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8 Replies to “Muslims appear to celebrate the Berlin jihad attack”

  1. Make every last one of them regret this more than the death of their own child.

    There is so much more that I could write but little of it would have more meaning.

    To the Muslims of Europe: A time of reckoning is coming.

    • I don’t know, NorseR…
      They don’t seem to value the lives of their children the way we do.
      Or, for that matter, the way dogs or cats do. I don’t know about apes and pigs.

      • I don’t know, NorseR…
        They don’t seem to value the lives of their children the way we do.

        yucki, you are absolutely right. As Golda Meir observed:

        “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

        ? Golda Meir

        Recent events have only made it all the more clear that Muslims (continue to) devour their young.

        Far more disturbing are such headlines as those dealing with the rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger.

        That her own father used this poor “useful idiot’s” DEATH NOTICE as a fundraising plea to finance further immigration into Germany of THE EXACT SAME SORT OF MURDEROUS SAVAGES THAT RAPED AND KILLED THIS MAN’S DAUGHTER is something that warrants close scrutiny and, even closer legal intervention.

        This is a case where Liberal Westerners have begun to DEVOUR THEIR OWN YOUNG. Not that this is entirely strange. The case of “Saint Pancake” Rachel Corrie springs to mind, just as that of Amy Elizabeth Biehl. Let me know if you need links. Right about now I am fighting the urge to VOMIT.

  2. PS: Rarely has anything managed to enrage to the same extent of Muslims celebrating the 9-11 Atrocity. All the same, by some incredible chance, this has. Perhaps it is because I attended one or two of these Weihnachtsmarkts when I last visited Berlin, Dresden, and Munich.

    I realize that there is ZERO comparison of scale yet, the intentional offensiveness and flagrant ingratitude is approximate. If a bystander with a machine gun cut loose on these scumbag Islamic celebrants my CPR training would not kick in for even a millisecond.

    Put another way, were these barbaric slimeballs on fire, I would not piss upon them to extinguish the flames.

  3. The worshipers followers of Mohammad are rubbing their assumption of superiority in the faces of the Germans. They along with the left have been rewriting history to show themselves as the victims and anointed victors are incapable of reading the results of the elections that says Britain is leaving the EU and elected Donald Trump. They are in for a rude awakening when the people of the European nations have had enough and strike back. Europe will win, civilization will probably lose but hopefully freedom will remain in Europe.

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