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5 Replies to “French born, Arab apostate on French TV explains the dangers of Islam to civilization”

  1. Hard to understand why this guy sticks with Islam on any terms.
    A classic example of why we have one mouth and two ears.

  2. Impossible. I couldn’t bear the intellectually lazy moderator who seems to have spent the last 2 decades under a rock.

  3. Back in the Cold War there was a free one-way ticket available to any member of a communist country who wanted to “defect” to the West. We should all be doing that now. If you want to leave Islam and become a true citizen of your new country, then come on in, friend. If you want to stay Muslim and secretly pine for Sharia law and stoning and taharrushing as you wait for your numbers to grow so you can spring the demographic trap, then please stay where you are because you are not welcome here.

    Islam, like Fascism, Naziism and communism, is a bad thing. We should do everything in our power to discourage its growth – especially in our own countries…

  4. Firstly: Thanks for the work of Ava Lon, Vlad Tepes and GoV. It’s a big piece and lots of work behind the coulisses.

    People have criticised the “Interviewer” (Gilbert Collard) and perhaps he was playing the devil’s advoctae too well, but, interviewing on TV Libertés is not his day job.

    He is a MP for Marine LePen’s “Front National”, and a great personal supporter of MARION LePen who (according to my own fearless, if not always accurate predictions ) one day will be Président and who is quite significantly to the “Right” of Marine’s Vice “Phillipot” and even of her aunt. See him in full flight here:


    PS: I like him a lot !

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