A suggestion for President (elect) Trump

The salvation of liberal democracy and classical civilization has moved a step closer to becoming a reality, thanks to the election of Donald Trump.

His victory has also encouraged our European fellow travelers, while pushing the current crop of international socialists and Islamic, manifest destiny operators into a vitriol-filled panic.

However, upon sifting through the carnage left in the wake of the campaign and election, it seems that there remains something we absolutely must consider very carefully. Consider, and even (perhaps) develop and implement a policy to govern how to deal with the legacy media.

This is more than a “dance with the one that brung ya” appeal and it is much more important than a question of loyalty or revenge.This is about the polarized media roles; the one they were supposed to have played versus the one that they did play.

The fourth estate has an obligation to objectively inform the public so as to enable them to make their own decisions. Instead, the legacy media actively manipulated and concealed singularly important information, any and/or all of which might have led people to a choice that they (the government media complex itself) would not have liked.

An excellent example of this is the distinct lack of media mention of the Clintons robbing the White House as they were moving out of 1600 Penn. One doesn’t have to think hard about what the broadcast media would have done had Melania Trump been president and the Trump’s had robbed the White House on the way out.

In fact, there would be a raging debate nearly constantly on CNN whether or not having the spouse of a former 2 term president, running for the same job was a violation of the two term limit if Trump’s wife had been president in the past.

Never raised once with the Clintons.

Be clear, this is not about revenge. This is about saving democracy.

But there is something else that needs to be carefully considered and a policy of some kind put in place.

If anyone did an honest comparison of the coverage that Obama got when he ran for office, both times, Vs. the coverage that Trump got, people would be calling for guillotines in Times Square for the media collusion with leftist, DNC and Soros allied forces. And well they should. It would be richly deserved.

This shows a long-term deep policy level agenda. not a bias, not personal vendetta, but a deep deep policy level conspiracy intended to subvert the democratic process at its core.

And its no small measure of irony that it is by far leftists extremists as well as Wall Street, the DNC and mass media.

While it would behove Donald Trump to deal mostly with the alternative media who spread the information that got him elected and mostly ignore the massive corporations who conspired against him on the mere basis of dancing with who brung ya, the issue is so much bigger than that.

To save democracy we must destroy senile systems and focus on more organic ones that actually do the job.

In this case, a senile system is one where it puts more effort into protecting itself, than doing what the system was designed to do.

Think of a tank that has so much anti tank equipment on it that it cant move more than one mile an hour and has no room for ammunition or guns. What’s the point? The tank is safe but it has no value. We don’t need that exaggerated an example for a system to be considered senile. The tank would simply not be able to project enough force to be worth the cost of the armour. It is why the Iranians are building thousands of small speed boats to counter US carrier groups. Same thinking at work.

But the media case is actually worse. We have the media which has colluded with illiberal actors to destroy democracy itself in order to guarantee its own place in the hierarchy of established power brokers.

It is the definition of corruption.

And now you can smell the fear of the most disgusting of the legacy media.

The CBC, who takes money from Canadian federal taxes at a rate of approximately one point one BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR (most media could operate off of the interest of one year’s CBC tax dollars) are starting to backpedal already as you can see with that linked interview with Ann Coulter.

The New York Times has already issued an apology for their horrific and agenda driven coverage. They are apparently losing a massive number of subscribers. And once again we see the Free Market picking up the reality-deficit which the government-media complex in no small part, creates.

It is critically important that these systems be dumped. They cannot be repaired.

The very structure of these systems, the fact that they cost so much to run that stable sources of money have to be found if they want to plan ahead to the end of the week.

This means that people with an interest will step up to supply that money.

This website by contrast, is paid for by a few part time jobs I hold, and contributors to this site, and the occasional sale of a Cross of Matamoros. No one who writes for this site is going to misrepresent their opinions for those kind of stakes.

The fact is, that government regulates the broadcast media, and with the wave of a bureaucrat’s pen, hundreds of millions can be lost because a license to broadcast is not renewed.

This is especially true in Canada with the CRTC who would not grant non-leftist, SUN TV a license to broadcast on any channel someone might actually find. They subsequently closed.

Trump got elected because of mostly volunteer and somewhat oddball media people who seem to be beholden to no one, or at least if they are, to those who have the same vested interests in putting the truth out there.

Im pretty sure that Julian Assange of Wikileaks would never in a million years have wanted to actively work to elect Donald Trump. He did not conspire with Trump or anyone connected with him, nor did former NSA whistle blower, Ed Snowdon. But they did want the truth about the Clintons out there because its important to democracy.

They are being accused of helping trump and defeating Clinton. But they did no such thing. The Clintons defeated the Clintons. It was the whistle blowers, YouTubers, social media memers, LiveLeakers, bloggers, and non-beholden, non multi-million dollar media people who’s real stake was in America and the free world, who helped the Clintons defeat the Clintons by exposing who they were.

And that got Trump elected by default.

As it happens, it looks like that may have been a really good move for everyone who wants the best for the West, and for freedom and the principles of liberal democracy.

But I would hope that President Elect Trump does not just accept the crocodile tears of a frightened and senile industry, who deserve the guillotine at worst and obscurity at least, and continue business as usual.

Trump was elected on several clarion calls, one of the main ones being the corruption and bias of the media.

Now lets see Donald help them put themselves to oblivion like we all helped the Clintons do to themselves.

This article is dedicated to, of all people, Alex Jones.








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  1. The main Western Media – globally – has long mutated from “4th Estate” to “5th Column”, while Al Jazeera, a kind of “mixed marriage” product from its birth, had a shorter way to finish at the same place.

