Machteld Zee: “Islamization is Planned”

An original translation by Dr. VanHelsing

With a forward by Gates of Vienna

From this Dutch language website:


A young Dutch political scientist is causing consternation among the bien-pensants of the multicultural Left in the Netherlands with her analyses of Islamization. Her impeccable liberal background and credentials make it more difficult for the establishment to discredit her.

Dr. Van Helsing has translated an interview with this iconoclastic young woman. He includes this introductory note:

Machteld Zee Ph.D. is a Dutch scholar who investigated sharia courts in the UK for her Ph.D. thesis. This interview was published in the Algemeen Dagblad, a nationwide Dutch newspaper, on October 4, 2016.

The interview is relevant for several reasons:

  • Very few non-Muslims ever have gained access to the world of sharia courts in the UK. She has.
  • The University of Leiden is fairly highbrow in the Netherlands, because it is not only one of the oldest universities. but also because the heir to the Dutch throne traditionally studies at this university (for example, our former Queens Juliana and Beatrix did, just like our current head of state King Willem-Alexander). The reputation of this university gives authority to her voice.
  • She has become a target of attacks by leftist apologists for radical Islam since she published her thesis. She could do with some positive publicity. Similarly, Islam-sceptics could benefit from her work.

The translated interview:

“Islamization is Planned”

Investigating Sharia

The Islamization of Europe follows a strategy, according to Machteld Zee in her book Holy Identities, which was published today. ‘Once you have knowledge of it, you understand what is going on.’

‘I discovered a comprehensive system of law that contradicts our secular laws.’

Investigating sharia courts

Machteld Zee (32), a Dutch political scientist from the University of Leiden, studied sharia courts in the UK and wrote her Ph.D. thesis on it in 2015.

She was one of the few outsiders who gained access to the sessions of these Islamic courts. 95% of the cases before these courts are divorce cases. Her investigations resulted in a pamphlet, Holy Identities.

‘If you compare the Netherlands in the 1980s with today,’ says the political scientist and law school graduate Machteld Zee, ‘you will see an increased influence of Islam everywhere. Saudi Arabia and other countries flooded the world with thousands of imams, Islamic text books, mosques and tons of money.’

Machteld Zee needed barely 150 pages to describe the background of Islamic fundamentalism, which is gaining ground in Western countries. Her book Holy Identities: On the Road to a Sharia State is an analysis of the problems of the multicultural society.

You say that conservative Muslims want to convince their fellow Muslims to embrace sharia, the religious law of Islam. These fundamentalists are being helped by ‘useful non-believers’, non-Islamic intellectuals, politicians and opinion leaders who don’t want to offend Muslims.

‘Yes, leading multiculturalists actually believe that Muslims should be shielded from criticism because it would inflict psychological damage on them. Although many Muslims consider this an idiotic point of view, others use it to call those who criticize Islam ‘Islamophobes’ and ‘racists’.

You described yourself as left-leaning liberal when you started your investigation on sharia courts in the UK. Now you warn against a lack of knowledge of and a lack of resistance against the advancing radical Islam.

‘I discovered a comprehensive system of law — far more systematic then I had expected — that contradicts our secular laws. Many Muslim women are locked into a religious marriage because their community thinks a divorce according secular law is insufficient. In these communities — Muslim communities — sharia law trumps secular law when it comes to marriage. Women have to ask a sharia judge or an imam to dissolve their marriage, for example when the husband physically abuses her. Even Dutch Muslim women travel to the UK to appear before sharia courts. It is a parallel society. I object to it because these practices go against women’s rights.’

You have analyzed the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is a political and religious movement that aims for world domination, and is supported by lots of money from fundamentalist circles. The sharia courts are part of this project, you wrote.

‘That is why it is so important that we know what is going on. Authors that I studied for my investigation were generally benevolent towards sharia courts. It turned out, however, that none of them ever attended a session of such a court. They don’t know what is going on in these courts. Now they ask me to tell all about it. Women are advised by these courts to accept polygamy and to not file criminal complaints in case of domestic violence. Physically abusive fathers are given custody of their children. I have the impression that the tide of the public debate is turning now that these facts are becoming public. I hardly hear anyone pleading in favour of sharia courts anymore.’

In your book you call out the politically correct elites, who tries to cover up abuse within Islam and tries to downplay the threat of Islamic fundamentalism.

