Finland training children to rat out parents for ‘wrong-think’

This would be an excellent post for parents in the Western nations to write their own stories about having to reeducate their children after especially intense periods of Marxist brainwashing.

Many parents have relayed stories about how their children where told to report back to the school if, for example, the family had the wrong kinds of appliances, which would allegedly lead to ‘global-warming’ for using too much power.

This Stalin-Orwellian treatment by schools, using children as Stasi against their own families, is becoming more the rule than the exception. But there would likely be catharsis for others to know they are not alone in the constant battle to instil critical thought in their children as opposed to critical theory.

So please do. The time to really make this kind of event known is now before it is simply accepted as the new normal.

The ship is slowly turning. The more hands on the helm the easier it is for each of us to steer away from the iceberg.



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  1. Incredibly, I just got off the phone with my son’s teacher, from whom I’ve requested he be excused from Gender Identity class. He is 14. I let her talk. She was a nervous, confused, blabbering pile of verbal horse shit spouting the inane mantra of sensitivity, inclusion and a litany of other PC mindlessness.

    What have we become.

    • And this, I will add, as the Ontario government allows private Muslim schools to teach literal Koranic jurisprudence on what should be done with homosexuals.

      • Good for you, Johnny!
        Sending kids to public school demands a lot of work for a consciencious parent. I bet you have to spend a good deal of time revising history homework. Putting Stone Age “First Nations” in perspective, Renaissance Europe versus Kwansa cannibal “oral history”.

  2. As someone who grew up on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain, this freaks me out…

    As it freaks out A LOT of people on reddit…as it should.

    When ‘the authorities’ get to the point where they think this is ‘acceptable’, civilization has ceased to exist. Plain and simple.

    • It has vanished in many parts of the world and barbarism is rising, civilization is nice but freedom is vital. If we have to sink to barbarism to remain free we will be in a position to rebuild civilization. If we lose our freedom we have lost everything and it will be centuries before we can rebuild civilization.

    • You have the bona fides to challenge it. I, for one, am grateful that you take it on yourself, putting your abundant talents at the service of our freedom, Xan.

  3. I was born in a communist country.This is unacceptable.Stupid robots.
    I left the stupid ex communist countries because I had enough ;but I found out that in the “free” capitalist countries PC is as dangereous as it was in communism .
    What the hell is happening to you? You had freedom and you choose to be slaves??

    • We have been under a long term attack through the schools that have removed much from the curriculum that was taught when I was a kid. One of the things no longer taught is history both ancient and modern, they have removed all teaching of the mistakes of history which places them in position to force us to make those mistakes again. Those of us that are still capable of critical thought are doing all we can but it will probably end up in a civil war in all western nations.

  4. The left is once again showing what they really are, the question is are there enough people who are willing to fight to oppose this growing move towards dictatorship.

  5. Like the Religious police in Islam
    Are these Socialist police of Communism
    Every greeting of the assalam
    Regales the Open Prison.

    Where infants are forced into conformity
    Cloned in Safe Spaces shy of fear
    From the Merciful Authority
    Whose deceits are made to them as ‘clear.’

    From prostrating in front of Allah
    To fornicating in front of Man
    If parents glint one single valor
    They are denounced to their Imam.

    Snitching to Muslim Brotherhood
    Ratting to Hitler Youth
    Confessing to Comrade Motherhood
    Any Finnish speaking truth.

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