German propaganda Vs. German reality

First, check out this PSA made to make German people feel badly about themselves, and teaches them that they need a muslim to help them think:

But what is it like really to meet up with Muslims on a train?

An original translation by Egri Nok with much thanks..

From this German News site:

The Train Station in Bad Oldesloe

Two young women injured

Man (19) freaks out on train

March 14 2017 – 09:40 h
Kiel – Shock for two young women in the regional express Hamburg – Lübeck.

Tuesday morning, the two young women were harassed by a young man shortly before the station Bad Oldesloe. Despite repeatedly asking him to leave them alone, he became even more obtrusive.

Suddenly he beat one of the women in the face repeatedly with his fist, and kept kicking her. When the second woman rushed to help, he violently bit her finger.

The conductor could only defend himself by using pepper spray. He immediately sent an alarm to the state and Federal police.

As the 19 year old massively resisted, he had to be handcuffed. Still, he spat and kicked at the officers and insulted and threatened them.

The woman who had been beaten was aided on site by ambulance staff. The young woman who had been bitten was taken to a hospital for first aid.

The perpetrator was taken to a hospital for a blood test. But he did not calm down and injured a female doctor by a knock with his head. It is unclear at this point if alcohol or drugs were involved. Investigations are ongoing.

[As the article did not say the perp was an ethnic German, that is pretty much proof he was a muslim migrant based on the reverse engineering of Orwellian reporting we face today in the Islamophilic West]

Then we have: German axe attack on train: Isil claim Afghan refugee who injured four as one of its ‘fighters’

Egri offers this one:

From this German news site:

AZ, February 07 2017 – 12:38 h , updated on 13:22 h

After several cases of sexual harassment in the Munich metropolitan train, Federal Police are looking for victims. Photo: Federal Police


After several women have been sexually harassed on January 29 in the metropolitan train Munich, a perpatrator has now been arrested. Police are now looking for victims.

Munich – Munich Police have arrested a suspect who allegedly sexually harassed several women in the metropolitan train on January 29.

Thanks to CCTV he could be identified. For about two hours he allegedly tried to grope several victims. In doing so, he followed the women through the waggons. Two victims filed a police report against the unknown man at the police in Herrsching.

Another man was present the whole time. He did not participate, but did nothing to prevent the situation.

Both involved have been identified as Eritreans, living in an asylum accommodation in the district of Starnberg.

The main suspect was arrested when the institution was searched. Investigations showed that a similar incident already happened on January 22 in Munich.

Sabine Stein, head of the investigation service of the Federal Police station Munich said the fast result was thanks to the good cooperation and quick exchange of infomation.

Federal Police asks women affected by the sexual harassment to contact police under the phone number 089/515550-111

Here is a great list going right up to this week in Germany where a Muslim migrant attacked a pile of people at a mall. But it includes quite a few train attacks as well.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

In a Dusseldorf train station, Fatmir, a Muslim refugee from Kosovo, went on the attack with an axe. His victims included several adults and a 13-year-old girl.

The authorities are blaming his attack on that familiar standby; drug and psychological problems.

There have been quite a few Muslims in Germany boarding the crazy train and trying to ride it all the way to the 72 virgins, dazzling white camels and musk mountains of Islamic paradise.

In July, a Muslim refugee took an axe and assaulted passengers on a train in Würzburg while shouting, “Allahu Akbar”.

Muhammad Riyad, the unaccompanied Afghan minor, had come seeking asylum. He concluded his stay in Germany by slashing and stabbing a family from Hong Kong. His motive was hotly debated.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann insisted that he wasn’t an ISIS Jihadist. He denied that ISIS had ordered the attack.  Then an ISIS flag was found in his room.

The Interior Minister vowed to follow every lead to determine his motive. To help him out, ISIS released a video of Muhammad brandishing a knife while vowing to “slaughter infidels”.

Meanwhile, in Dusseldorf,

At one point, as these events are too numerous to remember them all separately, I did a google search for: “muslim stabs people on train”

Below are the results I got:


A better example of Obama’s CVE I could not have asked for.

Any other articles about Muslims on a train in Germany or elsewhere welcomed in the comments. The German government propaganda piece is profoundly insulting. The only counter to it, is reality itself.

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  1. You guys are so awesome – Ergi, Eeyore and everyone else involved! Great translation and great comparative article.

  2. This case is particularly evil.

    (Friday March 17th, 2017) Two young men, a 23-year-old Moroccan and a 27-year-old Libyan attack a man after he says he doesn´t have a lighter for their cigarettes. They pushed him and his bike onto train tracks at the Dresden-Zschachwitz stop as the train is approaching and as he tries to climb out to safety they kick him back down. It is only thanks to the mindful train driver that something worse didn´t occur. The train stopped only a few meters away from the 40 year old victim.

    Police are searching for witnesses.

  3. This is just the beginning of the invaders asserting their control over the Germans, the German people need to gain control of their country by an means they have to use.

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