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  1. Daniel Greenfield

    If We Don’t Let in Muslims to America, They’ll Kill Us

    Trump’s executive order is “going to get Americans killed,” Senator Murphy declared.

    The Connecticut Democrat was joining a chorus of the clueless warning us that if we don’t let Muslims into America, they’ll join ISIS and kill us.

    […]“Let us in or we’ll kill you” is the least compelling immigration argument ever.

    […]ISIS had zero recruitment problems under Obama. There was no shortage of Muslims lining up to run over, rape, behead, bomb and mutilate non-Muslims even when his refugee policies bent over backward to favor Muslims.

    […]ISIS recruitment numbers fell for reasons having nothing to do with our immigration policy. Muslims stopped joining the Islamic State because it was losing.

    Islam only cares about winning. Either you’re killing non-Muslims. Or you’re a loser. Muslim martyrs don’t die for their beliefs. They die while killing others for their beliefs.

    […]Appeasing Islamic terrorists doesn’t work. It has never worked. And it will never work.

    Closing the door on Muslim terrorists doesn’t endanger us. Opening the door does.

    more :

  2. U.S. strike in Iraq targets Islamic State militant from France (reuters, Feb 10, 2017)

    “The U.S. military said on Friday it targeted senior Islamic State militant Rachid Kassim, who Reuters has previously reported to be a French national, in a strike by the U.S.-led coalition near the city of Mosul in the past 72 hours.

    “We are currently assessing the results of that strike and will provide more information when it becomes available,” said Marine Corps Major Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway, a Pentagon spokesman, without offering additional details, including whether Kassim was believed to have been killed in the operation.”

  3. Crown Prince honored with US medal for combating terror (saudigazette, Feb 11, 2017

    “Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, deputy premier and minister of interior, was honored on Friday with the George Tenet Medal, provided by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States in recognition of the outstanding intelligence work in combating terror and his immense contributions in achieving global peace and security…”

    • [alors là ça plus c'est toujours la même chose !!!...]

      Crown Prince honored with US medal for combating terror

      RIYADH – Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, deputy premier and minister of interior, was honored on Friday with the George Tenet Medal, provided by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States in recognition of the outstanding intelligence work in combating terror and his immense contributions in achieving global peace and security.


      CIA Director Mike Pompeo decorated the Crown Prince with the medal during a reception in Riyadh. Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, second deputy premier and minister of defense, and several high-ranking officials were present on the occasion. The Crown Prince and Pompeo also discussed issues of mutual concern and ways to further enhance them, especially in the security and counterterrorism fields, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

      Speaking to reporters after receiving the honor, the Crown Prince said that this medal is the fruit of efforts and directives of the Saudi leadership, headed by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, as well as the bravery of security men and cooperation of all sections of the Saudi society. He said that Islam and other heavenly regions have nothing to do with the devilish acts of the terrorist groups.

      “Saudi Arabia rejects and denounces strongly terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. We are determined to counter extremism and terrorism and were successful in foiling terrorist plots, through preemptive operations, and these included even plots targeting some friendly states,” he said while underlining the need for joint global efforts at the security, intellectual, financial, media and military levels, to stamp out the scourge of terror.

      Referring to the Saudi-US relations, the Crown Prince said that nobody would succeed in creating friction in the historic and strategic relations between the Kingdom and US.

  4. Muslim Man Makes Winter Trip on Foot to Cross Canadian Border (moroccoworldnews, Feb 10, 2017)

    “In a rapidly growing trend along the Canada-US border, a Muslim man successfully crossed into Canada after making the mid-winter journey on foot and by bicycle, according to a special report by the CBC.

    Kabul-born Habib Zahori, 32 years of age, was desperate. He couldn’t go home and he wouldn’t be allowed to remain where he was in the US. Looking north, he saw the possibility of freedom and let it take root in his mind. This was the beginning of Zahori’s perilous journey but not where his story started.

