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16 Replies to “USA to start military campaign that will “move US and Russian conflict to a closer reality and does not serve anybody’s interests””

  1. Obama and his handlers aren’t going to be happy until they start a shooting war between the US and Russia. This bombing will not stop the war and stands a very good chance of expanding the war.

      • Russia is rattling the saber in the steel scabbard reminding the US that they to are armed with nukes. Putin is hoping to make Obama decide to stop risking killing Russians.

        During the Cold War the US killed Russian Surrogates and Russia killed US Surrogates but but we didn’t kill each other. Putin thinks Obama is trying to change those rules and to tell the truth I do to. You don’t risk starting a nuclear war over Syria when it is clearly in the Russian sphere of influence. Obama has destroyed all American influence in the Middle East and allowed Russia to become the major benefactor in that area. The best of the bad choices we have left is to cut our losses and pull out.

        He is probably trying to hold on until after the election hoping Hillary will be elected but starting a war will ensure that Trump wins.

        • Will SOMEONE please stop Obama, Kerry, Clinton and that whole quasi criminal gang!!! Isn’t it Obama who got the “PEACE PRIZE”…

          The Nobel-Prize Committee like Muslims and the Left seem to have a problem with spelling:

          Islam – Religion of PEACE PIECES

          Nobel PEACE PIECES Prize

          = one piece of you here….another piece of you over there….

        • I think it is his last gambit to stay in power, does having an on-going shooting war mean that they can postpone the US elections?

          • No the Constitution requires an election every 4 years, not that the Democrats are paying any attention to the Constitution anymore.

              • Or declare martial law just as we start arriving at the polls.
                Stage a Black Lives Matter riot, befoul the polling places in critical districts.
                More than one way for this gangster regime to bring about the “change” they promised.

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