Migrants in Bulgaria tried to KILL police, bombs in Italy, it really is bad. Links 2 on Nov. 25 – 2016

1, Fires in Israel, security footage shows them being set:

2. Trudeau’s claim of Canada & Islam’s shared values in action: Muslims refuse to stand for “O Canada” at School board meeting.

(Trudeau attempts to reverse the age old axion of “United we stand, divided we fall”, to make it, Divided we stand, united we fall. Of course this is a recipe for rapid failure but at least PM Trudeau can take credit for accomplishing that.)

3. Top FIVE at the Rebel.

And this is just one of them:

4. Migrant centre EXPLOSIONS: Violence between locals and migrants SHUTS DOWN Italian city

Violence erupted outside a former Olympic village accommodation where 1,300 migrants are being housed in Italy.

Long-standing tensions between local residents and migrants broke out on Wednesday night when two explosions were set off just outside the migrant centre in Turin.

The powerful explosions were strong enough to shake windows of nearby houses, according to local residents.

5. Dr. Jordan Peterson update. The university breaks its own rules and charter to favour cultural Marxism.

Please click over to the link and read what he wrote. It is not unimportant.

Thank you Tundra T., Oz-Rita, M., Wrath of Khan, NorseRadish, Xanthippa, and all. 

What a very very long day.

An it ain’t over yet.



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  1. The invaders in Bulgaria are taking the masks off and showing their training and discipline. It would be interesting to know if the ones in Italy were also fighting as an organized unit or just a disorganized mob?

    If the group in Bulgaria are willing to show themselves as trained fighters are they doing so because they are afraid the won’t make their objectives before they are ordered to join others in a major assault on some location?

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