Canada’s Liberal party tips their hand. This is about advancement of Islam

Protests and counter-protests over Enlightenment ending, M103 took place today in Montreal and Toronto. The National Post has some of the story here.





The federal Conservatives oppose M-103 because of the reference to “Islamophobia”and so Conservative MP David Anderson put forward a motion that was identical in almost every aspect to Khalid’s motion except that it sought to have MPs “condemn all forms of systemic racism, religious intolerance, and discrimination of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, and other religious communities.

“A vote was held on Anderson’s motion and, even though all Conservative, NDP, and BQ MPs voted in favour, it was defeated because Khalid, Joly, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the majority Liberal caucus voted against it.”

I think we know all we need to know now. The PM and the Liberal government know this is about Islamic supremacy and not some kind of anti “racism” token motion. The Conservative motion even had Muslims listed first, although Jews are still the #1 target of crimes of bias.

Thank you Grace.


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4 Replies to “Canada’s Liberal party tips their hand. This is about advancement of Islam”

  1. The M word typically goes first on statements of this kind all over the decaying free Western world, at least the English-speaking part of it. Jews and Christians bring up the rear, with the non-M minorities.

  2. With Turd & Co in power, I’m SO THANKFUL that Trump won the election, because at least there’s an outer limit to how far they can go without getting told to can it by someone who can actually create enough hurt for them so as to ensure that they lose the next election (i.e., screw up the economy).

    That pretty much makes the Trump Administration the real opposition to Turd & Co. The adults in the room, if you will. Because Turd & Co are basically a bunch of overgrown teenagers playing Mock Parliament, as I see it.

    Unpleasant doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  3. Canada- you will never know what you had when you go too far and cannot come back. Liberty is a precious thing. Your children will either curse you when they wake up to what you are thinking of doing or they will get propagandized and forever lost. Their future is in your hands.

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