    Thank you all you brave counter-jihadists, and especially, of course, Vlad, Eeyore and the community of this blog ! You helped saving America from having as its “first Lady” Huma Abedin and with her the Muslim Brotherhood not only resident in the White House, but owner of it.

    I hope that President Elect Trump is not guillible enough to let it get back in by the back-door !!!

    As to Alex Jones – LOVE him, and thank him among other, for giving us Paul Joseph Watson – but I fear that his blood pressure need attention !

    • Rita-
      I’m thrilled to see you here!
      OT – Anne Hidalgo has been the object of speculation in a few threads. You’ve described her with such eloquence, a capsule commentary would be much appreciated.
      OT – Leonard Cohen, R.I.P.

      • Hi lovely yucki ! Thank you and ditto. 🙂

        Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, who came to politics via the couch of Hollande (while he was still with the mother of his 4 children), pushed herself in front of every camera and microphone that would have her, to declare: JE SUIS CHARLIE. Meanwhile she has launched at least 2 judiciaria proceedings against Riposte Laique for…..a carricature of herself. She is, forgive the bluntness, a whore for Qatar and the Medias. I despise her soooooooo deeply that it takes my breath away. She was, of course the first to go schmusing the islamist Mayor of London. etc etc. etc.
        The carricature which puts her in the most fitting capsule, and for which she sued Riposte, Pierre Cassens AND the carricaturist:


  2. I have great faith in money-back guarantees. What would happen if those who purchased copies and subscriptions to the NYT on the premise that it was an objective news source seriously use consumer protection laws to ask for a refund?

    How can we help fellow earthlings develop critical skills to know what questions to ask? I would also like to see a wiki-news source so that readers of the Arabic press can have a place to compare articles in the government press to articles in the world-wide press. If an Arabic reader googles a headline in the Arabic press, then the wiki-news press would pop up with related articles from around the world that can be translated into Arabic.

    • “We believe we reported on both candidates fairly during the presidential campaign. You can rely on The New York Times to bring the same fairness, the same level of scrutiny, the same independence to our coverage of the new president and his team.”
      “Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr.
      Dean Baquet
      Executive Editor”

      They double-down.

      There is no repentence. Therefore there is no salvation, . but just another Cloth of a Revert wanting to join the gang whose membership is to blame and pick on someone weaker..

  3. Bravo! One of the best articles to be published after the Trump victory. I hope and pray that the right people will read it and take whatever steps are necessary to pull the rug out from under the MSM. As it stands now, it looks like the Left/Dem/Islamic/Progressive media is just digging in even deeper, like a tick on a dog. The election hadn’t even been called before they were right back to their scurrilous tricks. If anything, they seem even worse than before Trump won, hysterically looking for any other crap they can throw at him and/or his family and team. That’s one thing about the Left- they always stick together, they never give up and they are sore losers.

  4. The left has only one weapon left at its disposal. Sabotage. If they can’t control the way the world works they can still make sure it doesn’t work for anybody else by violently protesting absolutely everything that happens from now on.

    Other than that, they are pretty much out of gas at this point. As the screen of political correctness is pulled back and people start to hear about what is happening in the world, most of the left’s ideas will be exposed for the foolishness they represent. For instance, when General Flynn explains to people what the Muslim Brotherhood actually is, people are going to clearly see the utter wrong-headedness of the Democrats policies and the left in general for siding with them. A year from now the Middle East may well be a great deal calmer than it is now, and that will put another nail in the leftist coffin. I suspect their epoch has just come to an end…

  5. I CANNOT BELIEVE how many people are worried that the Trump we elected will cave to this and that. He has been a long time coming, for decades of the same views, and he is there, representing all of us little guys…whatever he decides about things is what I am going with…I d not think he is a wimp and I do not believe he will forego his promises to be our voice. STOP WORRYING ALREADY. HE HAS NOT MOVED INTO THE OVAL OFFICE YET, but stand back when he does…this world will NOT be the same again. Try on a little faith for a change.

    • I only have faith in God. And that’s because I haven’t got the first clue what his attributes are. So whatever it is, i have to have faith in it cause that’s all that’s available. People however, need reminding from time to time.
      This site supported Trump and especially once Cruz was knocked out. But I have lived long enough to see power change people.
      Even so you are right. If money and power was able to corrupt him it would have already quite likely. Still, that doesn’t mean he understands that the people really do support his message of media corruption. So there is a chance he may slide on it.

  6. Above all else, we derailed the evil machine. Monster-in-Chief, flanked by Soros and the MB. I would’ve voted for a turnip, as Bill Whittle suggested, or campaigned for a comely pumpkin.

    So relieved, still mellowing in a haze of hosannahs. Of course the Lord was on our side: the opposition traffics in baby parts. I shouldn’t have doubted Him.

    The Supreme Court. Law and Order. The right to carry, the duty to defend, and a military that shows we mean it.

    All lives matter. Take back our no-go zones in the inner cities. Colleges are still bound to protect the civil rights of all the members of their communities. Even conservative white Christians and Jewish Zionists.

    Our nationalist, populist friends across the Atlantic. Nigel, Marine, Geert – watch them go for it. It’s their time.

    Reaffirming that our bond with Israel is substantive, while our relationship with the UN is conditional.

    For just this week I’ll kick back and bask in the glory. No heavy lifting. Watching Tommy Robinson’s video from the Holy Land again. A relaxed and smiling Tommy we seldom see.

    Ah, ain’t life grand?

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