    Zahori’s story began in Kabul, Afghanistan. In 2009, Zahori discovered that he could make more money working as an interpreter during the war that followed the 2001 US invasion. Eventually he found a successful career working with journalists from the New York Times, The Washington Post and the BBC. Soon he was working as a freelance journalist himself.

    Unfortunately for Zahori, this new career earned him the unwanted attention of the government and the Taliban. “In a country like Afghanistan people don’t need a legitimate reason to threaten you or kill you. All they need is to find out you are somehow associated with foreigners.”

    Fearing for his life, he decided to flee, obtaining a 2-year Fulbright Scholarship to complete a master’s degree in international relations at the University of Denver.

    According to the same source, as his scholarship was nearing an end, however, Habib Zahori was faced with a critical decision. Loved ones at home made it clear to him that his life was still in danger should he decide to return. He couldn’t go back. With tensions over immigration being what they are in the US, he also knew his chanced of being granted refugee status were slim, at best. He couldn’t stay where he was.

    Zahori looked north and decided he would go to Canada…”

  5. French farmer vows to keep helping migrants despite €3,000 fine (thelocal, Feb 10, 2017)

    “The farmer who let migrants sneak into France has said he has no intention of stopping, despite being slapped with a suspended fine of €3,000 euros ($3,200) on Friday.

    Cedric Herrou, 37, was tried for illegally helping migrants across the French-Italian border under the noses of the French police, and then giving them accommodation.

    But he won’t be stopping anytime soon, he said in an interview with Europe 1 radio before the verdict was given.

    “We will continue to act despite the threats from the state and the prosecutor,” he said.

    At his trial last month, he said he was compelled to help migrants “because it has to be done… families are suffering.”

    His €3,000 fine was far lighter than the eight-month prison term that prosecutors had requested…”

  6. Haqqani, Taliban leaders enjoy freedom of actions in Pakistan: US commander (khaama, Feb 10, 2017)

    “The top US commander in Afghanistan General John Nicholson has said the Taliban and Haqqani network leaders are enjoying freedom of action within Pakistan safe havens.

    Gen. Nicholson is the commander of the US forces and the NATO-led Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan.

    “The Taliban and Haqqani network are the greatest threats to security in Afghanistan. Their senior leaders remain insulated from pressure and enjoy freedom of action within Pakistan safe havens,” he told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday.

    He said “As long as they enjoy external enablement, they have no incentive to reconcile. The primary factor that will enable our success is the elimination of external sanctuary and support to the insurgents.”…”

  7. On Wednesday, the New York State Education Department apologized for including an ‘anti-Israel’ political cartoon on its global studies Regents Exam.

    The exam was administered to 10th graders back on January 24.

    In an earlier post on the controversy, we wrote that critics—including students, teachers, and a prominent NY politician—had charged that the cartoon was offensive anti-Israel propaganda.

    As we highlighted, the cartoon depicts three armed and obese Israeli soldiers huddled behind an overturned table, which they’re using as a protective shield. One says, “I knew this peace table would come in handy someday.” Via a multiple-choice question, students were asked to reflect on the cartoon’s meaning and “main idea.”

  8. FBI Looking into Milo Riots at UC-Berkeley; Bounty Offered

    There’s a lot of disagreement over whether the University of California-Berkeley did enough to stop left-wing violence before canceling the Milo Yiannopoulos appearance on campus last week, especially the adequacy of the law-enforcement response.

    University of Utah Law Prof. Paul Cassell asked incredulously how no one was arrested the night of the riots (which also caused $100,000 in property damage just on campus):

    How is it that after more than 100 thugs organized, well in advance, to invade the campus, and police were alerted to the risk of violence, again well in advance, no arrests were made the night of the attack? Indeed, in the days afterward, police following up (are they following up?) are unable to find any digital fingerprints or other pieces of evidence to begin prosecuting those responsible.

