingly politicized nature of those listings, which are influenced by the U.S. strategy of backing groups fighting the Syrian government and its Russian allies.

    It also means that Canada currently does not list any active branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, the world’s most important jihadi battleground.

    “It wouldn’t surprise me at all that because of the shifting nature of these alliances and relationships that western countries’ hands are not entirely clean in terms of their own dealings with these groups at some point in the past,” says Mathen.

    • Just that much more reason to simply refuse any and all cooperation with anything remotely connected to Islam. Throughout its entire history Islam has excelled at one thing above all else. Namely, killing fellow Muslims—at least when they weren’t too busy slaughtering other entire cultures.

      Unfortunately, realpolitik dictates that—unless there were some way of dissuading Russia and China from interfering—America must maintain a tempo that serves its national interests. Too bad that there’s no easy way of simply letting these barbaric savages kill each other in the most abundant and quickest possible manner.

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