Iraqi diplomats beat child to near-death, Malaysia arrests singer for “insulting Islam” and more: Links 1 on Aug. 22 – 2016

1, Video on the Iraqi ambassador’s sons running over and beating to death (if he hadn’t been found so quickly) a Portuguese kid.

Portugal asks Iraq to strip sons of Ambassador of diplomatic immunity

2. Malaysian singer known as Namawee arrested for insulting Islam in his song where he makes all religions about the same. 

Story in link above, video of arrest below:

(After watching the music video a few times, it seems as if the insult to Islam is putting it on equal footing with other religions. In fact, thats an insult to other religions)

3. Germany Abandons Hundreds Of Deportations Because Migrants Scream Before Flight

Germany hasn’t been able to execute hundreds of deportations because migrants refuse to take flights, government figures show.

The country, which has taken 1.5 million refugees since the start of 2015, is desperately trying to deport more rejected asylum seekers to ease pressure on authorities. The government plans to reach 100,000 deportations by the end of the year, but hundreds of refugees have managed to stay by resisting to fly to their home countries.

More than 330 deportations have been abandoned since January 2015, because the migrants have shouted, refused to fasten their seat belts or told the pilot they are not traveling on their own free will, according to figures from Germany’s interior ministry.

4. Dozens of muslims arrested at Swedish music festival. Dozens.

Stockholm is currently having a We Are Sthlm- festival event. The height of the youth festival was yesterday and today. As in previous years, and as in all the other summer festivals, there are reports of dozens of cases of young girls being sexually harassed in Stockholm yesterday and this evening. Our reporter on the spot said less than an hour ago that the police and stewards scooped up from the audience within 20 minutes, dozens of war refugees on suspicion of different levels of sexual harassment.

In addition, just before dusk a dozen other suspects was taken by the police. The festival doormen have isolated the area with ribbons and tents in a kind of disaster relief assistance, which has collected dozens of fretful girls, the war refugees have harassed.

5. ‘Borders are the worst invention ever!’ EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker widens rift with European leaders as he calls for ALL borders to be opened

(International communists must feel their hand is strong enough to call, or so weak its time to bluff)

Under-fire EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker risked widening divisions with European leaders today by saying borders were the ‘worst invention ever’.

He called for all borders across Europe to be opened, despite the chaos caused over the last year from the flood in refugees fleeing Syria and the wave of terror attacks hitting various continent’s cities.

The remarkable comments will further undermine Mr Juncker’s precarious position as European Commission President.

Thank you Maria J., M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Xanthippa, The Rebel Media, and many more who daily take the time and effort to post material that is meaningful to this site and its readers.

Please make sure you read the daily links post comments for the latest news, especially today. At some point there will be a great deal of editing that needs to be done from last weekend’s conference in Los Angeles entitled, “Can Islam coexist with Western Civilization” where many of the best speakers on the subject attended and spoke. Making that material available will take some time. So posting may be a bit lighter for a while.

Also I asked for permission to add three letters to the title of the conference:

“Can Islam coexist with Western Civilization LOL”

but was denied permission. Even so it promises to be very interesting watching.

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5 Replies to “Iraqi diplomats beat child to near-death, Malaysia arrests singer for “insulting Islam” and more: Links 1 on Aug. 22 – 2016”

  1. Whether beating a child to near-death or Malaysia arresting a singer for “insulting Islam”…it’s all shariah induced/inspired behaviors.
    I’m just going to go ahead a cut/paste a bit of material from Bat Ye’or’s work as it applies to how dhimmitude is established and enforced. If folks would familiarize themselves with an full comprehension of the dhimmi system, recognition of a well established historic pattern of doctrinal war repeating would become ever so apparent.
    Bat Ye’or provides exceptional work which exposes this pattern in her books on Dhimmitude. Here is a link which discusses/exposes the pattern …
    For instance:

    In the early period of Muslim conquest, a privileged Christian class functioned within dhimmi society: ecclesiastics and notables acting as financiers handled the caliph’s assets; political advisers and scholars from these circles disseminated the pre-Islamic culture. In exchange for services rendered to the umma a class of notables, religious officials, bankers, scholars, and intellectuals administered the Christian dhimmi majority in the interests of the dominating warrior minority.
    However, this situation did not develop instantly and its perverse effects were not immediate; they grew out of a conjunction of multiple factors of which we will mention only three:
    1) The constant erosion of resistance in societies targeted by jihad, not yet conquered
    but economically weakened by the tribute demanded from them as inhabitants of the 8
    lands of truce, and then demographically reduced by slavery and deportation practiced extensively in the course of conquest.
    2) The insecurity inherent in a steady immigration of non-indigenous tribes hostile to the native inhabitants.
    3) The buildup of collaborationist parties economically and politically tied to the Muslim regimes. Thus, the whole system of Christian dhimmitude developed within the Christian world in the political, economic, intellectual, and religious fissures created by a culture of surrender, where passive submission was imposed by leaders driven by personal and financial interests who rallied to offer “service to the umma.”