    Campus officials defended their response, saying the university is “not the National Guard” and that the “use of force would have been escalated” if police had tried to apprehend the rioters.

  9. The Ninth Circuit: Dangerously Out of Order
    Black-robed politicians on the Left Coast handcuff Trump, keeping the borders wide open for terrorists.
    February 10, 2017
    Matthew Vadum

    Three unelected federal judges in San Francisco yesterday ordered the Trump administration to continue accepting visitors and would-be immigrants from seven dangerous countries that are incubators of Muslim terrorism.

    When President Trump learned his temporary ban on the admission of aliens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen that was put on hold Feb. 3 by Seattle-based Judge James L. Robart would continue in abeyance, he got on Twitter immediately.

    At 6:35 p.m. Eastern time he tweeted in all caps: “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!”

    The open-borders crowd doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on. That may be why at a press conference celebrating the outrageous ruling, a member of Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s (D) team deployed the phrase “social justice” to justify the decision. “Social justice” is a magical amulet that nullifies anything the Left doesn’t like, including the president’s executive order. Its very invocation is an admission that a cause is illegitimate and un-American.

    The Ninth Circuit’s fairy dust-based decision is “an intellectually dis

  10. Re-Rethinking Objective Journalism
    February 10, 2017
    Daniel Greenfield

    Ted Koppel, a Mad magazine cover who spent several centuries boring insomniac ABC viewers, returns from exile, along with Dan Rather, to lecture us all on the dangers of a free press.

    Koppel objects to the expansion of the press corps to conservative media outlets. This would be a more credible objection if the media hadn’t turned into a straight cheering section for Obama. There were a few exceptions in the press corps, but the outlets themselves were and are the voice of the left. And if there’s no longer much difference between DailyKos and the Washington Post, why not bring in conservative media outlets?

    There’s no good answer to that except to put on your fedora with the press pass in it and lecture about journalism.

  11. Bring Back the House Un-American Activities Committee
    February 10, 2017
    Daniel Greenfield

    Robby Mook ran Hillary’s campaign. And he’s calling for action.

    We have to take action now to root out Russian and other foreign influences before they become too deeply enmeshed in our political ecosystem…

    Second, all democratic governments must do much more to make electoral systems secure. That doesn’t just mean steps to protect ballots: political parties and their leaders must be defended as well. We also need stiff penalties for individuals who assist Russian intervention in our elections, as it seems aides of Trump may have done.

    Facebook and Twitter have taken encouraging steps to filter out misleading content. Their continuing vigilance will be critical. We must also think about how to manage the presence of government-backed news operations, such as Russia Today (rebranded as the more opaque RT) which can increase their reach through online promotion. The law makes no distinction between the New York Times and outlets like RT or China Daily, which are essentially state-sponsored propaganda. Sadly, the unfiltered nature of much social media means many Americans don’t see much of a distinction either.

    So the Russians are infiltrating our political system and seeking to influence it? We need to fight foreign influences over our political system? We already had a tool for that back during the Cold War days to deal with Russian infiltration of our society and system.

    • Once again the left proves that they need to be careful what they wish for, any honest investigation would find massive vote fraud by Democrats and massive political interference by the people who donated money to the Clinton Foundation.

  12. The Anti-Trump Resistance Movement
    The Left’s “Indivisible Team” gathers to wage rebellion and disruption.
    February 10, 2017
    Discover The Networks

    The Indivisible Team (IT) was established by a group of five former Democratic congressional staffers in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 presidential election. One of the five founders, IT board president Ezra Levin, had previously served as associate director of government affairs at the Corporation for Enterprise Development, and as an AmeriCorps VISTA employee in the Homeless Services Division of the San Jose Department of Housing. Another key founder, IT board secretary Angel Padilla, had worked as an immigration policy consultant at the National Council of La Raza, and as an adviser to Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Illinois) from 2009-11.

