Château Montebello, QC, Canada

This is a hotel. Typically, guests at a hotel have a room. So clearly praying in the most inconvenient and public areas is not about religious devotion, but about establishing primacy for their religion. After all, if you were to gently tap them on the shoulder and ask them where the gift shop was, which would be appropriate behaviour in a hotel lobby, likely you would be thrown out as if you disrupted a service at a mosque.

While if you complained that people were making it difficult to conduct your normal business in the lobby because they were face down on the rug, arse skyward mumbling, you would likely be castigated for being racist, even though a behaviour can’t be racist, and these people chose to do that behaviour in an inappropriate place.

The following text is from the originating Facebook page:

one hour ago, Muslim couple praying at the lobby of a very prestigious hotel in Montebello, QC.
1- Don’t they have a PRIVATE room to go and pray?
2- If not, what are they doing here?
3- Is Islam a political ideology?
4- Is this a new way to create distressful atmosphere and play the victim-hood game to assist Muslim brotherhood MPs M-103 Motion?
5- Have they been told by Imams to dress like Muslims and pray everywhere and anywhere by imams- Reliance of the Traveler
6- What is the purpose of such prayers in public? Exercise or showcase? Can anyone have intimate time with the creator praying at a lobby of a hotel?
7-Or is this called a domination display with the intend to attract attention, assert their Islamic presence & challenge the surrounding culture with intent to conquer?

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    On a more serious note, a few years ago there was a case in France where the owner of a Guesthouse asked two female spreaders of the Mohamedan death cult to please not veil themselves in the public areas of her establishment. The two were blatant provocatrices and sued her. The French Hostel Owner lost everything – her business and even – through the stress of some years judicial prosecution – her marriage. Alain Wagner (from memory) was present during a protest march in France, where she was interviewed. Just another CIVILISED (as in non-muslim) life destroyed. (I’m in a hurry right now, but will try an find some sources later)

        • *snigger*

          Now, now, dear Rita. You should know better than that. The Politically Correct term is, “snigroe”.

      • The Sutrah (partition in front of one who is praying)

        5- Partitioning during the prayer can be done by praying towards a wall, a pillar among the pillars of the mosque, a cabinet or by erecting something like a stick, for example

        The Sutrah (partition in front of one who is praying)

        Definition of Sutrah
        The Sutrah

        Something which the person praying places in front of himself to serve as a partition between him and any person who may walk in front of him

        Legality of the Sutrah

        Making use of the partition is prescribed at home, on a journey, during obligatory prayer and supererogatory prayer, in the mosque and anywhere else; for what has been confirmed from the prophet that he said: “Whenever any of you is praying, let him pray toward a partition and let him move close to it.” [ Source: Abu Dawud.]

        And on the authority of Wahb t, who said: “the prophet led us in Salah at Minna, so he placed a walking stick – which is a short-stick – in front of him (where he was praying), then he prayed two Raka‘at.” [ Source: Ahmad.]

        Ruling on using the Sutrah

        It is compulsory to place a partition. The prophet ordered the Imam and those praying alone to use the partition, and he stressed this point much. Therefore, it is obligatory for a Muslim to put a partition in front of himself while praying, and to prevent anybody from walking between him and the partition. This is due to the saying of the prophet : “Do not pray except towards a partition, and do not let anyone walk in front of you. But if he insists, then fight him.” [ Source: Ibn Khuzaymah.]
        Wisdom behind the Sutrah

        The Sutrah was prescribed for many reasons among which are:

        1- Walking in front of a person praying is prohibited, because it thereby hinders his devotion.

        2- Enabling the person praying to concentrate and think deeply while in Salat, and not be disrupted.

        3- Avoidance of invalidation of the prayer by the passage of a female, dog or donkey. This is due to the hadeeth of Abu Dharr, who said: “The messenger of allah said, ‘When any of you is praying and there is in front of him something like the end of a saddle, it will serve as a partition (sutrah) for him, but if there is nothing like the end of a saddle in front of him, then (the passing of) a donkey, woman or black dog (in front of him) would invalidate his prayer.’ I (one of the narrators) said, ‘O Abu Dharr, why a black dog [and not a red or yellow dog]?’ He replied: ‘O son of my brother, I asked the messenger of allah the same as you asked me, and he said: ‘The black dog is Satan.” [ Source: Muslim.]

