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7 Replies to “Italians close terror-mosque, muslims threaten strike and street prayers”

  1. Its dreadful to think what would happen if somewhere uphill from one of those “street prayers” a large, heavily loaded parked truck had its emergency brake suddenly fail and then went hurtling into such a big gathering of prostrate Muslims.

    I can only imagine how everyone would be grateful that it had not been laden with high explosives.

        • 1000 pigs to kiss their butt out of the country.
          Italy will keep and protect the pigs… after the invaders return to their homelands.

      • I have always thought that people who insist that their personality does not have a “dark side” were some of the most dangerous of all.

        As it is, being such a modern guy and all … I’m so in touch with the feminine side of my personality, that it filed a restraining order against me!

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