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6 Replies to “Romanan president refuses to accept a muslim PM, orders coalition to pick someone else”

  1. Yes, but he accept mandatory quotas of muslims”refugees” , allocated by the EU.
    He refused to appoint a PM Muslim, just because he is at war with the boss of PSD (Dragnea, which has a final conviction, suspended, and this is why Mr Dragnea is not allowed to be prime minister)) leftist party (origin communist ).
    Romanian president is completely subordinate to Mrs Merkel and EU directives.

    Sorry formy bad english.

    • Sorry for my bad English.

      Dear, MariaM,

      Please DO NOT apologize. The Vlad Tepes Blog is made more rich and valuable by additions like yours. I ask that you NEVER worry or hesitate to provide any and all of your words and insights. It is PRECISELY the contributions of people like YOU that help all of us learn more and EVEN MORE STRONGLY FIGHT the Islamic filth.

      Thank you so much for sharing with us and please know that I wish you and all of your family a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

      • La multi ani Mihai!

        I’m glad because I met people online who are concerned about the same problems as me.
        Specifically about the muslim invasion controlled by dark minds.
        Most terrifies me that many people do not realize the great danger of this invasion.
        Europe and the world will be destroyed and will become a huge caliphate.
        I read in 6 or 7 years ago about this plan.
        Then I considered all science fiction.
        Now, I see, unfortunately, the evil plan is applied at high speed.
        The world has forgotten too quickly Nazism, who initially had few followers, around 10%.
        Nobody took seriously the dangers of Nazism.
        We all know how much it has changed the face of Europe because of the war.
        We in Romania, had bloody communist dictatorship.
        I have not yet escaped the communists, now they have another name.
        If not urgently stops Muslim invasion (they are not refugees) destroying our world, will be irreversible.

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