    Upon its inception, IT’s first order of business was to launch a website devoted to providing leftists and liberals with strategies for countering the “radical, racist, and sexist” objectives of President Trump. This website features a tool kit for local IT organizers, a daily calendar that lists national events and calls-to-action, and the group’s signature publication, Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda. During December 2016 and January 2017, this Guide was downloaded more than 1 million times.

    Rejecting the very legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency, the IT Guide portrays him as “the biggest popular-vote loser in history to ever call himself President-Elect.” And because Trump “will attempt to use his congressional majority to reshape America in his own racist, authoritarian, and corrupt image” despite the fact that he “has no mandate” from the voters, IT pledges to “stand indivisibly opposed to Trump and Members of Congress [MoC’s] who would do his bidding.”

  13. Muslim gang-rapists in court: “Women should listen, they should not complain”
    Posted on February 10, 2017 15:00
    By Benjamin de Wolf

    Several young gang-rapists started laughing in a Belgian court while yelling:

    “women should not complain, they should listen to men.”

    The seven ‘men’ were seen in a video where they are standing around an unconscious girl who is lying on a bed, then seen pulling down her pants and raping her. Also in the video, they are dancing around the victim and singing songs in Arabic.

    The gang of perpetrators, aged 14 (!) to 25, consist of five Iraqi nationals, and two who hold Belgian citizenship. At least two of them are currently in their asylum procedure. When asked, one of them said: “the girl asked us to grab her”. This is extremely unlikely, since she is seen on the video hardly moving at all. This monstrous event happened last November and was discovered by a schoolteacher in Oostende (Belgium) last week. One of the boys, who is only 14 years old, was showing off pictures of himself on his mobile phone wearing an army uniform and sporting an automatic rifle. The teacher informed the police, who confiscated the phone, and later found the gang-rape video.

  14. George Soros affiliate and MEP: “EU must launch own Broadcasting Service to counter lies”
    Posted on February 10, 2017 14:30
    By Timon Dias

    The German André Wilkens, who “headed the Soros Foundation’s Open Society Institute (OSI) in Brussels and coordinated Soros’ activities in Europe (2003-2009)” and member of the European Parliament Jakob von Weizsäcker (Social Democratic Party, yes, Martin Schulz’s club) today published a piece so Orwellian, only Europhiles could have written it.

    “Propaganda spreads faster on social media than serious information and we’ve just experienced what an election looks like in the post-factual world. The European Union should launch its own broadcasting channel, the European Broadcasting Service (EBC), to counter the lies, draw Europe together and defend democracy.”

    According to these jolly Germans, this is an absolute necessity, because:

    “We lack a public space where we can discuss these issues from a European perspective. We are still imprisoned in national filter bubbles. So it is no surprise that we are incapable of developing a common view, let alone coming up with real European solutions. In the long-term, European democracy will only work if it is underpinned by a European public sphere, rather than a series of fragmented national public spheres.”

    What are these guys on about?

    First, such a Europe-wide platform already exists: Euronews, which last year received 24.7 million euros in subsidies from the European Commission itself.

  15. Hungarian army completes border protection base. Doesn’t care what the EU thinks
    Posted on February 10, 2017 12:00
    By Vincent van den Born

    On February 9, Hungarian Chief of Defense General Dr Tibor Benk? announced that they have completed building the Kelebia border protection base on the Hungarian-Serbian border, and that further installations are expected to be completed later this year. Each facility will “provide modern field accommodation” for 600 military personnel. The soldiers will be on duty along the border until the migration pressure on Europe and Hungary ends. The Defense Chief said he hoped the numbers can be reduced after completion of the second fence, enabling more time for training and other activities.

    Benk? stated that over the last one and a half years, in excess of 15.000 soldiers have been on border protection duty, while the Hungarian armed forces have also participated in more than 40 exercises, both domestic and international. In addition, they carried out foreign missions in 12 different locations, spread across three continents.