    What have western nations done recently to aid the resurrection of the Caliphate?
    American taxpayer funding and bloodletting which burdens the economic and military assets – laying the groundwork for dhimmi status:
    Balkan war aided and abetted by Clintons cleansed Christianity to create an Islamic bulkhead in Europe.
    Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan …all efforts in these regions over-stretch and drain our military resources, simultaneously introduce shariah limitations upon our military and foreign political processes – providing nothing of value to American interests, These military incursions are used as an excuse to trigger the current migrant crisis resulting with young military aged male breeders seeking ‘refuge’ in Western societies. This migration (doctrinal hijrah) is funded by westerners – a form of jizyah which extends far beyond the costs associated with the migration. Think of all the measures taken recently to accommodate these invaders – from footbaths, halal certification of consumable goods, to new mosques, islamic centers, islamic graveyards, and dawa in our public school systems – all funded by misguided bleeding heart anti-war (war instigating) progressives.
    Are we recognizing a pattern?
    Page 176 Bat Ye’or’s The Dhimmi:

    When peace has been made with them [the infidels] on condition that hospitality be shown by them to passing Muslims, this obligation is to be limited to three days and cannot be increased. It was in this manner that Umar dealt with the Christians of Syria by imposing upon them the obligation to lodge in their homes any traveling muslims, while providing them with normal food, but without requiring them to slaughter a sheep or a hen; as well as the obligation to provide shelter for their animals, but without supplying fodder for them; moreover, only the inhabitants of the countryside and not those of the towns accepted this obligation (pp.304-5)
    Two clauses appear in the poll tax contract, one of which is obligatory and the other recommended. The first entails six articles:
    a) they must neither attack, nor deform the Holy Book
    b) nor accuse the Prophet of falsehood nor quote him with contempt
    c) nor speak of the Muslim faith in order to denigrate or question it
    d) nor approach a Muslim woman with a view to having illegal relations, or marriage
    e) nor entice a Muslim from his faith, nor harm him or his belongings
    f) nor aid enemies or lodge an of the spies

    Page 281 The Dhimmi
    52. Armenians in Armenia (1869)
    The Kochers and Koords are under very imperfect subjection, and it is only by satisfying all demands, however outrageous, that the Christian agriculturists can maintain their position. On e unbearable custom, that of Kishlak, has don more than anything else to contribute to their present paucity and decay. That custom, originating some years ago in the weakness of the Government and growing power of Koords, enabled the latter to exercise the extraordinary right of quartering themselves and flocks during winter in and about the Christian villages, entailing upon the inhabitants large expense , not only fro their animals, but also food and fuel for themselves, during at least four months.
    … The few peasants still unwilling, from old associations and attachment to the soil, to remove, in order to get rid at least of part of the great expense the Kishlak custom entails upon them, have entirely abandoned the culture of any other grain than wheat, as all others being in some form or other useless as food for cattle, their stocks would certainly be laid under heavy contributions by the Koords for that purpose. But the Koords do not confine themselves simply to plunder. The slightest complaint to Government on the part of the Christians against them is followed by night attacks, or open assaults in the day upon them. In this manner during the last year, no less than ten have been killed and forty wounded, because they – the Christians – had the temerity to complain to the authorities of the oppression they suffered at the hands of the Koords.
    These marauders are aided and abetted by a society of so-called holy men, styled Sheiks, living in the Boolanik district of Moosh. They preach their conduct to be lawful and even meritorious when practiced against Giaours [infidels]. The influence of of such teaching instigated their mureeds or disciples last autumn to satisfy their fanaticism and avarice at the same time. They stormed and completely plundered the venerable church and convent – dating from the time of the Illuminator – of Surb Ohann, not ten miles from Moosh itself. In the melee, two of the highest ecclesiatics were severely wounded, all the church plate, ornaments and embroidered robes carried off; but the most irreparable loss consisted in the complete destruction of the valuable MS library by these miscreants.


