Canada Passes anti-Blasphemy Motion M103

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At some point soon, I will get the chance to sit down and write on this. For the moment, its enough to know that it was a guaranteed pass. Trudeau set this up because he owed the Muslim community (Ummah) for making him PM. This was just one of what is likely many acts of fealty for his real masters.

Much like Obama’s.

And what seem to be Matis’ as well. 



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16 Replies to “Canada Passes anti-Blasphemy Motion M103”

  1. Hmmm… Is there a pattern emerging here? Barack Obama, Vancouver Mayor, Tides Foundation-backed Gregor Robertson, and Justin Trudeau, all tall handsome rich young dreamboats that the women just have to vote for. Is that part of the profile that the lizard people have chosen? Maybe… Reality seems to be completely unimportant to the leftist voter.

    • Plus that marecón – whatisname? Mar-? – who just popped up to challenge Marine Le Pen. The one who’s so turned off by women, he opts for Mommy as a beard – really strange. Preference for metrosexuals must be part of a focus-group profile for the “ideal” vote-bait.

  2. In the long run it is going to be a toss up which does more damage to civilization Canada losing Freedom of Speech or Mattis selling up out to Soros. This is one of the days when I really wish I could have a double or triple of Scotch to help soften the bad news.

    • When you started rewarding those beneath, you became beneath. The Jinn that is Islam, stands as an avenging Angel before Canada.
      You signed your own death warrants. Not knowing right from wrong.

      • ” we should be considered a dhimmi country.”

        Just absurd.Such a comment lacks any credibility,so what reasonable person would take you seriously? If you’re going to debate the left,you need to be on the top of your game.

          • “Canada is lost already.”

            Hardly.Just as America is not the right,but a healthy mixture of both conservative and liberal,Canada is a healthy,democratic country that respects and observes civil and humanitarian rights.We protect our vulnerable minorities as best we can,and sometimes to the disadvantage of the ruling majority.We have a strong democracy,like America,and strong,democratic Institutions that protect and uphold that democracy.As we,the western liberal democracies and America fought the good fight to defeat the Nazi’s and to hold the line against Communism,we will continue to protect our precious democracy and democratic values.

            • Actually the US is a Constitutional Republic. I split this hare (sic) because in a Democracy you are always an election away from losing your rights.
              Of course given recent Supreme Court rulings you could certainly argue the US is in the same boat…

              • All democracies,especially yours,depend on strong public Institutions,eg,Courts,to defend our rights.Of course,the citizens,a well informed and arguably a armed citizenry,doesn’t hurt,either.We must guard against popular opinion that might seem justified at the time but that may erode our rights that were fought for over time and place.

      • From now on, we should be considered a dhimmi country.
        Civil and Human Rights prefer their choice from the table.
        Socialists are the Cain to our Able
        From now on, we should be considered a dhimmi country.
        For not one of our rights are Unalienable.

  3. Will they still teach infidel beheading technique in the mosques?
    Once they can charge you with “hate speach or blasphemy” the Alli Akybar boys can pretty much do things their way
    in the country and the citizens can’t object.
    In something like 25 years after 625AD the muslims conquered the known world from Spain & France to the Mongols.
    Islam is societies’ cancer, it only needs a foothold.
    And you thought nazi’s and communists were evil.

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