Merkel blames the German people for her policies of national-suicide

Hopefully everyone has seen what a great man who loves his people sounds like, in the form of Viktor Orbán in yesterday’s stellar speech from Hungary.

Now see what a Grima Wormtoungue like creature who seeks to sell out her own people, their history and culture, and when people start to notice, she blames it on them.

Thank you Nash Montana for finding and translating this revealing little clip.

Here is a Merkel clip from September 2015

Thanks for the reminder Miss Piggy.

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12 Replies to “Merkel blames the German people for her policies of national-suicide”

  1. Oh sure…just like she told that lady that was worried about terrorist/Islam she should go to church and teach the new citizens about Christianity.

    Aha. Guess that Catholic priest in France didn´t have time to teach the blood thirsty wanabe jihadists about the Love of Christ before they cut his throat.

    • And to me it reminds of the pope stating that “It’s an Arab invasion, and it’s good” evidently hoping that Europeans will “return to the roots” i.e. become more Christian, possibly because they feel threatened.
      Yes, when you are losing your country, your safety and your way of life, singing Christmas carols is the answer.

      • Didn’t certain saints (or people who were later to be declared saints by the RCC) pray for the privilege of becoming martyrs? But then there’s Jesus’ own warning to his disciples that they pray that they “not be put to the test” (presumably, because one might fail it). It seems all of us of the Christian faith are being put to the test these days, with only more and harder tests of our deepest beliefs and indeed, internal fortitude and strength, to come in the future. When the knife is at our own throats – (“submit to Islam or die”) – how will each of us respond?

  2. It is highly doubtful that modern history will ever provide Western civilization with a more lucid, classic or instructive example of Multicultural Liberals attempting to “blame the victim.”

    Merkel will likely go on record as the greatest race traitor of the 21st century. Far more discouraging is how she probably not pay anything even remotely approximating the appropriate price for such abject treason.

        • Thank you both for the warm welcome (and also for disregarding my occasional grammatical fumbles). As in:

          “Far more discouraging is how she[Merkel] WILL probably not pay anything even remotely approximating the appropriate price for such abject treason.”

          And, a thousand times yes, HRC is every bit as abject in her treason. The glaring difference being that she is unashamedly attempting to extinguish one of our world’s last beacons of human liberty and freedom. For that one reason alone, her transgression is all the more heinous.

          To all and sundry, be sire to watch (for free online), “Clinton Cash”. The depth and scope of her corruption makes a venal scoundrel like Trump look like the proverbial Boy Scout.

          • If you want to talk grammar and spelling errors try doing this when the weather is making you lower back and head feel like someone is shoving ice picks in them. Then when the pain pills take effect you have a hard time spelling and getting the grammar correct.

            FYI Old Age Sucks, Big Time.

            • You are both too kind and very gracious, yucki.

              A central mission of mine is to create memes (i.e., infectious, self-replicating catchphrases) that can serve as power-tools for the counterjihad, even while nurturing what remains of worthwhile and truly healthy American Conservatism.

              Trump’s, “Make America great again”, slogan is just the iceberg’s tip of what needs to be achieved in reviving this nation’s prestige. Perhaps it is his own obsession with celebrity which causes him to place such emphasis upon greatness. Or, maybe he feels it is necessary to pander to simplistic and easily communicated desires of the electorate.

              Please don’t get me wrong, America’s greatness is a very good (and well-deserved, if not gruelingly earned status). All the same, there is a far deeper bedrock underlying that “greatness” which is of infinitely greater importance.

              Constitutional law, fundamental and inalienable rights — please recall that rights are inherent, whereas liberties are granted — elected representation, (rapidly fading) judicial and legislative transparency … all of these vital American traditions currently are at risk so long as Hillary Clinton has even a minuscule chance of occupying the Oval Office.

              Please pardon my blatant preaching to the choir, but the imperative nature of this unprecedented “fork” in our nation’s political road (just like its now immiscible partisanship) represents polarization to an extent that remains unheard of prior to any time before this election.

              Permit me to boil this down to one of the older (and exceptionally useful) “old school” political memes.

              Entirely absent from modern American politics is a once-hallowed tradition commonly referred to (by either side of the aisle and in that forgotten era) as, “THE LOYAL OPPOSITION”.

              As in, despite even strong ideological disagreement, both parties — even the dissenting one — STILL WORKED DILIGENTLY IN FAVOR OF THIS NATION’S ULTIMATE BETTERMENT.

              Such loyal opposition tragically evaporated somewhere around the time (70s & 80s) when special interests gained their stranglehold on federal and state government elections. The expense of television advertising is a great place to start looking.

              I’ll refrain from typing another 1,000 words about the necessity of taxpayer-funded federal (or even state) elections and return you to your regular programming.

              Again, thank you for the kind words. They mean a lot to me.

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