        Some of the rules concerning the sutrah

        1- The use of a partition is for both the imam and someone who is praying alone. As for those who are praying behind an Imam, the Imam’s partition is (enough as) their partition.

        This is as reported on the authority of Ibn Abbas , who said: “ I arrived at Minna when I was nearing puberty, while I was riding a female donkey. The messenger of allah was leading the people in prayer. I passed in front of some of the rows (of those who were praying), then I climbed off (my donkey) and sent the donkey to graze. Thereafter, I joined one row and no one objected to my deed.” [ Agreed upon.]
        Some of the rules concerning the sutrah 1

        2-It is not allowed to pass in front of a person praying, as that is considered one of the grievous sins. The prophet said; “If one passing in front of the one who is praying knows the extent of his sin, he would have chosen to wait for forty than to pass in front of him.” Abun-Nasr said: “I don’t know if he said forty days, months or years.” [ Agreed upon.]

        (Passing before him is sinful) except if the passing is behind his partition, or far away from his place of prostration if he (the person who is praying) did not place a partition.

        3- It is compulsory for the person praying to prevent anyone who wants to pass before him. It has been reported on the authority of Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudriy , who said that he heard the messenger of allah saying: “When anyone prays towards something that serves as a partition between him and people and someone intends to pass in front of him, let him prevent him, but if he refuses, let him fight him for such a person is a devil.” [ Agreed upon.]

        4- Some scholars exempt the Holy Mosque (the Ka’abah). They opine that people can walk in front of any person praying there for the general principle of eliminating any discomfort or hardship. This is because prevention of passing in front of the one who prays in the Holy Mosque causes general discomfort and inconvenience.

        5- Partitioning during Salat can be done by praying towards a wall, a pillar among the pillars of the mosque, a cabinet or by erecting something like a stick, for example

        6- The distance between the person praying and the partition is estimated to (be up to enough so as to) allow the passage of a ram, because of the hadeeth of Sahl ,. He said: “There was between the Messenger of Allah’s praying site and the wall (partition) what could allow the passage of a ram.”

        Invalidation of Salah by the passage of a woman

        The Hadeeth (the passage of a donkey, woman and black dog) mentioned above does not liken women to a donkey or a black dog. Mentioning the three (i.e. women, donkey and black dog) in the same context does not imply that they invalidate Salat for the same reason. This, therefore, means that it is not pertinent to adduce the same reason for which a black dog invalidates Salat for the vitiation caused by women or a donkey. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Based on the above, though a black dog is implied to be a devil, this does not insinuate that both women and donkeys are devils, as there may be different reasons that they cause invalidation of Salat , even though they are mentioned in the same context. In fact, mentioning the reason behind a black dog invalidating Salah, but not the others, in the text points to the fact that it is different from the others and does not resemble them.

        However it is possible to deduce that the reason for the invalidation caused by women is hinged on the fact that their movement before the one who prays- i.e. close to him- could raise his attention and could prevent him from concentrating on his Salah. That is why women generally attract the attention of men rather than when other men pass by. For this- and allah knows best- women are considered, in Shari’ah, as invalidators of Salah. This also serves to maintain humility in Salah.

        • This religion never ceases to amaze me.
          It’s stupidity is dumbfounding and really offends me. How anyone can believe in any middle eastern fairy tales is beyond me but this one really takes the cake.

    • So a White trash bottom-feeder her capacity to do business in a civilized world where the market and the law trumps the rights of ignorant mouthbreather’s phobias? Good riddance

  2. i had a mohammedan co worker that would pray during the day and other men inthe office would sneak up behind him and rock back and forth as if they were sodomizing him. it was very comical and done only in humor. i think he became seperated from islam not long after.

  3. yucki .. at first I missed the penis .. jeeze.
    someone needs to wash these frauds down with a freakin’ firehose. Vlad I remember the inn keeper referred to here.
    Just another ongoing story .. awful.

    love the comments here & our fearless leader & his merry,
    weary band of kommandos’ that make up this place.

