Austrian president makes hideous false analogy, may make all women wear head cloth

One presumes he is referencing the fable of the Danish leader asking all people in Denmark to wear the yellow star so the Nazis would not know who was Jewish and who was not. However this actually did not happen, and what the Austrian president wants is closer to having everyone wear an SS uniform so the public will not know who is a Nazi and who not.

It also bears mentioning that this president initially only got a few percent of the vote, but as it was discovered that the election had been rigged against Hofer, the rational candidate, all the other parties endorsed this guy in the redo.

Thank you Egri for the translation.

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  1. I have several suggestions on what should be done with this fool, unfortunately none are legal so I can’t tell you what they are.

  2. I have to make a comment because I do want blogs like these to be waterproof. Otherwise claims of false info/fake news will be brough against you and this post you made. In this case, rightly.

    Indeed, the Austrian president made this comment in the context of Denmark under Nazi occupation and Danes wearing the star of David. (
    Moreover, the Austrian elections were not rigged – the ones resposnible for counting the votes did not abide by all procedural rules. Really..I am everything but a supporter of the Austrian leftist president, but this needs to be corrected.

    • All the “irregularities” were a distinct disadvantage to Hofer specifically. From the problems with the postal ballots to other glitches, all of them seemed designed to disadvantage Hofer. So I will stick with rigged on this one.

    • I’m not sure where the article you posted (and which I read, too) is contradicting us or where it shows we made a mistake.

      About the vote, so would you say that the irregularities that happened – in favor of van der Bellen – were just accidental?

      • Appalling.
        Even if this guy doesn’t see it, inversion is just another means of steering us to sharia compliance. Thanks, Egri, for making it available for English-speaking kafirs.

        Fashion tyranny. Some choice!
        The same Idiot sheep who wore symbolic genitals on their heads will don the headrag enthusiastically.

        They’ll march, repeat the chants responsively, “No justice, No peace!” “Dump Trump!” “Yak-yak, Blah-blah!”

        la-ilaha-illa-Lah/ Madmoh-dudu -Rasul-Allaha

        ~~ On the road to aloha’snackbar ~~

        Christopher Hitchens: “The sinister leading the silly.”

    • @ Some Dude
      Nobody in Denmark wore star of David. Not only that, but Jews in Denmark also did not wore star of David, except for the ones who were deported to concentration camps. In fact Dutch were lucky, they did were not killed on the spot for helping the Jews like the people in Eastern Europe.
      So there you have it, Austrian president disseminate fake historical news himself.

  3. So what happens to you then if you choose NOT to show solidarity AND NOT wear a scarf? Will you still have a choice NOT to wear one?

    I can´t believe what I just watched.

        • Chris Ares’s announcement to Alexander Van der Bellen
          Mr. Van der Bellen, please step down immediately!
          In my opinion, you are a danger to Europe and Austria. I would accuse you to be against your own people, their culture and identity of your country. You ask Austrians to wear headscarfs. This is incomprehensible and can not be accepted.

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