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39 Replies to “Who is Huma, Hillary’s main person for her whole time as Secretary of State?”

  1. Just an American gal born in Kalamazoo, then went to Saudi Arabia at the age of two. For schooling and lots of Saudi fun. After finishing school she returned home to America recommended to Bill and Hill as an intern by the Saudi King. To please the King, the Clintons took her in. And they all lived happily everafter.

    Huma misses her mom a lot so she calls her every night to chat about the day and her troubles with Anthony. So everything isn’t is happy as a fairy tale for poor Huma. Everyone should shut up and give the Muslim princess some privacy.

  2. Who is Huma? Moslem Sisterhood infiltrator in the US political system that has been and probably still is allowed access to our most precious and dangerous secrets.

    • Worse yet, she’s been advising our Executive branch all this time. Her masters tell her what to say, and she’s learned when and how to say it. Everybody’s sweet little girl.
      How many lives has that cost?

      • I like to compare Huma to Adolf Hitler’s nephew, “Hans” Hitler. Would they have put Hans Hitler in the War Room, sitting right next to Winston Churchill and just around the corner from Ian Fleming and Kim Philby? ‘Cause that’s what Huma Abedin is. She’s Adolf Hitler’s nephew…

        Yeah, sure, maybe Hans is OK and wouldn’t spill the beans, but right in the f$^^ing War Room, right in front of the secret D-Day plans? Really? How can that make sense to the American Government? Why doesn’t James Comey at least clear his throat over that? “Ahem…”.

      • She is a highly placed Saudi and MB asset who is from a high ranking MB family. This means that the Clintons (all three) are afraid to put a hit on her but that she is also a massive risk to them and to the Saudis and MB. If/when she makes it to an Islamic nation and then to Saudi or one of the Gulf States she will still be a risk to the Clintons. To they eliminate the risk and piss off their big money backers? Do they let her live knowing that she has info that can sink them?

        • That would be the top (and very secretive) Muslim Brotherhood Imams and scholars at the Al Azhar University in Cairo, that’s who. They don’t do the Sunday talk-show circuit – at least not here and in english. Those would be the same chaps who ruled Egypt for a year only to be thrown out of office in a little display of “Arab Democracy” (30,000,000 people taking to the streets and screaming their heads off). Or maybe it would be their Wahabi brothers over in Mecca. Who cares? It would be Salafists from the Muslim Brotherhood either way. Think of them as the German High Command. Think of them simply as, “the enemy”.

          • That would be the top (and very secretive) Muslim Brotherhood Imams and scholars at the Al Azhar University in Cairo, that’s who.

            Golly gee willikers, you mean that place where 0bama told the world, “I made it clear that America is not – and will never be – at war with Islam.”

            Given that Islam has openly (and repeatedly) declared war upon America, wasn’t his announcement the precise equivalent of declaring our surrender?!?

  3. Why is this so obvious to all of us and yet so ungraspable by Senator John McCain and so many others? Are they really so ill informed that they don’t even know who the Muslim Brotherhood are? Have the CIA never heard of Sayyid Qutb? Are they unaware of a fellow named, “Osama bin Laden”? The fact that they let Huma Abedin have the highest security clearance in the land is truly surreal. It makes no sense whatsoever, on any level. Unless, of course, the Arabs have already taken over and we just don’t know it yet…

    • Don’t forget we are talking about liberals here, they are racist to the core and don’t think any non European or some one of European descent can be smart enough to be a danger to them, of course they think that way about most Europeans and people of European descent. Their arrogance, their racism and their stupidity knows no bounds.

    • I agree that granting Huma the highest security clearance leaves many unanswered questions and creates lots of head scratching. I found it astounding that she conducted governmental business on the same computer as her disgusting husband. It truly makes me question both Huma and Hillary’s knowledge of how the internet worked at that time. However, we shouldn’t forget that information the public receives is very limited in both content and scope. That’s why we have people who do have full access deciding which cases have merit.

      • They all know how the internet works. You do not build a private server at home and circumnavigate the entire US government security systems if you don’t understand how it works.

        The only reason all these things happened is its exactly what they wanted to happen.

        Here is a hypothesis that fits the known facts:

        Huma is a MB plant which HRC had to accept as fealty for all the millions she took from Muslim Brotherhood sources. Exactly like businesses often have to hire some chump relative of an investor as a condition for getting a large check.

        Her job was to siphon off information via her compromised “husband’s” computer to her handlers in Saudi Arabia or Egypt or Dearborn Mi., wherever her handlers are.

        Now it all makes sense. She steals for the MB and delivers via Peter Tweeter.

        • I truly believe in keeping an open mind concerning other points of view. That’s what makes the juke box play. I have never learned anything when answering a question. Keep the thoughts flowing; that what makes America great!

        • And nobody at the FBI has thought to run down that little scenario of yours? It could be fantasy, but the important thing is that it very well could be exactly what’s happening. Maybe they’re all too busy trying to find some new insignificant detail to charge General Petraeus with. More and more in the United States the law seems only to apply to Republicans, not Democrats.
          I just don’t get the FBI missing such an obvious Kim Philby as Huma Abedin most surely is. I don’t get how they can let such a thing go on when they have to know it’s happening…

          • There’s someone at the very top calling the shots. Oversight in the hands of the enemy, from 0 on down. [Rather, whoever’s pulling 0’s strings.] Oligarchs, their handmaidens and henchmen.

            There’s Consigliere Lynch. Years ago Mj Coughlin showed us how the intelligence community was being subverted. That John Brenner was cleared as head of the CIA tells you all you need to know.

