An explanation for Merkel’s near totally incomprehensible New years Eve speech

For those of you that saw Merkel’s speech for New Years, she basically just repeated that Germany was capable of dealing with the raping and the thuggery and the terrorism and so it should just batten down the hatches and weather out the storm, without so much a word as to why Germany should do so.

Just that they should.

At last, we have an explanation for her behaviour.

However some in Germany take a much much more serious and rational approach to the New Year:

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3 Replies to “An explanation for Merkel’s near totally incomprehensible New years Eve speech”

  1. Vlad .. your ‘wry-snide-ass’ intro comments to the postings
    have reached unmeasurable dimensions. gettin’ better all the time. we could very well have another ‘white hispanic’ on the loose in ft lauderdale ..

    we gotta’ look at the dis-info being force fed as a song & dance
    act ..

    • You are right.

      The Propaganda media in all nations pull stunts like this and then scream when we don’t believe them and no longer trust them. Their temper tantrums about the alt media and fake news do nothing to help their reputation or their believablity.

  2. Merkel just doesn’t get it. She’s down there in that bunker of hers while Berlin and the rest of the country burns.

    “Mein Fuehrer…………..Steiner kommt nicht.

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