Germany. The end of thousands of years of a culture and people

1, New footage of last New Years Eve in Cologne. Police cam footage shows how freaking terrible it was. Make sure you have the captions on. Its soft titled.

2. OK now to give some sense of how this event affected Angela Merkel’s policies, who have been getting a lot of fake news about U turns and changes of policy, none of which are remotely true, watch this two videos:

And this interview:

Oh yes, in case you didn’t know:

3. Now if you have watched all the videos up to this point, you are probably, and correctly, angry enough to be a threat to your health.

This should help alleviate that.

Shock poll predicts French Socialists have no chance of beating Marine Le Pen

FRENCH socialist candidates have no chance in next year’s presidential election which will be a run-off between conservative candidate François Fillon and the right wing Marine Le Pen.

Marine Le PenGETTY

Marine Le Pen will beat any socialist candidates, shows new poll

Any Socialist candidate will get knocked out in the first, decisive round of next year’s French presidential election, a shock BVA-Salesforce poll published today reveals.

The poll suggests that it is right-wing Les Républicains candidate François Fillon, a self-confessed Thatcherite, who is to face the leader of the eurosceptic National Front party, Marine Le Pen, in the second-round run-off next spring.

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13 Replies to “Germany. The end of thousands of years of a culture and people”

  1. I can only reiterate what has been said here before by others and myself. Angela Merkel must stand trial for crimes against humanity. The only acceptable alternative is having her and every last politician involved in this Grand Guignol face the same charges.


      Her speech in the 1st video, what a pompous bitch- really! “It belongs to the TRUTH to admit that there is the impression that people who have always lived in Germany have need of a intergrations course themselves.”
      And Klitschko clapping like a derp. Arg! I couldn´t watch further or else I would vomit.

    • While she is expected to win the election will she have a legislature that will support what she wants to do?

      Someone will likely have to ask Donald Trump this same question.

      All the same, it’s better to have additional impetus for the populist movement—even if such leadership is forced to batter itself against the usual wall of Socialist suicidal Liberal “pro-immigrant” Communist loons. Just the media exposure alone is well worth whatever agony might be involved.

      For the first time in donkey’s ears there is the utterly dumbfounding prospect of Western Civilization actually being treated to the most remote semblance of [gasp!] leadership by example. You may stop convulsing now. Apply defibrillation >here<.

      • Most of what PET campaigned to do can be carried out by appointing people who will enforce our current laws. Building the wall and deporting illegal immigrants are already part of the US code the last few Presidents haven’t enforced those sections but they are still law. Rebuilding the Military is part of the Presidents job as commander in chief. Renegotiation the trade deals, and the Iran nuclear deal, those deals were never submitted to Congress they can be modified by renegotiating or simply abandoned at any time since they were just between Obama and the people overseas, not the US and the people overseas. The only thing that needs Congressional approval is the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, and if Congress drags their feet and refuses to act the voters will be real upset. It was opposition to Obamacare that gave the Republicans the majority in Congress and was one of the main planks in the Trump platform. The Dems can delay its repeal and replacement for a while but in the long run it is gone.

        I say replacement because Obamacare has driven almost all of the insurance companies out of the healthcare insurance business. Which is part of what it was designed to do, the replacement will have to bring the the private sector back into the business and until this can be done the existing private sector companies need be allowed to do business in more then one state. the resulting competition will lower prices and improve coverage.

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