    • Are they unaware of a fellow named, “Osama bin Laden”?

      Sadly, an online copy is not available of an interviewer on the street asking random young people who Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda are and getting blank looks in return. It was so outrageous that I nearly had an aneurysm watching it.

    • If Clinton’s state of mind was of a criminal nature when she deleted emails, she wouldn’t have used a private email server. What exactly was the “crime”? There wasn’t one which is the reason Mr. Comey didn’t recommend as such. Clinton’s carelessness didn’t rise to the necessary “mens rea”; criminal law 101.

      • I hate to bust your bubble but 1) using a private server instead of a secure government one is a violation of Federal Law. 2) The espionage statute doesn’t require intent just extreme carelessness. 3) Her destroying government documents is a crime. 3) Her lying under oath is a crime.

        Try listening to real lawyers instead of liberal defense lawyers, they will twist the law and lie about its meaning to safe Dems every time.

      • ” What exactly was the “crime”?”

        Ever heard of “BleachBit“? From the link:
        …BleachBit creator and co-founder Andrew Ziem stated that it’s “hard to imagine” Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used BleachBit on her server for “anything else other than trying to permanently remove information, and make it so that no one else could find it.”

        When asked what purpose BleachBit is used for, Ziem responded, “People use BleachBit for different reasons, sometimes someone’s just trying to clean up their system, and make extra space. However, in Hillary Clinton’s case, it’d be hard to argue that, on an email server, that she would be trying to make extra space. … My understanding of the timeline is, first, she was asked to turn over this information to the FBI, and then she ran the BleachBit software to wipe her server clean. And, in that situation, it’s hard to imagine anything else other than trying to permanently remove information, and make it so that no one else could find it.”

        Just the fact that Clinton (or her IT staff) felt it necessary to irretrievably delete stored information is indicative of highly dubious motives. As Richard observed, “The espionage statute doesn’t require intent…”.

        Clinton and her entire team have repeatedly met this criteria. For example, one of Hillary’s top allies, Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, described the use of a private server to store confidential government information as, “f—ing insane“.

        Notice how even the application’s inventor observed, “…it’d be hard to argue that, on an email server, that she would be trying to make extra space.”

        None of this remotely passes the smell test and just that failure alone is sufficient to convict when it comes to charges of violating the espionage statute.

        “If what you say is correct, why didn’t Comey recommend charges be brought?”

        Are you really so naïve?!? Do you honestly believe that the White House didn’t apply massive pressure upon FBI Director Comey (probably involving a direct threat to ruin his career) with respect to not leveling charges against Clinton?

        You really need to get out more often. Haven’t you been following the news about how, “Bill Clinton’s airport run-in with Loretta Lynch was no accident“? From the link:

        “One week later, Barack Obama invited Hillary to fly with him to North Carolina for a campaign rally. He wouldn’t have let her use two of the greatest symbols of presidential power — Air Force One and the podium with the Seal of the President of the United States — if he thought there was even the slightest chance she was going to be indicted. But Attorney General Lynch had privately assured him that she wouldn’t let that happen, and that the fix was in.”

  4. Let’s imagine it’s 1946 and you have the plans to the atomic bomb in your briefcase next to you on the subway because you nipped them out of the War Room to take home for the weekend. Now let’s imagine you nod off and somebody steals the briefcase and immediately sells it to the Russians. Does the fact that you didn’t intend for the secret plans to fall into the hands of the Russians make you innocent? I don’t think so… They just keep bringing that angle up as a red herring for us to follow so we won’t get confused by the truth, just the way they keep calling Trayvon and Michael “unarmed teenagers” so we’ll think they were gunned down in cold blood. Remember, they have smart young people who graduated at the heads of their classes working 24/7 thinking up lies, spins and deceptions. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin would feel most at home in today’s environment…

    • Contrary to what the left wants us to think very few crimes require proof of intent, they simply require proof of the crime being committed by the criminal. The Red Herring intent was put out by the left to get guilty clients released so they could steal enough to pay their lawyers.

      • So your’re saying that with all of its resources and manpower, the FBI somehow missed the crime? It just doesn’t make any sense. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for either criminals or those who erroneously conclude a crime has been committed.

        • That’s what I alway heard. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law.” I’ve known that since I was about eight. And suddenly you have to have “intent”? Huh…? Wha…?

        • We stopped training the FBI in matters relating to Islamic jihad. Purged the texts, re-assigned (or fired) the military intelligence officers who had been the instructors.

          Anything that would indict aspects of Islam as a threat to our national security was deemed haram. Diversity über alles.

          Wired magazine had a whole flaming series:
          U.S. Military Taught Officers: Use ‘Hiroshima’ Tactics for ‘Total War’ on Islam

    • Hoyle, have you read or seen the work of Maj. Stephen Coughlin? It’s mandatory reading to understand what went wrong in our training system for the intelligence community. It makes most sense if you start with his earliest pieces. [I did, anyway.]
      Links to his important pieces are listed at the header.

      This is an early [2012] bio:
      Over more than a decade following 9/11, Maj Stephen Coughlin was one of the US government’s most astute and objective analysts, and an expert in the connections between Islamic law, terrorism and the jihadist movement around the globe.?? Through knowledge of published Islamic law, Maj Coughlin had an demonstrated ability to forecast events both in the Middle East and domestically and to accurately assess the future threat posture of jihadist entities before they happen.??

      He has briefed at the Pentagon, for national and state law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and on Capitol Hill for Members of Congress. Today, he is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy. His book, Catastrophic Failure, will be released in late 2012.?? With this series of presentations, the general public has access to a professional standard of intelligence training in order to better understand the jihadist threat.

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