    Meanwhile increased attention is given to the Hungarian-Serbian border section. Already, a 170 km long barrier system has been constructed, similar to the one along the Hungarian-Croatian border, which has a length of 136 km. Construction efforts and guard duties are in line with Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s tough stance on migration. Putting European laws and safety first, under his administration, there is no room for uncontrolled entrance into Europe:

  16. Sweden: “Foreign language teen” rapes 40-year-old woman at knife point in parking lot
    Posted on February 10, 2017 10:30
    By David Frankenhuis

    A Swedish woman in her forties Wednesday became the victim of rape and robbery in the city of Malmö. The perpetrator of the sexual assault, that took place in the mall parking, was a teenage boy. He also beat the woman and threatened her with a large knife.

    The victim, who is married and has children, had gone shopping and was planning to go home. When starting her car that was parked in Mobilia Parking, she noticed the lamp of the windshield washer fluid lighting up, which made her stop for a refill. After she opened her trunk the boy jumped her, reports.

    The attacker, who was dressed in black, then tore open the woman’s trousers and raped her. In order to stop the victim from screaming, he put his hand over her mouth and pulled out a 30-centimetre knife, threatening with violence.

    “All I could think of were my children,” the shocked woman testifies. After finishing the rape, the criminal demanded money, stealing her necklace and rings. Next, he started beating the victim in her neck with his fists, telling her that she shouldn’t report the crime to the police. Since he now had her vehicle registration plate, he would be able to find her, he threatened.

  17. CANADA – Man who beheaded passenger on Greyhound bus granted freedom

    A schizophrenic man who was found not criminally responsible for beheading and cannibalizing a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus was granted an absolute discharge Friday.

    That means he will no longer be subject to any conditions or monitoring to ensure he takes his medication.

    Manitoba’s Criminal Code Review Board granted a request from Will Baker’s lawyer to give Baker his full freedom, nine years after the brutal stabbing that horrified passengers.

    The board “is of the opinion that the weight of evidence does not substantiate that Mr. Baker poses a significant threat to the safety of the public,” the written decision read in part.

    Baker, formerly known as Vince Li, was initially kept in a secure wing of a psychiatric hospital. He was granted more freedom and privileges every year at his review board hearings, starting with escorted walks on the hospital grounds.

    His doctors described him as a model patient who had not been treated for schizophrenia at the time of his attack. After his arrest and placement at the hospital, he responded well to medication and understood that he must continue to take it to keep his illness at bay, they said.

    Baker started living on his own in a Winnipeg apartment last November but was still subject to rules and nightly monitoring to ensure he took his medication. His lawyer has asked the review board Monday to strip away the remaining conditions and give Baker complete freedom.

    The victim’s mother, Carol de Delley, has been outspoken against granting Baker freedom, arguing there would be no way to ensure he continued to take his medication.

    She declined comment Friday in a Facebook post.

    “I have no words,” she wrote.

    Conservative member of Parliament James Bezan has also criticized Baker’s release. He said earlier in the week it would be an insult to de Delley and McLean’s other relatives.

    Baker’s defenders include Chris Summerville, executive director of the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, who has met and worked with him over the years.

    “He is no longer a violent person,” Summerville said.

    “I will say, yes, he absolutely understands that he has to (take his medication) and has a desire to live a responsible, moral life and never succumb to psychotic episodes and not to hurt anybody ever again.”

    On the night of the attack, Baker sat next to 22-year-old Tim McLean — a complete stranger — after the young man smiled at him and asked how he was doing.

    Baker said he heard the voice of God telling him to kill the young carnival worker or “die immediately.”

    He repeatedly stabbed McLean while the young man fought for his life. As passengers fled the bus, Baker continued stabbing and mutilating the body.

    The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1999 that a review board must order an absolute discharge if a person doesn’t pose a significant threat to public safety.

    The ruling added there must be clear evidence of a significant risk to the public for the review board to continue imposing conditions after a person is found not criminally responsible.

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