‘In the first place, I think I am reporting facts. Where I notice that influential Western intellectuals tend to discourage critics of Islam and help fundamentalists to isolate and ‘Islamize’ Muslim communities, that is a matter of fact. My book is a compact discourse that aims to bring its readers up to date on fundamentalist Islam.’

How do you see the future?

‘We will have to act more defensively and resist Islamization. We should not yield to demands that images of scantily dressed women in public have to be covered up, for example. Just say no. Citizens should not leave everything to the government. They can defend our beliefs and values themselves, too. Why does a college in The Hague decides to abandon the Christmas tree pre-emptively? Why is alcohol banned in places where Muslims show up? There is no need for that. We are doing it to ourselves.’

Do you fear criticism? Undoubtedly, you will be labeled as a right-winger.

‘I don’t experience that when I speak in public. Even a ‘leftist’ audience responds positively to my story. Right-wing? Come on, equal rights for women and resistance against representatives of a religion who make threats of violence — let’s call that common sense.’

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7 Replies to “Machteld Zee: “Islamization is Planned””

  1. 1 What she is saying is common sense but the left hates common sense.

    2 I am glad to hear that people in Holland are starting to turn away from pandering to the Moslems. I think it is too late to prevent a civil war but it means more people will be on the side of freedom.

    • I keep thinking that people are starting to get it, then I look down at the bottom of the Fox News site to the picture of a smiling Barack Obama with Approval Rating: 52% and rising… I just don’t know…

  2. She says, “Right-wing? Come on, equal rights for women and resistance against representatives of a religion who make threats of violence — let’s call that common sense.”.

    She’s right. I grew up among leftists and I definitely do not remember anybody being in favor of the kind of stuff that Islam would impose on us.

    Art? Muhammad absolutely hated and forbade art. Why would lefty artist-types be in support of a guy like that? If the typical left wing artist were to show Muhammad an example of his work, Mo would have Hamza cut off his right hand and his left foot for his insolence. That’s why Hamza was called his “right hand man.” (hahahahaha…) 🙂

    Gay? Get out of town. I’ve seen videos of the Muslims throwing gay guys head first off 5-storey buildings. Why would any gay person ever support the imposition of Islam or the flooding of their country with supporters of the queer-tossers?

    Feminist? Get real! The Quran has an entire Revelation that opens with the line, “Women are inferior to men.”. Someone tell me what part of that is so attractive to Gloria Steinem and Germaine Greer? How is that consistent with “feminism”?

    And the list goes on and on. When will the lefties figure out that they are pro-cat mice? Pro-mongoose cobras? Pro-police criminals? Pro vacuum cleaner cats? pro-diatomaceous earth bugs?

    But you know what? I find it difficult to believe that the average left-leaning school teacher or nurse or lawyer would really be comfortable with fighting for the Salafists once the mists of deception have cleared for a moment and the horrifying visage of Islam has become momentarily visible to their naked eye. Islam is, after all, not only the worst thing that has happened to the human race since the end of the last ice age, but also the most terrifying thing that homo sapiens sapiens has ever faced. Hard to be supportive of that no matter how much of a blind loyal brainwashed pinko you are…

    • No they won’t support the Moslems and they won’t support the politicians and political parties that let the Moslems into their nations. More and more people are discovering how the left (very far left) politicians have been lying to them and how these same politicians have betrayed the European Nations. This war will last long enough for the left wing parties to be destroyed because they have tied themselves so closely to the Islamic Invasion.

    • Of course the Leftists are wrong. The problem is when they realize their mistake the changes to societies will be irreversible and Islam will rule the land… Of course once they do, they will never know peace, comfort and wealth as Islam converts everything to nothing just like a cancer kills its host.

      • I seriously doubt the Muslims will end up actually ruling the land, but I have no doubt that they will turn our societies into smoking, wall-filled West Banks of unrest if we let them. Where once only the Israelis had Palestinians attacking them constantly, we will all have these new “Syrian” Palestinians by the million – spread all over the Western World. Then, in the evenings, we can watch the daily car bombings and racist beatings on the evening news as we get used to the new normal and pop another valium…

        • No the Moslems won’t take over the world but once they start turning the rest of the world into the West Bank most people will allow the military and the police to fight back. The only reason the Israelis don’t hit back much harder is that they know their support would disappear if they do what logic says should be done. The cycle of violence can be broken but only when the victims turn violent, even more violent then the attackers.

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