Italy: Migrants, Alfano’s Blackmail: Jail for those who resist requisitions

An original translation by Fousesquak with much thanks

From this Italian news site:

According to sources in the Interior Ministry, the Viminale Plan foresees (enforcement) agents and detention measures for those who resist requisition of their premises for migrants.

The Interior Ministry in the figure of Angelino Alfano, is preparing to requisition the real estate of Italians to place migrants.

It will be done, explains Il Giornale beginning only December 4, or after a consultation referendum in order to avoid protests by citizens that could influence the outcome of the vote.

Because it is indeed the protests that worry Alfano. The barricades of Goro and Gorino against the requisition of a hotel in order to place 15 refugees for days has occupied the front pages of newspapers and embarrassed the government. The secret services have already made a filing of the cities where it is possible for the citizens to organize in committees to resist the refugees.

The requisitions in fact, will go forward and according to l’Opinione, which cites sources in the Interior Ministry, the executive would be ready to take drastic measures against those citizens who would resist the consignment of private real estate to the migrants.

Jail for Those who oppose Migrants

“The secret services”, writes the daily (news), seem to have already alerted the government about eventual violent protests on the part of Italians not disposed to have their property requisitioned. What does it mean? According to l’Opinione, the plan “given the exceptionality of the issue and the reluctance of the Italians to collaborate in the reception” would be to send at least 2,000 policemen, carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and soldiers. Not just that: The Justice Ministry would be prepared to outright guarantee rapid trials and detention space for those who resist the Viminale Plan. In substance-jail for those who don’t agree.

It appears the requisitions would not be compensated.

This is because the Interior Ministry doesn’t have the funds to pay the owners of the homes, given that the money is already committed for the reception of the migrants in the centers operated by Coop and Onlus. In addition, the owner would have to continue to pay IMU and Tasi. In theory they could resort to the courts to obtain compensation/damages, but in this case, the course of justice would be long and with undiscounted outcome. Also according to the source cited from the Interior Ministry, Alfano’s measure would be “temporary”, but could lead to expropriation, if the property owner took measures in “damage to the State”. Indeed, whoever resists risks losing their house forever.

According to indiscretions on the part of Viminale employees, the requisition plan would begin at Pescara, a city that would be a sort of test case for the rest of Italy. The objective is to reduce the use of the COOP reception centers because they are more costly and less transparent in respect to the system than (those of) Sprar. To be affected, second homes would have to be vacant

[Ed: whats that old commie expression? “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. I think the Italians are about to find out what that really meant.]

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  1. Jail for Those who oppose Migrants

    Imagine how terrible it would be if those “jails” were (mysteriously) to burn down?

    The mind boggles!!!

  2. If the Secret Services” are busy looking into places to house the invaders they will probably chose property of people who are vocal about opposing the invaders.

    Perfectchild is right the French Revolution is indeed headed towards Italy and the terror will probably follow the revolution. What I wonder about is will the EU send in people to try and put down the revolution?

    • That is a very good question and why an EU army should be avoided at all costs. I don’t know why Victor Orban is in favor of a unified army. This Italian situation is exactly the danger of an EU army. Divisions could be sent from let’s say Denmark to put down the Italians…

      • That is how the Soviets use to do it and how the Chinese still do it, send in troops from far away so they will fire on the people.

        Next question: What will the patriots in the nation supplying the troops do? Resist or do nothing?

      • Orban’s pattern is to furiously fight the EU with one arm while lending weak and symbic support with the other. I believe this is to keep the Euros flowing.

        Pre-Brexit didn’t he place a full-page ad in a London newspaper pronouncing support for the EU? — Cheap lipservice to keep the socialists happy! Only two weeks ago he said Brexit was the decision of a great and free people.

        Further, paying lipservice to the EU army “concept” while already having essentially formed a real V4 army with cooperation between members to stop Tard migration is another example. I believe he would not lend concrete assistance to, or allow a foreign army on Hungarian soil. Such resolve has already been expressed in disallowing the hijrah.

        Using mellifluous terms praising the European experience, while turning east for business because western socialists including Obama have turned your country into a pariah with Marxist propoganda has left few choices. Hungary expelled the IMF the minute their debts were paid. This was the darkest and most corrosive force at play, and the Hungarians knew it. Ask the Greeks. Debt slavery to Euro bankers and the likes of Comrade Merkel just because you’re a peripheral captured market for German goods? As if.

        No. I think Orban is playing the EU tyrants. But the song he plays is neither happy, nor full of confidence. Rather it is a typically melancholic solo of purely Hungarian tone. Forever surrounded by potentially deadly forces by geographic inheritance is their lot.

        As is living by their wits.

      • That’s how the Guardia Civil got such a vicious reputation in Spain under Franco. Very scary people. They were always policing regions far from home. Terrible abuses for decades.

  3. .” In addition, the owner would have to continue to pay IMU and Tasi. In theory they could resort to the courts to obtain compensation/damages, but in this case, the course of justice would be long and with undiscounted outcome.”

    **. IMU on the ownership of property.
    • TASI which covers indivisible communal services (lighting, street maintenance, etc.).



    And while I wish no such tyranny on any people, my own life experience has seen Communist Italians enter my life perhaps more than any other nationality. Making matters always worse was their abject loathing for the small business person honestly eking out a living while (in two instances) they lived off inherited money. Do they not see their hypocrisy?

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