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10 Replies to “Hundreds of African illegals storm city hall in French town, demand rights for illegals”

  1. Off topic

    So, if Marine Le Pen is trailing a few points behind the center-right guy then she has no chance whatsoever of winning the runoff in two weeks. Since she is the farthest right of all the candidates she has already gotten all the votes she is going to get, but the other guy is going to get every vote that previously went to everybody but Le Pen. Marine is going to get clobbered. She cannot possibly win.

    Now France will continue on its suicidal path of importing legions of Muslim terrorists and it will not stop until a real live civil war breaks out. Fucking great! How Goddamn perfect!

    • This election was always about which side the French Government would support once the civil war starts, there was never a chance that it would prevent the war. With Marcon looking like the next French President the government will support the Moslems and the big question is how many of the police and military will support the French Patriots?

      • The French aren’t going to like what happens when the Muslim population rockets past 15% and approaches 20%. They’re not going to like it at all – Paris becoming a no-go zone for white Christians as the last Jew departs for Israel. And as good old Mark Steyn pointed out, the demographic math of the thing guarantees that it will happen. With the resident Muslim population having eight children per family and a steady stream of new ones flooding over their borders there is no way the 1.5 children-per-family French are going to keep up. And when the fighting starts it will be old French guys against twenty-one-year-old Muslims. You’d think the French would try to avoid such a fate, but if it’s what they truly desire…

        • There are only two ways to this as I see it. A fast way to civil war or a slow way. Le Pen is the fast and all others the slow.
          I prefer the fast as this way the numbers are still in favour of the indigenous populations

          • You got that right, Erodgan and the other wanna be Caliphs are moving too soon, they have more or less told the Moslems in Europe to turn up the pressure. This was a big mistake because the Europeans still have the numbers to win the coming war, wait a few more years will unlimited immigration/invasion from the Islamic nations and the invaders will have enough people in Europe to win.

      • We have a Prime Minister called Justin Trudeau who is right down with all this left wing nonsense. He made a standing order to instantly accept any and all “refugees” that the Donald Trump Americans refuse entry to, plus he wants to bring in Sunni Muslims at the same rate as Angela Merkel. I’m afraid this insanity is as pervasive as all hell.

        The school teachers and the university professors unions are the essential base of the American Democrat party and the leftist parties all over the world. They are, more than anybody else, responsible for this extreme leftism more than any other group. I know that here in British Columbia Canada the average school teacher is probably OK, but their union heads are Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Mao tse Tung… They are all exactly like Elizabeth Warren. They even look like her right down to the I-hate-men haircut…

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