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12 Replies to “Muslim scholar in Canada explains that pedophilia is A OK with the muslim god”

  1. This she-devil should be arrested for promoting pedophilia and child abuse. This barbaric culture is destroying civilization.

    • I notice that this creature keeps saying that the young girl consummated the marriage. I find it interesting that it is made to sound as if the 9 year old girl was the one initiating.

      • Well, it seems we’re to believe that if this nine year old girl in 7th century Arabia wasn’t initiating, after witnessing her betrothed slaughter and behead several hundreds, rape with glee and pillage in a way the SJWs could only fantasize their “justice”, she could “just say no”.

        Apparently she was silent. I’m thinking she’d be terrified a strata or two far beyond mere silence.

        In Islamic history, no one can hear you scream.

  2. Once again, it is crucial to put these sort of Islamic spewing slimebags to the ultimate test. Someone needs to ask this swaddled sack of shyte whether she would like to see her own six year-old daughter be “married off toraped by some drooling, febrile scumbag.

  3. Simple fix to this problem you Muslims have in regard to pedophilia ! In our country we put you in jail if you are found to be having sex with children !! This is our country…don’t you forget it !! You will obey our laws or you will go to jail !! If you want to be a pedophile stay in a Muslim country !! Your Qumran states that you must abide by the laws of the land that has taken you in..

  4. I think the constant raising of this issue is beginning to have some impact on Muslims, they are at least going on the defensive to a degree (all the more reason to keep raising it). I looked at some examples of this defensiveness in a blog post a while ago, for example Mehdi Hasan condemned child marriage and then made a rather feeble attempt to prove that his religion does not condone it:

    “Mohammed and Aisha – Answering the Apologists”


  5. Incidentally, this sack of shyte is Dr. Tabassum Hussain.

    As a licensed doctor, she has taken an oath to “do no harm”. Advocating pedophilia most certainly encourages the harm of children. Her medical license should revoked on this basis alone.

    • And the Toronto imam who preached at the Toronto Majid said that every jew should be killed one at a time till they are all dead, is an EYE SURGEON at a Christian hospital in Toronto.

  6. What a lot of hair-splitting over puberty and menstruation! She reverts to moral relativism which Muslims are supposed to abhor: it was allright at that time and place. I believe 14 was the youngest Arab girls usually got married. Perhaps his embracing of his dead aunt was also okay then in the Arabian peninsula, or his French kissing babies… If it was, then it only shows what a morally degenerate bunch the 7th century Arabs were.

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