    Page 294 The Dhimmi
    59. The Dhimma in Algeria and Morocco (early 19th century)
    They [the Jews] are not allowed to inhabit the same town with the Mohammedans, but are assigned a quarter fro themselves, outside the walls, where they are locked in every night at nine o’clock, and not permitted to stir out, under any pretense, until the following morning at sunrise…
    In Algiers, a Janissary, if so inclined, would stop and beat the first Jew he met in the street, without the latter daring to return, or even ward off the blows. His only resource was to run as fast as he could until he had made his escape: complaint was worse than useless, for the cady always summoned the Janissary before him, and asked why he had beaten the Jew? The answer was, “because he has spoken ill of our holy religion”; upon which the Janissary was dismissed and the Jew put to death. It is true the testimony of two Mussulmans was required to the fact of the Jew having abused their religion; but on such occasions witnesses were never wanting.
    All the most humiliating offices the Jews are required to perform they execute criminals, and afterwards inter the bodies; they are obliged to carry the Moors on their shoulders, when disembarking in shoal water; they are employed to cleanse the streets, to feed the animals in the menageries of the seraglio; “in short,” says Keating [traveling in 1785], “whenever power has a call for a scavenger, that office devolves upon a Jew.”…In passing along the street the Jew was always obliged to yield the wall to a Mussulman, and further to salute him by bowing to the ground; if he failed in this , he was severely beaten, and perhaps got a stab of a yataghan. This inequality between the followers of the different creeds commences from the very cradle; the youngest Turk [i.e., Muslim] may trample on the most aged Jew; and as a melancholy proof how early degradation begins on one side, and tyranny on the other, a Jewish child will submit to be beaten by a Moor of its own age, without lifting a hand in its own defense. The Jews are further obliged to wear a distinguishing costume, to take off their slippers on passing a mosque, or the house of the dacy or even of some of the principal Mussulmans, though in some cities, such as Fez, and particularly at Saffy, where there are numerous sanctuaries, they are compelled to go altogether barefoot. They are in no place permitted to ride on a horse, that being considered too noble an animal for so unworthy a purpose; but they are permitted to mount an ass, or, as a particular favour, a mule; being required, however, to alight and assume an attitude of respect whenever a true believer meets them on the road. Should a Jew come to a fountain, he is obliged to wait until all the Mohammedans, even those who may come much after him, have left it, before he can attempt to draw water. Death is his punishment, if he should ascend the roof of his own house from whence he might see the Moorish maidens; and death is his punishment, should he intrigue against government, strike a true believer, or look accidentally into a mosque while the faithful are at prayers. They are all considered as slaves of the Dey or Emperor in whose dominions they live, and cannot depart without obtaining his permission, and giving large security that they will return. Any Turk might enter the Jew’s town, walk into a house, eat, drink, insult the owner, and ill-treat the women, without opposition or complaint; the Jew was too happy if he escaped being beaten or stabbed. In Morocco, no Moor could be put to death for killing Jews though killing a Christian might be a capital offence; in fact, it not infrequently happened, that a Jew complaining of the death of his friend or relative, was himself the person punished, while the murderer was let go free. The consequence of this is, that the Jew seldom thinks of an appeal to justice, or an attempt at obtianing satisfaction. He cringes to receive the blow, or fawns on the hand uplifted to strike (2:80-84).
    There is so much more …but that’s just a taste from Bat Ye’or. Dr. Andrew Bostom also exposes a great deal of the pattern of shariah induced dhimmitude in his Legacy series of books. I’ll pull sme of those up to post some select quotes to further ‘windex’ clarity into recent history which is currently obfuscated nearly uniformly in academia and politics.

    • Thanks for posting that. Blood-chilling. The bastards really are trying to do that to us right now, aren’t they. And somehow they’ve got most of the Western World believing that to criticise Islam is to be a racist, and that a tiny and by no means unprecedented increase in global CO2 levels is literally the end of the world. They’re good at this, aren’t they?

      Interesting, isn’t it, that the only thing they really fear is people like us, who dare to criticise their filthy religion and their malignant narcissist “Prophet”. Keep it up!

  2. 5 – I think they are bluffing, their hand is very weak but they are refusing to fold. In the long run it would be better for the left to fold and help preserve western culture then to let it fall but have their political opponents take over.

    3 – The video was posted here some time last week, I still say it is great and hope the band singing group have a long and prosperous career. Having said that I also hope they find a safer country to live in because he has drawn the attention of the Islamic authorities and will be hounded until either he dies or coverts and becomes a jihadist.

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