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11 Replies to “Gen Ident on the women, murdered by muslim migrants”

    • Hey NorseRadish – being of the “feisty” kind, I’m clumsy at handling such generosity – especially from someone who deserves praise like you – so I simply say “thank you”.

      • I’m clumsy at handling such generosity…

        Well alrighty then, as your official “Gratitude Therapist”, I’ll do my best to see you get used to it. Few other sayings sum things up for me so well as this one:

        If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.

        Meister Eckhart

  1. Deutschlund .. The Leopard 2A4 battle Tank
    is one of the best in the world & the standard NATO Tank.
    You will soon hear the rumble from your gentle rest, Maria, as you cannot erase millennia of warrior DNA comming to avenge your pure spirit ..

  2. I hope the very brave man in the video can stay out of trouble because there are a lot of politicians in Germany who will want to prosecute him on hate speech. If he can stay on the safe line of those laws he will be very effective in the coming unrest.

    • Richard:
      He belongs to the Movement Identitaire – who, of course are being defamed as Nazis etc. This movement started in France – I fully support them btw, they are the hope of our side – I think Vlad posted about them. They have now branches in Austria and Germany. I heard (but, in a hurry, cannot find the source at the moment) that Merkel’s Germany is attempting to have them banned or proscribed as a Terrorist Organisation or such.
      They are, on the whole, decent, brave, intelligent, young people whose future is being destroyed here !

      • They are, on the whole, decent, brave, intelligent, young people whose future is being destroyed here !

        Never in my life did I imagine that my curse upon the so-called “Palestinians” might apply to Liberal Europe (despite how Clemens Ladenburger has proven this):


    • Here, Richard, is the last event from the German Identitaires: mounting on the Brandenburg Gate and asking for “Secure Borders”. The French (where this movement originated) have gone onto the roof of a Mosque constructiuon site in France (Vlad reported on it) holding a banner : no more mosques or such. They are healthy, young, peaceful, strong, refusing to swim in the effluent brought to us by Mother Terrorista Merkel and her ilk, and so, of course, called “Nazis”

      • PS: To my Jewish friends: please do not believe the defamatory lies told about this movement: they are no Jew haters – … you could compare them somewhat to another movement in France (which I also support) which is the Jewish Defence League – again a much maligned group who just “will not take it any more” !

  3. This brave young man will now be branded a racist.
    Worst part of this story I find the father’s reaction. Not even the death of his (beloved?) daughter can make him change his politically correct mind. Very sad indeed.

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