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6 Replies to “At long last, a British journalist actually conducts an honest interview with a leftist European Union shill”

  1. Gosh, I hate politicians (on general principle) but something like this interview adds a little extra fuel to my hate. There are a very, very few exceptional politicians who actually seem to have some integrity and honesty. A very few. Anyway, as any number of people have pointed out, I guess that’s certainly one of the reasons Donald Trump is so popular – he’s not a politician in his attitudes and comportment, and only recently one by profession. Let’s hope he maintains that refreshing directness and courage in the months and years ahead.

  2. More waffling than a crowd of Belgians. De rigueur for modern European politicians I suppose—save for the stray Wilders and Farrage—yet still able to leave quite the foul aftertaste.

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