Jihad is no reason to shoot a muslim! More: Links post 1 on December,ber 3 – 2016

1, In today’s world, attempting to murder as many students at random with a car and a machete as quickly as possible for allah is “no reason” to shoot the attacker according to the mother of the jihadi.

(Normally I would not attack a parent that lost a child under pretty much any circumstance. But there are a couple of exceptions. One would be when the parent celebrates the death of the child because the child’s jihadi actions of killing or assisting in the killing of unbelievers leads to an eternity in Mohammad’s sock puppet’s bar and brothel in the sky with unlimited credit.

The second, is when he tries to kill a lot of people and succeeds in wounding many, and his mother tries to claim that defending against that monster in whatever way is most expedient is a crime and done for “no reason”. That is repugnant. I personally wish she could have kept her mouth shut and grieved as a parent should and not tried to take on a case even Black Lives Matters will have se and thoughts defending.)

2. For the Muslim doctor files:

3. “For the first time in my life I fear for the safety and the future of my children.”

(German Liberal gets to tell it to Merkel’s face by video link. She no like.)

The man, a professor from the Rheingau region of western Germany, said to her: “I’m a father of four children. I’d much rather be sitting in an armchair right now and enjoy the rest of the evening… The only reason I am here is that for the first time in my life I am truly afraid.

“Afraid for the future of my children, afraid for the stability of our society, afraid for the security. Afraid that we won’t be able to get a handle on what started in the autumn of 2015.”

The dad added: ”Why not finally agree that people don’t want your refugee policy, that people actually require a  very different course of refugee policy?

“For the first time in my life I fear for the safety and the future of my children.”

4. Here is a video of some of the valuable skills that Merkel has brought into Germany.

5. Please check the comments under last night’s posts about Tania’s Christmas march in an enriched part of Copenhagen this morning.

There are videos and photos there showing some of the aftermath. The plan was to have an interview with Tania right after, but I have not been able to get ahold of her by Skype or phone. So we have to rely on what we find for now.


Thank you Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan, M., Sassy and so many more who have helped out so far today. There is more to come. Translators are working on some clips as we type.

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  1. “She was crying, and said, ‘I love you my son. I know they kill you for no reason,'” said Ahmed Sh. Ahmed, director of the mosque.”

    Director of a mosque… this story of an Imam ordering a hit on another Muslim cannot possibly be related to the unforgiveness of Islam. (Amazon equates the Religion of Peace with Christianity and their yellow knee pads).

    “It emerged that Cooper had been hired by Rashad, formerly known as Burnell Mitchell, who had been involved in running the An Noor Cultural Centre in Acton for 20 years.

    [Imam Abdul Hadi] Arwani worked in the construction business with Rashad and the pair had set up the mosque together, with Arwani acting as imam.”

    “Three days later, Rashad messaged Cooper: “Hi bra mi want that ting del with.” Cooper replied: “Yeah mon, mi a go mek it happen.””

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