    • perhaps it time for Christians to sing, pray, make a loud celebratory noise in front of Muslims. Then all will be see what their intent is –

  4. It might be handy to keep a can of bacon spray nearby…

    I like the way you think. My own strategy tended more towards a rickety old luggage cart that (abruptly and tragically) dumped several heavily over-packed neck-snapping suitcases at the precise right wrong moment. But what do I know?

    Worst of all is just how blatantly provocative this sort of contrived, Islamic virtue-signalling is.

    Several intensive, prolonged, and repeated episodes of parking lot therapy are prescribed. The only reason for these putrid shites to reappear on their hands and knees at the same location is because their pre-existing injuries required them to crawl there!

  5. Answer 7.

    A domination display with the intend to attract attention, assert their Islamic presence & challenge the surrounding culture with intent to conquer.

    If they are doing it…then the liberal media propaganda machine does it to brainwash the “to be conquer” native populace. The following is a brand new virtue signalling TV advertising for the German rail company Deutsche Bahn called “ToleranceTime” (ToleranzZeit). *sound effect – a collective ´Awwwwwwww` as if are looking at a room full of puppies*

    (Warning – the following clip can cause unexpected projectile vomiting and depression)

    Translated description from PI-news:

    A new commercial from the Deutsche Bahn (DB) is called Tolerance Time. In this, we not only finally learn where the future Muslim academicians are hiding (they are riding in trains)-but also that German men with average intellect are islamophobic and need help to think.

    In the spot, we see seated across from each other a headscarfed muslin woman and a medical student.

    (Obviously starring at his covered up traveling companion we hear the inner dialog in his voice asking) “Why is she wearing this headscarf? Does she have to? Does she want that? Does her family or her husband make her wear it? She is not that old. And what is she reading anyway? The Qur’an, probably, what else? The German “Nazi” asks about his disguised counterpart, then tries to concentrate again on his studies, and asks himself, but thoughtfully out loud,” Where is this Nucleus Preopticus? “The Moslem looks up and answers:” On the hypothalamus. ”

  6. I would have interrupted it by telling them in a loud voice to go to their rooms to pray. I would have told them they are offending me and ruining my day.
    I would have asked them their names and their I.D. with a civil lawsuit in mind for distress caused.
    I would have prayed loudly to Jesus-Christ next to them.
    In short, I would have made it impossible for them to concentrate on their prayer.

    • I imagined myself asking persistently where the gift shop was.

      Appropriate behaviour to counter inappropriate behaviors.

      But in my scenario as in yours, we get arrested. Because wherever Muslims decide its a mosque, its a mosque and those of us who do not immediately adapt are going to be found guilty of Islamophobia.

      Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it, just means we need to know the cost in advance. Eventually, the law will revert to being the law and we will win. But till then, get ready to face irrational and selective enforcement of whatever is handy to make us lose.

      • Either these people were hotel guests, thus they had a room, or they weren’t or they ate at the restaurant – therefore they had no business using private property for their public display of prayers.
        If they press for islamophobia charges, sue the hotel for not warning guests that the public space within their premises can be used for religious rituals.

  7. I was a guest in a hotel and I was waiting for my gf who was still in the hotel room. Because of my low back pain, I had go one knee down in the hotel lobby and security came to ask me leave the lobby. Go back to room or outside.

  8. A big black dog in front of them would be worth every penny. This is in your face agitprop, nothing to do with praying. They’re trying to tell you that they are pious Mustards and you are an ignorant kafir.

  9. OT. . .

    ????? #Canada: This is what you can expect when you visit #McDonalds in Brossard for dinner. It is prayed, while children eat and play.

    I wonder if these two Canadian instances are related to a specific region/mosque in Quebec and is it coordinated. The distance between Brossard and Montebello is about an hour and a half according to this map:

    If not coordinated via mosque alone, could it be related to :
    George Soros Unveils His Hate Incident Database

  10. Sit on the stairs right in front of them blaring Christian Music from a loosely fitting set of headphones.
    Play stupid and if accosted, (by anybody) just simply say “I’m waiting for somebody”.

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